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Namaste. Human life is complete when one attains fulfillment. In order to attain this, humanity has been trying many things over the centuries.

Ekatvam (Oneness) says one needs five purusharthas to attain fulfillment: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Mukthi, and Moksha.

To bring fulfilment in one’s life Ekatvam (Oneness) is offering daily the Sri Sarvadeva Param Karuna Paramjyoti Aalaya Darshan.

Special Bhagavat Bandhavya Poojas will be performed from their dhams (Main Centres) every day. Each dham (Main Centre) has a very unique Special energy and power.

EVERYONE can join these poojas, each day! See the link above, and again towards the end of this post.

If you would like your Name to be read during the pooja, you must register: see details below.

“The idea of the Aalaya Darshans is to solve your worldly and spiritual problems. That is the purpose – to solve both your worldly and spiritual problems, both Iham and Param. Of course, we will also be making you Enlightened. Enlightened, Awakened, or Transformed – anything – we would be doing.  

We will be raising your consciousness. As you people rise in consciousness, the rest of humanity will also rise. Suppose, you rise by 100, the humanity will rise by 10. So through the Aalaya Darshans, by working on you people who are followers of the Dharma, we would be helping rest of the world.  

So we make use of the 74000 people in Aalaya Darshans to raise human consciousness. We are not 74000 yet. But that is the purpose. 

Now you should know that these temples are not ordinary temples but they are extraordinary places. They are ancient and old, and constructed based on the revelations to great saints and sages. And their architecture is extraordinary.”

~ Sri Bhagavan

Focus of the day’s Darshan is announced at each one – subject to change

In order to succeed, there must be intent, effort, and Grace. One must have the necessary intent and put in the required effort; Sri AmmaBhagavan would give the Grace through these Poojas.

Sri AmmaBhagavan

Benefits of Special Poojas

⚜️ Receiving Abundant Grace and Tremendous Miracles
⚜️ Quickly solving or dissolving one’s problems
⚜️ Fulfilling one’s desires
⚜️ Helping one to get fulfillment in all aspects and successfully completing your life on this planet.

>> If one prays on the day of the week of his or her birth (ex Monday, Tuesday, etc) one’s prayers would be answered very fast

>> Thousands of people praying at the same time at midday is so very powerful. These Poojas are leading people into altered states of awakened consciousness.

This program is up on YouTube for only 20 minutes. It will be only available live between 11.50 AM – 12.10 PM Indian Standard Time. The other two timings are replays. Each timing is only available for the stated 20 minute time frame.

We invite everyone along with their family members and friends to partake of the Blessings of Sri ParamJyoti – the Great Compassionate Light – in this Pooja to experience miracles. One could pray for oneself and for the world.

Please join the channel 10 minutes before the Pooja to get the instructions in your language.

To receive the best results of the Pooja one must read the daily teachings and the miracle for the day before participating in the Pooja. (These will be posted in our groups) (To join our WhatsApp group, reach out to Mahaal at evolveandlead@gmail.com.)

Questions? Need more information? reach out to Mahaal at evolveand lead@gmail.com


  1. Contact Mahaal for details.
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    2. €99 euros – Use this link: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/Ekam-Aalaya-Darshan-Pooja-eur
  3. Send copy/image of paid receipt to Mahaal, along with Name and Current Address (city/town, state/province, country) to this number on WhatsApp or Telegram: +1-207-877-5980.


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