– Pitru Shanti Homas

More about the Pitru Shanti Homa (Fire Ceremony)

Next Pitru Shanti: 6 October 2021

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($198 per individual; $790 for special homa)

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We now have a better understanding (thanks to The Great Compassionate Light) of how & why to pay attention to the part of us that is our Ancestors & to clear our past lives’ ills & suffering that continue to adversely affect us. Every time we do Pitru Shanti Homa for the Ancestors & for Clearing our own past life (of which we have many) ALL involved are greatly helped. Happy Ancestors make for a better way of life to heal our suffering.

Pitru Shanti Homa (for the Ancestors) & Pitru Shanti Homa (for Clearing Past Lives) are performed each month. Special Pitru Shanti for August also gives the benefits where, if you do not have a picture or the exact date of death of the Ancestor, the Homa can still be done for them.

Ammavasai, or no-moon day, has traditionally been the day for offering food and water to our ancestors and to do prayers for their moksha (Enlightenment after death).

Ancestor liberation is essential to receive their blessing for awakening and to enjoy full freedom in this life. We are deeply connected to our ancestors karmically and genetically. Our bodies are a gift from them, so is our intelligence, our health, our wealth and so much more.

We owe them much gratitude. Every good thing in our lives, they made possible through their efforts. We also share in the karma they set in motion, good and bad. As we help them go into the Great Compassionate Light, we ourselves are set free. Many people very tangibly feel weights lifting from their bodies and consciousness as their ancestors move into the Light.

Pithru Shanti Homa at Nemam will liberate ancestors

Pitru Shanti Homa in Nemam at Sri Amma’s Temple in India, grants the ultimate boon of moksha to our ancestors by guiding us through five (5) stages:

  1. We seek Forgiveness from our ancestors for our harmful actions
  2. Forgive our ancestors for their harmful actions
  3. Express our gratitude for our ancestors’ help & sacrifice for us
  4. Prayers for our ancestors’ moksha
  5. A very powerful Deeksha is given by The Great Compassionate Light

This beautiful process, with this powerful Deeksha, liberates our ancestors from their suffering and moves them into higher dimensions / lokas. This comes back into our lives as blessings and manifests as good relationships, health, wealth, success, name / fame, love, happiness, and peace of mind.

Pitru Shanti  Special Homa information:

When a Special Pitru Shanti Homa is done for Clearing your past-life (of course we have more than one!) the entire Homa is done only in your name, just for you. When it is done for the Ancestor, the entire Homa is done just for that Ancestor. For this option, use the “Special Homa” link, above.