– Daily Aalaya Darshans

SRI KALKI AALAYA DARSHAN: (free event for all; you can also make a contribution to have your name read aloud during the process, see info below.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKE6EXhFPuURDkPkMxryVQ/live

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Indian Standard times: (Monday through Saturday)

  • Live: 11:50 am – 12:10 pm
  • Replay 1: 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Replay 2 (next morning): 7:00 am – 7:30 am
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1. What is the purpose of Sri Kalki Aalaya Darshan?

To solve or dissolve worldly and spiritual problems. To fulfill one’s worldly and spiritual needs by changing one’s programs.

2. How does Aalaya Darshan work?
These temples are old and millions of people have visited and prayed in these temples over hundreds of years. They are built on special energy centers as revealed to ancients. These structures and architectures amplify the divine energies. These energies are in line with the purpose for which the temples were built. The idol that is installed is the particular manifestation through which Sri Kalki and the Great Compassionate Light (Sri Paramjyoti) act. This particular manifestation sets right a particular program.

3. How is the idol activated?

It is activated through ancient rituals which have been repeated millions of times.

4. Could anyone activate these idols through rituals?

Only those in very high levels of consciousness performing these rituals could activate the idols.

5. Who is the one in high levels of consciousness?
Sri Amma Bhagavan are doing the activation as the rituals are being performed.

6. What would happen if one continuously attends Aalaya Darshan?

Continuously attending Aalaya Darshans would continuously improve one’s quality of life in all walks of life. It would also lead to raising levels of consciousness leading to holistic consciousness.

Details about the Significance of Sri Kalki Aalaya Darshan see The  Great Compassionate  Light YouTube channel.

Experienced Benefits of Special Poojas

⚜️ Receiving Abundant Grace and Tremendous Miracles
⚜️ Quickly solving or dissolving one’s problems
⚜️ Fulfilling one’s desires
⚜️ Helping one to get fulfillment in all aspects and successfully completing your life on this planet.

NOTE: This program is up on YouTube for only 20 minutes. It will be only available live between 11.50 AM – 12.10 PM Indian Standard Time. The other two timings are replays. Each timing is only available for the stated 20 minute time frame.

We invite everyone along with their family members and friends to partake of the Blessings of Sri ParamJyoti – the Great Compassionate Light – in this Pooja to experience miracles. Pray for yourself, and pray for the world!

Please join the channel 10 minutes before the Pooja to get the instructions in your language.

To receive the best results of the Pooja, read the daily teachings and the miracle for the day before participating in the Pooja. (These will be posted in our groups) (To join our WhatsApp group, reach out to Mahaal at evolveandlead@gmail.com.)

Questions? Need more information? reach out to Mahaal at evolveand lead@gmail.com


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