* About the Power of Homas & Ritual

Homas (Fire Rituals) and Poojas

Every great being/avatar has been the epicenter of instances of grace in the form of revelation, miracles, transformation, or mystical experiences. Sri Amma Bhagavan are known for the astounding miracles and the varied divine phenomena that happen around them, but are unique in the annals of history for their power to enable another to transfer the state of oneness/ awakening.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan are one single avataric consciousness in two bodies. They represent stillness and movement: Prakruti, the Divine Feminine and Purusha, the Divine Masculine. Invoking their divine presence would act as benedictions, awakening one to higher dimensions of existence. Fire rituals – Homa would awaken one to the infinite power, majesty and wisdom that Sri Amma Bhagavan are.

One of the foremost and the most effective ritual right from the times of the Vedic Seers is the performance of the ‘Homa’ or the fire ritual. Based on a few amazing principles of the universe, the fire rituals are a tremendous help in keeping away negative energies as well as drawing in auspicious energies. These powerful and elaborate rituals invoke the Divine, affecting the mind, body, and spirit of the participant. The fire in the Homa serves as a medium to carry prayers to the Divine. The chanting of mantras generates Divine vibrations that help to realize prayers into reality.

For the alleviation of all problems and to help realize the four Purushartas – wealth, desire, dharma and salvation.

According to the shastras, wherever divine chanting takes place – the Divine presence will reside there. All the varied benefits of the Homa can be reaped by chanting of the mantras at the auspicious time. Your desires will be granted, actions will be fruitful and success will be assured.

*The Four Key Homas offered each year: (click the name of the homa to read more about it)

  1. Navagraha Havan – held in March
  2. Sahasranama Homa – held June 26, 2021
  3. Navaratri Homa (9 days) – October 7-15, 2021
  4. Vidya Vijaya Havan – held in December

Gratitude Pooja:

If you have participated in a homa or pooja from Neemam, Satyaloka, or Natham, and are experiencing miracles in your life, and you’d like to make a contribution in gratitude to help support the work in India, you can use the appropriate link for that donation:  

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