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The Phenomenon and the Gift ~ March 2017


March 4&5, 2017 – Multiple Locations in eastern US and Canada.
A gift so many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived! The Oneness Guides will be teaching through a LIVE feed directly from the Oneness Temple, putting participants through deep processes and offering a potent experience of The Phenomenon of Oneness. This is a very rare opportunity to experience how truly Blessed we are.Oneness Guides will be teaching from the Oneness Temple, one of the most sacred places on the planet.Don’t miss this powerful 2-day program taught by Oneness University Guides in very high states of consciousness via live telecast where you:• Experience teachings about the Phenomenon of Supreme Light
• Participate in powerful meditations
• Experience processes to raise consciousness levels

More info/ locations/ register here:

Divine Presence – Consistency – and Peace

Excerpt from tonight’s online Oneness Meditation with Mahaal:

You could feel the presence of the Divine no matter where you are. So time, space, and distance plays no part in this process, except the distance we put between ourselves and our Divine.

So, we’re going to speak a little bit about Consistency. If you notice, and you have, the conflicted mind is consistently chattering. You’re going to bed, it’s chattering…you’re sleeping, it’s chattering…so you wake up to it chattering… throughout the day it’s chattering. So we know that consistency exists (laughing). What bothers us is when we choose to be consistent about what we want to be aware of, what we want to be consistent about, and it is not happening.

And in this case, in terms of feeling and experiencing great Peace, consistently in every moment, in everyday, in every way…Here is the thing about consistency as it applies to your growth and your processes, because your processes are ever expanding. You’re always growing internally…You cannot “make” yourself consistent. You can’t “think” peace and you can’t make yourself consistently “think” peace and “be” peaceful. We have tried that for lifetimes. We now know it doesn’t work. We have said we want a mountain of evidence. We’ve got it and then some (laughing). So we can’t make ourselves consistent, no matter how we try. Even when we are shouting at the top of our voices about peace and fighting for peace and trying to make people “do” peace, not even that we can be consistent about, because we get tired and we get angry because it’s not working. Of course it’s not working, and it shouldn’t.

You see the mind wants to take credit for EVERYTHING, for every moment. And so, if we could make ourselves “do” consistency, you would not be going through the processes that you are, because you would be so far away from growing and expanding. You’d be all caught up in your mindsets and belief systems, while hurting like hell. And a lot of us have done that. Been there, done that. So how do you go about being consistent in your focus, internally? How do you consistently be about peace, truly, without trying to “do” peace, without trying to “make” you be peaceful or trying to “legislate” others to be peaceful? We know that doesn’t work. How do you go about being that though?

Ask that which is sacred to you. Ask your Divine. Ask the golden ball of grace, ask the light, the Divine intelligence, whatever it is for you, to give you the consistency in experiencing and expressing the experience of peace, of focus on your processes.

In Oneness, we talk about Liberation. And Awakening according to Oneness, Oneness as Oneness University and Sri Amma Bhagavan, and us their devotees talk about Oneness, Liberation is the declutchment from the over-active, conflicted mind. And this is done by the Divine, this is done by grace. You can’t make yourself do it. That is the process of growing into and experiencing peace. Peace is a gift.

So we’re in the season where we talk a lot about Peace on Earth. Well, we have been talking for a while, haven’t we? For lifetimes. But now it is a reality, because we have the evidence that no matter how we consistently chatter about peace, it does not give peace, it does not make us peaceful. We know that we can’t make people “do” peace. And so because we have asked for a new approach, for a different approach because the one we have been using has not been working, the Divine has showed up with Liberation from the conflicted mind. And so truly, there is Peace on earth now, being experienced in MILLIONS of hearts around the planet. Our old outlook and perspectives of Peace has changed and are changing. Because Peace has never been what we have been saying it is. We knew that all along, but now we are admitting to it. That “Ok…yeah, I was just talking. I was just jibber-jabbering…Let me ask for Peace. Let me ask for the process, so Peace can be realized in my life…For peace to be on earth and not just talk. Nice, flowery, pretty, inspirational TALK.”

We know it’s nonsense when we just sit around and a few times a year, or when it is convenient, that we have these big talks about peace. And we gather panels and we talk nonsense. And all that is happening is that everybody are strutting their self-significance. None of that has anything to do with peace. Peace is a gift given to us. This is how Peace be on earth. That we’re given the gift of Peace. And it is when you’re EXPERIENCING Peace inside that you start to experience Peace with your parents…with your children…with your ancestors…with this planet…with all those around you, because you’re experiencing it inside. Peace is something you EXPERIENCE INSIDE and then it flows out into everything and everywhere you are. It has nothing to do with talks and legislations and pretty, nice words. And because we have tried the routes of having peace where we try to “make” everybody do what we want them to do, and they have, and we’re even more miserable. And we have not been peaceful because people are doing what we want them to do. And they have only done it for a short while, and then they get tired too.

So the consistency of Peace, for it to be experienced consistently, NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING, it requires and must…Liberation from the over-active, conflicted mind. For Peace to be on earth, this must occur. This is what many around the planet, millions of people now, are recognizing. That for Peace to be on earth and be a staple, for it to be consistent, it happens truly with the Liberation from the conflicted mind.

And for those who are new on the broadcast, for this to happen for you…You ask. In fact, this is why you’re here. It is because you have been seeking for this experience of Peace. Well, you can stop seeking now, and ask. And when you ask, it MUST occur. Except, be advised, that it will never happen the way you think it should. Because we know that way does not work, how we think things SHOULD occur. The Divine intelligence knows what it is doing. And if you find you don’t have trust in that, ask for Trust. Ask for the gift of Trust. And because you’ve asked, Peace will be given to you by the way of Liberation from the conflicted mind. Let there be Peace on earth. Thank you.

Measuring What? Leading, How?

We are looking at measurements, and noticing that putting measurement systems first is a source of many ills.

Well, now we know only a declutchment from the over active conflicted mind can help in a lasting meaningful way. Let it be noted, this is not where we go argue about this, and anyone tries to win at convincing anybody. I have no such interest. I am reaching out to those forward looking folks who have the interest of life on this planet high on their list, and care not to rely any longer on convention. The ones who are seeing how the mindsets and belief systems have not worked. We will not waste each other’s time by arguing. Each person has to decide on the degree of their pain, discomforts, inner conflicts and what kind of dance one is still willing to put on in denial. It’s your call as always. We all will and must shift now or later, willingly, or kicking and screaming, and will still have to shift, like it or not. The collective will no longer sit around and wait for their leader to use their made up numbers game, hoping for the best from the same old dance, even if it has seemingly different lyrics.

For us to move away from resorting to systems of measurement for all the deceptive reasons we have been using for lifetimes, it takes a shift in perception. A shift in how we respond to the everyday personalities that arise due to stored memories, and the conflicted mind that does its job so well.

For us to move into the intelligence of The Giver, and Leadership Consciousness, we must be willing to give surrender a chance. Fully experience self significance, fear of loosing, fear of becoming a no body, and the fear of not wanting to appear weak. Only when we are given the Benediction of “Seeing” can we see what the driving force behind our stubbornness to hold on to our suffering, parading it as a badge of honor and for sympathy.  It is a miracle that we have managed to still be around, after giving in to measurements so deeply, and  much to our individual and collective hurts. We have had some good karma given to us, helping us out.

The new platform helps us see and use numbers in new ways, with a whole different treatment. Treatments we will use only in context and not as a source of hurt, suffering or distraction. Instead of depending on measurements for all the reasons we have, we will focus on The Giver and be leadership consciousness (See previous postings on Leadership Consciousness) realized and ever expanding.

Awakened Consciousness Policies

For us to usefully use the mind in our policy making and to carry out policies that reflect an Awakened life, it takes a new premise. A new focus. A new way of life where The Giver is walking and talking with us –  a companion in friendship. Bonding ever deeper in very practical ways in every moment. We must now embrace and solicit the activated Awakened heart to shine and be realized first in our leaders, then be reflected in our policies and thus shift our leadership styles as a whole.

Policies reflect their makers and expose the hidden agendas, the unspoken yet blatant driving force of the conflicted self. We are now invited to be cognizant of the conflict self. To be clear of what is going on in and with us individually and collectively. To see how we don’t have compassion and the driving passion to stand up and welcome with open arms the liberation from the over active conflicted mind. You see, the all powerful mind has us gripped in eminent fears. Fears about our fears and, the fear of living without fear. Fears are such profitable commodities that all our policies are geared to promote the most common fears, made to fit the current generation of humankind that makes sense to them.

It is the in-thing:  fear of fear mongering by the mind that is used by our leadership, making policies without their knowing. One of my teachers once told me, The Giver looks at humankind in and with the utmost compassion. It knows humankind is not to blame. It knows not even the conflicted mind is to be blamed. The Giver knows that the blame game is of the very mind that is all too ready to float the blame game approach at this time of our most profound shift in consciousness ever. So, as my teacher would say , we are not advocating trying to banish the conflicted self, just be aware of it with the competent help of The Giver. The Giver will take care of the details. Our Leaders must now face the fact that, with all their best and most arduous efforts, the conflicted mind rules. The conflicted mind stops ruling, dominating and interfering only when we are declutched from it. Then we are able to see it with and in love for what it is at this point, without trying to change it or control it.

We can see the mind for what is truly is, let it be, focus on The Giver, and be about Awakened Leadership, all at the same time. For clarification, it is not the new multi tasking. It is a Benediction given, realized and enjoyed as a way of life integrated and made manifest from the inside out. This Benediction causes one to experience whatever one’s Divine is (that which is sacred to them) for their leadership, in a most magnificent manner. The mind is not the source of such experience. The Giver is.  NOTE: you are not required to have or subscribe to any particular deity to enjoy this experience!  With the Giver,everyone who comes face to face  with their hurts and asks for help must receive help without conditions attached.

Policies can never set aright any of our relationships. Leadership relationships can only be healed of their woes by the leaders and policy makers been gifted with Awakening/Liberation. We know not how to usefully and constructively use the mind while living the new Awakened life. This Awakened life is not so new, but the way to it, the approach, is new. We have always depended on the very mind that created our conflicts, to solve them. There is no making of the conflicts into happiness. That in it self would still be about conflicts. The new platform is about truly living for the first time since the conflicted mind was created millennia ago. Now is the time to establish new policies that happen naturally with a leadership awakening at work. Leaders must now realize they can live and lead without the conflicted interferences of a conflicted mind. We can live without fear being a prized commodity. We can live without a fear based commerce. Let The Giver show us how. It knows.

This planet has given much since first created. It supported a healthy life style until our policies came along that have left it reeling from the burns of a scalding  conflict soup being poured into it at every turn. The earth is a living being and suffers greatly from our policies, just as all the species it carries and supports. Our Policies then must be in support of that which supports us in every way, every day.

It is time to make Awakened Consciousness Policies. The new platform of leadership is based on Conscious Awareness of all Beings functioning in full support of each other without regard to seeming distance and locations. The truth is, we are more than close neighbors. We are ONE. Every part of our individual and collective policies affect the whole, quite literally. It is like air. You affect the air quality here, you affect someone in Timbuktu, too. Policies matter in every way. From mom and pop business leadership to international business leadership, policy matters. Leadership matters in all its enumerations. Sound leadership must take on a new inside-out demonstration from the deeply happy experience our leaders are experiencing inside.

When causeless happiness matters to our leaders, it makes for happy Policy making. Happy policy making makes for the demonstration of happy Leaders leading a happy life across the board. It makes for setting aright ALL of our relationships naturally. The carrying out of those policies made by happy leaders makes for the kind of leadership some of us dreamt of for lifetimes but went off the deep end in pursuit of it from the conflicted mind’s perspective.

Now we are able to move ahead being duly shifted into the flow of fluid leadership. This flow comes from a bubbling fountain of causeless joy which brings forth the inner wisdom and growth needed for leadership in wholeness. Leadership then turns into service to humanity when we have Heart Consciousness and Heart Awakening walking and talking with us as a living experience. Leaders must now affect the world no matter where they are positioned, knowing that their leadership affects the whole in every way, everyday. As such, Happiness is essential. Happiness is key. Happiness is profitable. Happiness is an infinite resource. Causeless happiness solves and resolves our deepest reaches affected by conflicted emotions held in as a hostage by the mind for lifetimes. These deeply held conflicted emotions can now be discharged under happy terms with all the previous and present player and supporters. Now we can make our Ancestors happy that the old mold has been broken. We can now make policies from our new experiences inside flowing out, that are new-life supporting. New-Life is a term I use to express the new inner experiences one enjoys in an Awakened life lived. A life where causeless joy is so valued, it is treasured and held sacred.

We talk and value ourselves on being counted as the leaders to go to when the hard decisions are to be made. When things need to get done and done well for our band of stakeholders and shareholders. Therefore, if we prize ourselves that much, be mavericks. Be the cutting edge. Be the unconventional explorers. There is a new world present. Let it be present in you as leaders who matter in a new way. Be the leaders our admired Ancestors could only but dream of, if they were that inclined, and they were. They choose you to be here now to bring about lasting policies that reflect causeless joy as a premise for experiencing life. Life is meant to be another term for causeless joy experienced, expressed and continuing to build on itself with every moment.

Leadership and Policies

So, before we figure out what to do about our policies and how to use them to reflect life supporting, life sustaining, life fulfilling and life uplifting ways; we must turn inside for great, competent help.

Turn to that which liberates us for the benefit of all. We must turn to that which can take care of the finer details of liberating us from the mind. No fighting, control or violent confrontation needed. No suppression or oppression employed, either. Before we can see, appreciate and make a move to formulate new policies from a place of Causeless Joy, happiness and inner stillness, we must be given an internal shift in perceptions. A shift in consciousness deeper than we have ever experienced in any lifetime. Deeper than our Ancestors have ever collectively experienced. A shift in relating, seeing and feeling. A connection, a bond, a friendship, an active working relationship must be made with The Giver. The Giver of gifts. The Interventionist. That which can cause an interference the likes of which we are witnessing in recent years, that brings out experiencing life without the conflicting mind running the show.

It takes a neuro-biological shift given by The Giver, personally, in the comfort of your own heart and internal systems. This is a thing of beauty. An experience you cannot explain when given, yet deeply enjoyed and realized. This is where you and The Giver becoming ONE is now seen for the Oneness we are. The Oneness we are built for as a way of life.

In order to actualize a foundation – a premise that serves all to the harm of none – it requires the new platform that reflects the ongoing shifts we are experiencing deeper and ever deeper, internally. We call it “the new norm.” Policy adoptions of the old models are out. You cannot just adopt a policy on the new platform without your own shifts in perceptions, either. It would be like throwing pearls to a pig. They immediately get lost in the mud without due regard and value.

What we have seen so far for lifetimes, is the oppressed becoming more oppressive when they take over. More than their oppressors could ever dream, using the same polices and adding more toxic dirt. No change in perceptions, yet claiming to be different. Then we go about saying we have adopted new policies and best practices only to make a bigger mess. So yes, we are so-called different, we have managed to make a bigger vortex of hurt, distress and deeper turmoil, from the inside out. We have been trying to change a tyrant (the conflicted self) into a pussycat. The way the conflicted mind rolls, it rolls you over. It continues to break you in ever smaller pieces, steeped in charges of confusion; conflict generated programs and ever-recurring patterns that support the loop of suffering and fierce denials to the death. Our polices have been supporting the experiences of the walking dead from the highest of places with the brightest of us, to the scorned and lowest ranked among us. Yet we depend on the scorned to prop us up as their saviors: that we are well meaning; that we are doing the right thing by them and for them. In fact, we expect the scorned to work harder than we do to support our ill-gotten policies and to degrade the human spirit.

As a result of our polices, we rightly call back-breaking, energy draining work,  “hard work.”  It is hard work because it only gets you deeper into suffering. This includes those who make and profit the most and feel they have justly profited. As someone once told me, the well to doers tell everybody else about the virtues of hard work while they go about work working smarter, more intelligently, more efficiently and effectively. Hard work only produces hardship on all levels. This is why it is called hard work. If hard work was any good, only the very few it benefits would know about it. It would be kept a secret away from the masses. On the other hand, the deceptive, manipulating work that makes our policies is kept secret. Laws are made to protect and enhance said deceptive work that policies are developed from.

We now have policies dating back thousands of years, lifetimes that get camouflaged makeovers from generation to generation, embraced by our leadership in every sector that impoverishes the many for the sake of the few.  Some of our leaders have become so numb and blinded that they swear they are not supporting or subscribing to any such schemes. However, per the conflicted self, the policies and our leaders are not the point. Suffering, separation and ever more conflicts is the bottom-line, is the point of focus. The world over and, in particular, businesses have been purposely misdirected and kept focused on the financial bottom-line.  This is genius at work by the conflicted mind. What better to use than people, money, gains and seeming power to carry out the elaborate scheme of conflict building. With this, our leaders are used to accommodate the mind to reek havoc through policy making and the promise of great compensations to the mind lead handlers.

However, this or no other generation of the so called past have been made to benefit. The over active conflicted mind is the first source and maker of the ponzi schemes to hit and whet the appetite of powerful leaders the world over. Deep intense suffering is at the base of every scheme. The conflicted mind is well aware of what excites us. It is the creator of these schemes. We just get to share in it and wallow in pain and great inner discomfort as compensation for our part.

Well, the time is here and now for a new approach to our lives, businesses, Leadership and most of all for our Leaders. We must be given this shift to Awakening/Liberation on the inside. With such a shift, those who look up to, depend on and even when they don’t trust their leaders, they are looking for the leadership of comprehensive shift to occur and take deep root. We are ready to flourish in truth where policies are made from a place of happiness deep within our policy creators in ALL sectors. Where is the leadership to accomplish such a ground breaking of mindsets and belief systems shattering feat? The Giver. The Avatar of the Awakened activated Heart and the De-clutcher of and from the conflicted mind.

Realizing Leadership Consciousness

When we realize Leadership has a consciousness waiting to be tapped, for which the heart has longed, we start to see our place in the world with a new perspective. Our leadership starts to matter in new ways. Our positions as Leaders in the world, would take on a new look, at how a tender side to us emerges, exposing its strength and power. The division between the masculine and feminine in us starts to merge ever so gently. We even start to take a comfortable look at gender and genderization of everything, because of the many internal discomforts, pain and conflicts we carry. The fear of looking and seeing starts to fall away at a speed we have no control of, or care to control. We start wanting to make amends. Then we realize, amends happen naturally and without  guilt or shame. A feeling of wanting to experience real happiness takes on a new approach from within.

When our Leaders respond to the calling of the heart, they are pleasantly surprised, sometimes, by how much support the universe gives to them, in so many ways. Their relationships start to shift for the better, naturally. This happens with their relationship to Leadership as well. Being an upstanding Leader is now a different experience for them in their lives, for the better. Seeking approval and competition starts to fall away, and a new way of producing profits, showing value, and  what is worthy of their time, comes from a new premise. To thrive is to truly live. We know not how to live, how to truly live. The latest fad and buzz as a way of not facing inside turmoil, is no longer an option worth pursuing. Playing by the rules of the conflicted mind starts to be seen for what it is, how it interferes, and is the cause of suffering. The filters of the conflicted mind start to fall away. Leaders find that facing their demons, their conflicts, and their pain comes with courage they did not know was possible to experience.

Come let us explore the Consciousness of Leadership, and Evolve And Lead. We owe it to Leaders who have gone before us (our “Leadership Ancestors”), our loved ones, and the planet. We have a responsibility to them all to make this shift, for a life experience we previously only attributed to Sages, Saints and the very few who had tapped into the Leadership Consciousness consciously. Say a sacred prayer such as: “I thank the Consciousness of Leadership for leading me inside so that I truly see and accept what I see of myself.  I accept interventions of The Giver. Thank you, thank you, thank you.!” Now we go about our day and night with the confidence that our Giver is responding. You can do this even if you are an atheist or believe in absolutely nothing you care to count as sacred. The universal consciousness must respond to us favorably.

Leadership is a Consciousness

In previous postings, I communicated about Leadership Consciousness. Now let us go deeper into that.

Now that we are aware that true Leadership is a gift given by The Giver, how then can current and upcoming Leaders connect to this Consciousness, be this consciousness realized, and be fully functional more than ever before? There is a cosmic pathway to the new consciousness. A neuro-pathway.

First point of clarity: this is a new awareness and new approach to how we feel about and approach Leadership. This Leadership launches us from a new platform, a new premise, a new experiential experience to sink deeper and ever deeper into.

Now, how do we even begin to appreciate this new platform of Leadership? In a world so fixated on the “better-than” few, wielding power craziness to the hurt of the many, what needs to occur? It takes a neuro-biological shift. With this comes a shift in perceptions. An activated open heart and a continuous rise in Oneness Consciousness with ongoing transformations ever deeper. These transformations give rise and take us into ever deeper higher consciousness, bonding with The Giver, and an expanding personal relationship with The Giver. This affects all your relationships and must. With this comes The Giver showing up in a very real way for you that you can better relate to, in whatever form works for you that benefits you most.

Relating to The Giver must be in a real way of deep friendship and every deepening connection of the heart space. You must relate to The Giver in a real down to earth way in friendship and heartfelt appreciations.

More on Leadership as Consciousness to follow…


I invite us to converse with The Giver, see the Giver in each other for real, ask for the gift to hear, listen and go inside and really be with what we are feeling.

This is not an exercise to come up with what to say. We have been talking at each other long enough. I, holding fast to the image of who I project myself to be, talking at the image I have of you. Reacting to the images of what I project your responses to be.

It is time to feel and sink into the feeling, no matter how raw. Ask to see how dismissive we are when we talk at each other, and accept that this is, in deed, how we have been acting. Then ask that the issues, programs and patterns around what we are seeing of ourselves be fully experienced. Not about how to fix the other. (Notice how trying to fix the other has ever turned out!!!)

Let us gather in places of decision-making, wherever they are, and ask The Giver to truly help us go deeply into what is really going on in us, with us. You will be vulnerable to your heart when you come to recognize it for what it is. Let us let go of “becoming.” Becoming this, that or the other. Start from where and what we are right now. No guilt, no blaming, no finger pointing, no condemning. Just see. “To see is to be free”  so we can Evolve And Lead”.

 (– Sri Kalki Avatars AmmaBhagavan)


Now for the teachings from my Teachers (as is the Liberation Sutra as discussed previously).

“Mind is not Mine.”

The conflicted mind loves to talk and pretend it is highly interested in a shift. It talks about much needed changes that must happen. However, ask to really see what we have gotten so far: more conflicts (even though some have been hailed as breakthroughs). The Mind is “the ancient mind,” not yours or mine. It is the mind. Yet, we are so busy laying claim to it, so it took over and rules our lives as a slave master. Look at the conditions of our lives and thus Leadership. The mind’s job is to create conflicts for the experiences of separation, not for us to lay claim to and depend on as reality. It is not the mind that must shift, it is our attitudes towards it. To truly love the mind is not to be of it. Only love knows how to do this. So, we must shift to being Love realized, integrated and made manifest in the world, and as it applies to Leadership.

When we look at the malfunctions of women being shut out of Leadership, the income they receive, and the abuse of our positions, we can see clearly how the mind has been interfering much to our hurt, suffering and displeasure. Look at the state of what we call running a successful business and the basis of how we measure success in defense of the conflicted mind having its way. Look at our relationships. All of this and more show how we suffer being in the clutches of the mind. We now must have liberation from the over active conflicted mind for the sake of the young, this planet and our own sanity, at the very least. Mind has been talking. Hearts closed. An open activated Heart does not depend on the mind for leadership or for anything. The mind, too, will and must move ahead in consciousness when the Heart is activated, open and made to flow grace, love and the fluidity of kindness in action.

Being aware that mind is not mine and being declutched from it, now we can hear, respond and take meaningful and lasting actions that build on themselves for the good of ALL, the harm of none. The ones who will still shout how they are harmed by this action will be clearly seen for what it is that they are actually responding to. Our experiences of “them” would have also shifted and they are no longer seen as enemies. A huge shift. No more a reaction.  “Mind is not mine.”

“This Body is not Mine.”

Our identity is wrapped up in so many things, much to our detriment. We actually think “I am my body,” and “this body is mine.” We have gender wars because of our bodies and our perceptions about this. The mind has a script on this that we revere and hold as true, and hide behind. We have been paying homage to this script of the mind. We can only do this when we feel poorly of what we conceive ourselves to be. We believe in more than and better than, much to our suffering. It takes a shift in consciousness to appreciate the body as a body that is useful and to be cared for well. It take the same appreciation to see beyond a body and appreciate the leadership of heart from women and men.  “This body is not mine.”

“All Things are Happening Automatically.”

With or without you the mind will go on chattering and do what it does. It is automatic. What is also automatic, is when we are given the shift in consciousness, it is automatic that talking turns to conversing with heart communications. Hearing, listening and rightful actions simply flow from the heart. Leaders’ conversing now turns into activated heart expressions and making decisions from a happy place. Listening and engaging includes conversing with the heart consciously. Now we are openly conversing with The Giver and it is not about a religion or pretense of any kind. We hold up our religions, yet, here we are treating each other poorly. So I am not communicating any religion of any kind. If you feel that deeply about your God then trust it to give you this shift so the arrogance can fall  away, conflicts be seen for what they are, and trust the intelligence of the ONE from which all things arise.  “All things are happening automatically.”

Let us look at, listen to, and hear our conversations, and feel deeply what’s deep inside. How are we conversing? From what premise are we conversing? What are we hearing or are we just responding to our own stories and the stories that mirror ours? What is conversing when we just talk at each other? What are we conversing about when we are so tied up in the conflicted mind? How is it really helping the human conditions? As Leaders, where are our conversations leading us?

Can we together Evolve And Lead? Where is our interest in Evolving so it shifts the tone, content and intentions of the talks we are having?



First, here is a short run down on each of the previously-mentioned Liberations:

Liberation from the self
Ego is the sense of separation. When there is “me” and “the other,” fear arises – fear of what the other can do to me. Out of fear is born a fight for survival, comparison, jealousy, hatred, etc. “The self is only a concept,” says Sri Amma Bhagavan. A concept is something that does not really exist in reality. It is an illusion.

Liberation from work
Sri AmmaBhagavan differentiate between activity and action. Activity is an escape from an inner, existential emptiness, sensation or pain. This is done to achieve a purpose. You are working, traveling, cooking, cleaning, praying, because there is a psychological need behind that which needs to be satisfied.

Action instead is a destination or a purpose done on a physical basis or impulse, but not for psychological reasons. The experience is an end in itself. It arises from an inner state of joy and freedom. While the Awakened one also works, he/she is free from the suffering that can come with work.

Liberation from the mind
The usual view of freedom of the mind is that the mind stops and you go into a state where there are no thoughts or the mind is transformed and you experience more freedom and peace of mind. The freedom Sri AmmaBhagavan speak of is none of these. It is the cessation of effort to get rid of or change the mind. Then you are free “with” mind. The mind, with its contents, exists independently from you and helps you with the practical things in life, but does not bother you when it comes to experiencing life fully.

Liberation from knowledge
When Sri AmmaBhagavan speak of freedom from knowledge, it is freedom from the grasping at knowledge and not  knowledge itself. When knowledge is not transformed into an experience, it becomes an obstacle to getting the experience you seek. If knowledge has become an obstacle to experiencing  life, and becomes a burden and a prison, it must cease.

Liberation of the senses
Broadly speaking, Awakening is to “experience life.”  Ancient, sacred texts  define an enlightened person as someone who had control over their five senses. According to Sri AmmaBhagavan, awakening is rather about relieving sensory impressions from the mind’s grasp.

The mind, with its judgments and comments, meddles in every sensory input and makes everything dead and lifeless. Without involvement of the mind, the human nervous system is capable of experiencing bliss through every sensory input, whether it is sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch, regardless of which object is perceived.

The person whose senses are liberated, therefore, goes beyond the mind and experiences life directly through sensory impressions.

This is the evolution.