I invite us to converse with The Giver, see the Giver in each other for real, ask for the gift to hear, listen and go inside and really be with what we are feeling.

This is not an exercise to come up with what to say. We have been talking at each other long enough. I, holding fast to the image of who I project myself to be, talking at the image I have of you. Reacting to the images of what I project your responses to be.

It is time to feel and sink into the feeling, no matter how raw. Ask to see how dismissive we are when we talk at each other, and accept that this is, in deed, how we have been acting. Then ask that the issues, programs and patterns around what we are seeing of ourselves be fully experienced. Not about how to fix the other. (Notice how trying to fix the other has ever turned out!!!)

Let us gather in places of decision-making, wherever they are, and ask The Giver to truly help us go deeply into what is really going on in us, with us. You will be vulnerable to your heart when you come to recognize it for what it is. Let us let go of “becoming.” Becoming this, that or the other. Start from where and what we are right now. No guilt, no blaming, no finger pointing, no condemning. Just see. “To see is to be free”  so we can Evolve And Lead”.

 (– Sri Kalki Avatars AmmaBhagavan)

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