What Is Offered

Sri Amma Bhagavan Soma Sacred Chambers in Maine, USA

By appointment, only. Donations accepted. Register for an open space, on this page: evolveandlead.com/sri-amma-bhagavan-sacred-chambers/ , or email us at evolveandlead@gmail.com for more information on scheduling.

When there are open spaces for the process, you can find them/ schedule yourself to attend, here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0948ACAF2CA1FCC25-soma

If you would like to make a financial gift to support the Soma Sacred Chambers, you can make a donation here:

Sri Amma Bhagavan Soma Sacred Chamber

If you would like to make a financial gift to support the Soma Sacred Chambers, you can use this link. Scheduling for attending must be done by contacting Mahaal & Elz at evolveandlead@gmail.com


Work Directly with Mahaal: 

Life Support Session with Mahaal

One hour one-on-one consultation (via zoom or phone) for clarity, insights, and healing. email Mahaal for more information: evolveandlead@gmail.com


Vaastu Consultation, Space Clearings, Energy Remedies for home and office

One hour Vaastu consultation for home or business space. (travel extra) email Mahaal for more info at evolveandlead@gmail.com Use link to fill out information form for confirmed consultation (copy and paste into browser): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYhe9S4Qp9kQJ-RqM9iQ16FwGtGeFqQv7CsciUWNOFZJnVog/viewform?usp=sf_link


Integral Life Consultations with Elz

Integral: Heart Space

45 minutes, one-on-one session with Elizabeth via Zoom. Energetics, akashics, insights, and more. Contact Elizabeth for details at integralreal@gmail.com.


Integral: Heart Space

45 minute, One-on-one consulting session, for healing spiritual, life, & business insights to ease your heart, deepen your peace, and grow your bond with the Divine Essence of Life.


Mahaal and Elz also offer:

  • Online “Life Support” Gatherings and Happiness Meditations – Free, on Zoom
    • Contact us for more information
  • Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation – Free, on Zoom
    • Contact us to schedule this powerful meditation for your group
  • Weekend Immersion Program
    • None currently scheduled – contact us for more information
  • Evolve –>Leadership Training Program & Mastery Group

Mahaal’s approach:

This approach is about building a new platform for all of life’s evolutions. This approach naturally evolves us as leaders in every aspect of our lives. When specifically applied to leadership roles – the experiences are expansive beyond all preconceptions. The premise is Oneness. This is process-driven. It’s about thriving on the new platform. 

What this isn’t:

Adapting “new ideas” to previous consciousness; trying to make this fit into what is already being done; a quick fix; building something “new” on an old, crumbling platform.

“This can’t be explained – you really need to experience it! This work is life-changing. Thank you.”