2023 Navarathri Homa

LIVE for 9 DAYS from Sataloka India (October 15-23, 2023)


Receive 16 Wealths, Awakening, and God Realization

India has a great spiritual heritage and her festivals abound with symbolic meanings and esoteric rituals. One of such significant festivals is the ‘Navarathri’ or ‘the festival of the nine nights.’

It marks those auspicious times when the earth pulsates with ‘Shakthi’ or the power of the female aspect of consciousness. Navarathri is the main festival propitiating Shakthi. To honour the power of the Supreme Divine Mother in creation, preservation and destruction, she is worshipped during these days as Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Durga, the three chief goddesses of this tradition in her Nine very Powerful forms.

One of the foremost and the most effective rituals right from the ancient times is the ‘Homa’ or the fire ritual. Based on a few amazing principles of the universe, these fire rituals are of tremendous help in keeping away the negative energies as well as drawing in auspicious energies.



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9 Homa Description

Sri Suvarna Kavacha Durga Devi Homa

  • To destroy negative and inauspicious energies in your life
  • To overcome the trouble caused by enemies
  • To overcome fear and danger caused by the planetary positions

Sri Bala Tripurasundari Devi Homa  

  • To get desired boons
  • For victory in any effort
  • For progeny
  • For name and fame

Sri Gayatri Devi Homa

  • For health and longevity
  • To be liberated from the karma that causes ill health due to unknown reasons
  • The blessings of this deity would aid in curing un-diagnosable diseases
  • To get noble traits

Sri Annapurneshwari Devi Homa

  • For a state of joy
  • For rains
  • For prosperity in farming
  • For the abundance of food grains

Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Devi Homa

  • To beget children
  • To find your soul mate and get married
  • For longevity of the spouse
  • For the partners to walk the path of spirituality together.

Sri Saraswati Devi Homa

  • For improvement in academics
  • For the flowering of intelligence and creativity
  • For memory power and concentration
  • For increased efficiency in the work front
  • For wisdom and self realization.

Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi Homa

  • To receive the blessings of Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity
  • For material prosperity
  • For improvement in work/business
  • For your various investments and finances to bear fruit faster without obstacles
  • For auspicious energies to flood your life
  • For accumulating gold and other valuables

Sri Mahishasuramardini Devi Homa

  • To be liberated from troublesome traumas, negative emotions and tendencies
  • To be liberated from negative karma
  • For courage and victory
  • For negative energies that obstruct spiritual progress to go away

Sri Raja Rajeswari Devi Homa

  • For setting right relationships in the family
  • For family welfare
  • For protecting oneself from unforeseen dangers
  • For auspiciousness in the family
  • For you to awaken to love

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