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Leadership as a Consciousness

For lifetimes now, only a few were aware of Leadership as a Consciousness and connected deeply to it as it flows in and through them freely. Recently in the past twenty plus years, The Giver has been pouring more and more of what I call Deeksha/sheer magnificence/ and Love into this planet and its species. As a result, much needed help as been made available for the Leadership Consciousness to flow freely. Many Leaders now, having taken stock of their lives are seeing the importance of a shift in consciousness. So many of them have tried everything that came by as an option. Some are now well aware of The Giver and its use for a profound life lived, experienced and enjoyed without the conflicted mind in charge. With this the option of bickering is fast ending as a go to response for these Leaders connecting with the Leadership Consciousness showering our Leader. Other are being tapped to open up and surrender to their greatness waiting to flow like a bustling healthy river.

This Leadership Consciousness is a Gift of The Giver to Humanity for our liberation without violent confrontations. The confronting is standing up close and personal facing what we are, where we are, with profound acceptance and compassion. This compassion must be given to you by your Giver. It is a Benediction too. Whatever the Giver is for you is not of any concern with this approach I invite you to. This compassion is not a generation of the mind or an image of compassion that we have been mistakenly taking for compassion that fizzes out and must. Someone recently quietly shared with me that, ever since he was a child, the celestial  body called the moon has been his Giver that is most sacred to him. His girlfriend and myself are the only ones he has felt comfortable to share something so sacred and close to him. As a businessman, he most cherishes just gazing at the moon still, in that child like wonder. When he has a problem, he does his best to do what he is aware while having a conscious conversation with sacred moon. Miracles happen for him that he does not even try to explain. Instead he has asked recently how to deepen this bond and was lead to the Oneness Meditation I was a part of. On his way to the event, he could hear his mother’s voice so clearly telling him to take the moon in his heart. whenever he would gaze at the moon. she would walk up close to him moon gazing and keep him company he appreciated as a child. He adored his mom. He was an admirer of her brilliance, intuition, to the core point approach, humor and no nonsense or waste of time meaningless small talks. Having never being able to cry when mama passed, he burst into uncontrollable tears. He said as he sat in the Meditation, he felt the embrace of his mom and felt the softness of the moonlight. Then, I looked right at him and said, your are ok, cry freely if you feel like it as I was responding to a question and comment from another participant. He had to try real hard not to cry again, out in public and all. He did not want to feel embarrassed until, during the next Oneness Meditation, I was crying like a baby on stage. At that moment, he shed a tear and felt a freedom he had never felt as an adult and a businessman. I was so happy for his experiences I didn’t even ask his name. I was more interested in his experiences of the heart. He was sharing about his relationship and experiences of his Giver, his mom and his heart deep in the activation processes. This too can be your experiences in the unique manner in which it occurs for you.

Leadership is a Consciousness

In previous postings, I communicated about Leadership Consciousness. Now let us go deeper into that.

Now that we are aware that true Leadership is a gift given by The Giver, how then can current and upcoming Leaders connect to this Consciousness, be this consciousness realized, and be fully functional more than ever before? There is a cosmic pathway to the new consciousness. A neuro-pathway.

First point of clarity: this is a new awareness and new approach to how we feel about and approach Leadership. This Leadership launches us from a new platform, a new premise, a new experiential experience to sink deeper and ever deeper into.

Now, how do we even begin to appreciate this new platform of Leadership? In a world so fixated on the “better-than” few, wielding power craziness to the hurt of the many, what needs to occur? It takes a neuro-biological shift. With this comes a shift in perceptions. An activated open heart and a continuous rise in Oneness Consciousness with ongoing transformations ever deeper. These transformations give rise and take us into ever deeper higher consciousness, bonding with The Giver, and an expanding personal relationship with The Giver. This affects all your relationships and must. With this comes The Giver showing up in a very real way for you that you can better relate to, in whatever form works for you that benefits you most.

Relating to The Giver must be in a real way of deep friendship and every deepening connection of the heart space. You must relate to The Giver in a real down to earth way in friendship and heartfelt appreciations.

More on Leadership as Consciousness to follow…


I invite us to converse with The Giver, see the Giver in each other for real, ask for the gift to hear, listen and go inside and really be with what we are feeling.

This is not an exercise to come up with what to say. We have been talking at each other long enough. I, holding fast to the image of who I project myself to be, talking at the image I have of you. Reacting to the images of what I project your responses to be.

It is time to feel and sink into the feeling, no matter how raw. Ask to see how dismissive we are when we talk at each other, and accept that this is, in deed, how we have been acting. Then ask that the issues, programs and patterns around what we are seeing of ourselves be fully experienced. Not about how to fix the other. (Notice how trying to fix the other has ever turned out!!!)

Let us gather in places of decision-making, wherever they are, and ask The Giver to truly help us go deeply into what is really going on in us, with us. You will be vulnerable to your heart when you come to recognize it for what it is. Let us let go of “becoming.” Becoming this, that or the other. Start from where and what we are right now. No guilt, no blaming, no finger pointing, no condemning. Just see. “To see is to be free”  so we can Evolve And Lead”.

 (– Sri Kalki Avatars AmmaBhagavan)


Now for the teachings from my Teachers (as is the Liberation Sutra as discussed previously).

“Mind is not Mine.”

The conflicted mind loves to talk and pretend it is highly interested in a shift. It talks about much needed changes that must happen. However, ask to really see what we have gotten so far: more conflicts (even though some have been hailed as breakthroughs). The Mind is “the ancient mind,” not yours or mine. It is the mind. Yet, we are so busy laying claim to it, so it took over and rules our lives as a slave master. Look at the conditions of our lives and thus Leadership. The mind’s job is to create conflicts for the experiences of separation, not for us to lay claim to and depend on as reality. It is not the mind that must shift, it is our attitudes towards it. To truly love the mind is not to be of it. Only love knows how to do this. So, we must shift to being Love realized, integrated and made manifest in the world, and as it applies to Leadership.

When we look at the malfunctions of women being shut out of Leadership, the income they receive, and the abuse of our positions, we can see clearly how the mind has been interfering much to our hurt, suffering and displeasure. Look at the state of what we call running a successful business and the basis of how we measure success in defense of the conflicted mind having its way. Look at our relationships. All of this and more show how we suffer being in the clutches of the mind. We now must have liberation from the over active conflicted mind for the sake of the young, this planet and our own sanity, at the very least. Mind has been talking. Hearts closed. An open activated Heart does not depend on the mind for leadership or for anything. The mind, too, will and must move ahead in consciousness when the Heart is activated, open and made to flow grace, love and the fluidity of kindness in action.

Being aware that mind is not mine and being declutched from it, now we can hear, respond and take meaningful and lasting actions that build on themselves for the good of ALL, the harm of none. The ones who will still shout how they are harmed by this action will be clearly seen for what it is that they are actually responding to. Our experiences of “them” would have also shifted and they are no longer seen as enemies. A huge shift. No more a reaction.  “Mind is not mine.”

“This Body is not Mine.”

Our identity is wrapped up in so many things, much to our detriment. We actually think “I am my body,” and “this body is mine.” We have gender wars because of our bodies and our perceptions about this. The mind has a script on this that we revere and hold as true, and hide behind. We have been paying homage to this script of the mind. We can only do this when we feel poorly of what we conceive ourselves to be. We believe in more than and better than, much to our suffering. It takes a shift in consciousness to appreciate the body as a body that is useful and to be cared for well. It take the same appreciation to see beyond a body and appreciate the leadership of heart from women and men.  “This body is not mine.”

“All Things are Happening Automatically.”

With or without you the mind will go on chattering and do what it does. It is automatic. What is also automatic, is when we are given the shift in consciousness, it is automatic that talking turns to conversing with heart communications. Hearing, listening and rightful actions simply flow from the heart. Leaders’ conversing now turns into activated heart expressions and making decisions from a happy place. Listening and engaging includes conversing with the heart consciously. Now we are openly conversing with The Giver and it is not about a religion or pretense of any kind. We hold up our religions, yet, here we are treating each other poorly. So I am not communicating any religion of any kind. If you feel that deeply about your God then trust it to give you this shift so the arrogance can fall  away, conflicts be seen for what they are, and trust the intelligence of the ONE from which all things arise.  “All things are happening automatically.”

Let us look at, listen to, and hear our conversations, and feel deeply what’s deep inside. How are we conversing? From what premise are we conversing? What are we hearing or are we just responding to our own stories and the stories that mirror ours? What is conversing when we just talk at each other? What are we conversing about when we are so tied up in the conflicted mind? How is it really helping the human conditions? As Leaders, where are our conversations leading us?

Can we together Evolve And Lead? Where is our interest in Evolving so it shifts the tone, content and intentions of the talks we are having?



First, here is a short run down on each of the previously-mentioned Liberations:

Liberation from the self
Ego is the sense of separation. When there is “me” and “the other,” fear arises – fear of what the other can do to me. Out of fear is born a fight for survival, comparison, jealousy, hatred, etc. “The self is only a concept,” says Sri Amma Bhagavan. A concept is something that does not really exist in reality. It is an illusion.

Liberation from work
Sri AmmaBhagavan differentiate between activity and action. Activity is an escape from an inner, existential emptiness, sensation or pain. This is done to achieve a purpose. You are working, traveling, cooking, cleaning, praying, because there is a psychological need behind that which needs to be satisfied.

Action instead is a destination or a purpose done on a physical basis or impulse, but not for psychological reasons. The experience is an end in itself. It arises from an inner state of joy and freedom. While the Awakened one also works, he/she is free from the suffering that can come with work.

Liberation from the mind
The usual view of freedom of the mind is that the mind stops and you go into a state where there are no thoughts or the mind is transformed and you experience more freedom and peace of mind. The freedom Sri AmmaBhagavan speak of is none of these. It is the cessation of effort to get rid of or change the mind. Then you are free “with” mind. The mind, with its contents, exists independently from you and helps you with the practical things in life, but does not bother you when it comes to experiencing life fully.

Liberation from knowledge
When Sri AmmaBhagavan speak of freedom from knowledge, it is freedom from the grasping at knowledge and not  knowledge itself. When knowledge is not transformed into an experience, it becomes an obstacle to getting the experience you seek. If knowledge has become an obstacle to experiencing  life, and becomes a burden and a prison, it must cease.

Liberation of the senses
Broadly speaking, Awakening is to “experience life.”  Ancient, sacred texts  define an enlightened person as someone who had control over their five senses. According to Sri AmmaBhagavan, awakening is rather about relieving sensory impressions from the mind’s grasp.

The mind, with its judgments and comments, meddles in every sensory input and makes everything dead and lifeless. Without involvement of the mind, the human nervous system is capable of experiencing bliss through every sensory input, whether it is sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch, regardless of which object is perceived.

The person whose senses are liberated, therefore, goes beyond the mind and experiences life directly through sensory impressions.

This is the evolution.

Today’s Message

For true listening, mind must be silent


The Awakened One sees grace everywhere.

The unawakened one searches for grace.

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Leaders Conversing

In the halls of Leadership, there are many ongoing conversations, seemingly new conversations and an emerging new conversation.

It is good that we are talking. It is great that many are still out spoken on some very important issues of great interest to all affected by our leadership in the world as it affects the whole. The ongoing conversations around some of the most grievous, delicate and glaring issues are ok at best though. Yes the conversations keep these issues on the table in front of us, however, what is been accomplished? What is the premise from which we are talking?

Presently, we are having a new conversation emerging. It is emerging on a premise of wholeness realized, made manifest. How are we going about hearing and listening with a keen interest? How are we responding? How are we processing? What is being made manifest from our new conversations? Are we really conversing or, are we still holding onto image conversing? (Click through to see previous blog that addresses images  conversing.)

So we are talking. What are we hearing with? For us to really communicate, hear, listen and beneficially respond in a manner that propels us forward, we need a new consciousness. We need to deeply feel, truly see, be with the what is  and have ongoing interventions of The Giver  made manifest in our lives.

At some point, it becomes urgently important to notice that we have been talking for lifetimes. That point of urgency is here and now.  At a snail’s pace, we have moved somewhat, over lifetimes. We have gotten caught up in the talk over substantial shifts without shifting. We have been talking like our Ancestors did and are claiming how different it is, how different and progressive we are now. Our Ancestors had the same claims.

Our hearts need to be activated, open and continue to expand. As we speak, too many of our Leaders are still speaking from the conflicted mind. When this is happening, we hear, respond and only react. With an activated open heart, we shift how we communicate, how we hear and respond. Many will be quick to claim heart centeredness, as if this is what they have been doing all along. But, look at our state of Leadership and the world. It is always somebody else’s fault for this, that, and the other thing. This is not heart centeredness. For us to take meaningful responsibility, we need a shift in Leadership Consciousness. A shift to see where we are at, acknowledge and accept that without looking outside of ourselves.

The new platform calls for some talking, but mostly processing internally, and feeling deeply what conflicts and ails us. The days of the wars of ideas, fight, control over, winning, and aggression are fast dying, and they must. The days of thinking you are a sissy if you even talk about heart, and follow up and follow through, are fast fading. Now it is a matter of life or conflicted death practices. Are we willing to have the Shift given to us or continue to be a walking dead: suffering, resisting and still have to shift anyway after more agonizing suffering?

Instead of looking for a way out, we can accept a way in. Into the One heart of stillness, calm and rest, so we can communicate, hear and respond, being Kindness integrated, realized and made manifest. This must now be our default way in leadership and life.

To talk is not enough. We have been talking. However, to openly share what you are really feeling while in surrender to The Giver, and being helpless to do anything about it, is tremendously useful. How so? The you that you think you are and claim to be must go. It must vacate your personal space. Helplessness, surrender and openness to and with The Giver must now be our attitude. It causes speedy inner shifts and growth in Leadership Consciousness and living as a whole. It helps our Ancestral Leaders who are depending on us to accomplish what they did not and could not, due to the consciousness then .

Here are some of the teachings from my Teachers. “Mind is not mine.” “ This body is not mine.” “All things are happening automatically.”  There is also the Liberation Sutra that addresses the key shifts in consciousness that must be made now, and so let the healing begin for leadership and life. Here are some of the much needed shifts we must have, based on that which we say we want to make manifest from our long running talks from generation to generation. “Liberation from self.” “Liberation from work (and how we think things should work).”  “Liberation from the mind.”  “Liberation from knowledge.” “Liberation of the senses.”

We will examine these Liberations and teachings in upcoming posts, as we continue to Evolve and Lead.

The Success of Women and Effective Leadership

For thousands of years, an epidemic has been allowed to remain in our system, in the fabric of societies the world over. It is karmic and driven by the conflicted mind, where it was created. Funny thing is, we have all been sharing in and of the same mind for just as long.

If women were ruling the world, we would have been in the same predicament the other way around. For every ill women in our societies of the world have suffered, it can be traced back to the conflicted mind for its origin. It takes men suffering from the conflicted mind to oppress and shut out women suffering from the conflicted mind from the halls of so called power.

To heal this epidemic and cause a shift in consciousness for harmonious living, it takes an intervention of The Giver. What “we” have been suffering from is inner conflict, created by the over active conflicted mind made manifest in our world. It has nothing to do with gender. For this very important part of our lives it is going to take a very focused attention and willingness to shine the light on ourselves inside. By doing so, we can see the problem for what it really is: a promotion of conflict between the sexes so the conflicted mind can thrive.  It is the same approach the over active conflicted mind has taken to all of our experiences in this lifetime, just like in all others since the mind was created. Remember, the mind was created for the experience of Separation Consciousness. It is not bad or good. It is doing just what it was made to do. The root of our suffering is the mind. It is fear. Not that it experiences fear: it is fear. What better way to keep us entrenched in divisiveness than to have us buy into keeping the gender  wars going and deny ourselves of women in Leadership with the same perks as men.

It is fear that causes women to be treated in the manner they have been treated. No wonder then, when it comes to Leadership, we behave with impunity against women. This is because we are really treating our selves that way. That long held decision came from unhappiness in the collective. The conflicts in the world today are caused by unhappy humans who have departed from being happy human-beings. Both genders are unhappy which is why the epidemic persisted up until now.

Now, having said the above, let us look at the following. Women have spent lifetimes trying to get men to change. Men have been trying the same for reason appearing with seeming different labels. None of us can change the conflicts we are suffering from, into love/happiness. Conflict is conflict. Love is love. One cannot change to be the other. However, with interventions of The Giver, we can be shifted from conflict into the love that we are built for. All things arise from the one point of The ONE. It is one thing being ALL things and no thing. Yet everything is no-thing and no-thing is everything. So, be a light in the darkness if you need to and curse it not, or, ask for the shift in sight and seeing so that you see as clearly in the dark as in the light. They are one and the same. It is best to notice when you are not seeing in the light just like not seeing in the dark. When we are only seeing in one, it time to ask for help. Helplessness is a very helpful gift in the light and dark. We are afraid of one or the other because we are afraid of both.

We are afraid of each other because we are afraid of ourselves. As such, we do not truly see ourselves and each other. To talk about women and leadership and not look at the above has been on purpose per the conflicted mind. Women can only take their rightful place in Leadership and successfully lead when they, too, are declutched from the conflicted mind. For the time being however, we must take a bold step in having women at the center of power and Leadership with men no more no less. Notice I am not advocating equality. It is not a useful approach. Men are in the same emotional, mental and spiritual bankruptcy and suffering as women. Women must now seize the moment, emerge and lead from the new platform. So no, not equal. What we now have as Leadership must change and, thankfully,  is changing. Women are now called upon to move into Leadership on this new platform of the shift in consciousness whether or not men like it. Men too must make this shift not “to” include women. Women are already a part of all of life. Who are we to think we are including women? It is a shift that makes us see that we have been trying to exclude a part of us, much to our pain, suffering and disadvantage.

Now, Leadership and Women. I call upon women to see how acting like most men in power who have held them at bay, has not helped any. The help is at hand for women to function from a place of Ancient wisdom in which the Giver is the focus, source, and resource. It is here, it is now, no permission from men needed. I invite women and men in Leadership and those making that transition into Leadership to make this shift into Leadership Consciousness for the gift it truly is. Discover how beneficial Leadership Consciousness is across the board. Be the ones our progeny speak about generations from now, being those who were the pioneers that dared, and made a willing shift.

All of us are called upon to make the leap. It is not dependent on any one gender. Talk about transformation all we want where women are treated well for their rightful  place in life and living. If we are not free of the mind the mess just continues with a different twist and label.

Recently I have been asked how will I address the subject and it occurred to me some of us are still hearing  in terms of gender when we talk about the new Leadership in the world, in all walks of life.

Leadership Consciousness is not about a specific gender. It is that idea that has helped to keep us lopsided and limping for centuries. Notice more closely what we have experienced,  the memories that linger and what is still present in the Leadership world. Notice the cellular memories when they arise. Let them run, and see their stories for what they are; feel whatever you are feeling deeply and let it wash through you. Women and men are called to the round table for a new direction, a new experience. This is to let the intelligence of The Giver take over our neuro-biology and wire us anew as only it can. We must have a change in our brain, heart and our entire system for us to have and use a new perception. We must let that which created the ALL of it (creation) give us the shift to lead by inner magnificence. It takes a shift in consciousness for Leadership to be as it was meant to – with Women and Men functioning with wholeness, in oneness, as inseparable parts of the whole and each other as a way of life . It takes Awakening. This Awakening is permanent and will cause the Giver to walk and talk with us in a real way, not in some mystical fashion and then maybe some day be visible. The Giver must be visible to us, helping us in tangible ways. It must be guiding us out of the mired clay of disparities against one another, our tiresome struggles with suffering, out of employing prejudice and exclusionary practices. It must heal our conflicted pain-in-the-ass approach to Leadership and we must be guided aright by the best source and resource: The Giver.

For women to take their rightful place in Leadership and lead as we were meant to and built for, they must have a shift from patterning men and taking cues from the conflicted mind like men did and other women before them did. They must tune in to and respond to the promptings of The Giver.  We have been behaving heartlessly because we have been without the use of an activated open heart.

While we have treated women heartlessly and continue to stifle their part in Leadership, with a few exceptions of course, it is because that is how we have been treating ourselves and all of life. Women have been trying to breakthrough for ages. The mistake has been, trying to use the very conflicted mind used against them. This is so counterproductive to what we want to achieve as a grand breakthrough of worth. We are too used to fighting. We pride ourselves with fighting fire with fire. This is a mindset I have watched  adults around me embrace since my childhood, until I started embracing it too. So, I understand the misguided approach. Neither side knows what it is to be heart centered, but we think we do, and have made a mess pretending long enough. However, a very supra-advanced consciousness is now present and working beautifully for Humankind here and now. It is now our hour to Evolve And Lead.

Shifting Leadership Universe

There is a shift in the Leadership universe as we speak. Many Leaders now are frustrated by conventions and how things are valued and that which they hold as their values. They are now more concerned about what they have done to their children in the name of values that have blinded them and made them deaf. Internally they are questioning, wanting to know if this is it, after following the script everyone told them they must live by. Emotionally and mentally in turmoil, depressants don’t cut it anymore and they are suffering deeply.

Let us ask to see, truly, where we are, what we are feeling, what we have been using as a value system, the things we say we value and how we treat them and what are we calling “loving our selves.” Then, accept it. This is how you are. Feel deeply how it makes you feel and ask for the gift of surrender. Ask for the gift of deep appreciation, gratitude, seeing the what is, and to focus on Human Valued Consciousness.

Human Valued Consciousness – The ability to see and be free, the ability to lead with full dependency on The Giver as your source and resource, a new consciousness for the new platform of Leadership, life and living in the Golden Age. Now, decisions are made where people experience the benefits without one having to do gymnastics to make believe it benefits them. Experiencing people places and all things for who we truly are without condition, feeling deeply with love made manifest by default in all our decisions and actions, appreciating and depending on universal intelligence, Divine Intelligence with an activated heart made manifest; Love for Humanity made manifest (devoid of condescension); prejudice, convenient politeness or scorn, ability to love one’s true self experientially, so we love others; a consciousness given to you by that which is most sacred to you: The Giver.

Are you willing to unlearn your value system? Are you willing to give up making back room deals with yourself so you can go on pretending this system is truly working? Is the gift of Leadership now of more importance to you, enough for you to commit to leading a life of magnificent discoveries in the inner world, so the outer world reflects the same? Are you not aware of the state of the world and the deficit of attention in our Leaders to Inner Integrity ( see previous blogs), and transcending lifetimes of suffering?

We are responsible for our Leaders and Leadership in the world. Our commitment to unlearn, achieve liberation from the conflicted mind, and expand in consciousness, must all reflect in our Leaders when we are actively experiencing the shift in consciousness, too. We are our Leaders. They reflect us, no matter how we try to distance ourselves. We have given birth to the way we lead and the values we hold as gospel. There is a shift in the universe and it is knocking on your heart. You can open up willingly, or suffering knows just how to break you into harsh pieces.

Let us explore Human Valued Consciousness together, so we get moved into conscious living. This then helps us to shift Leadership trends, and create a new vision and a new value, and on which to place an entirely new platform. New as in brand new. More on the new platform to come.