Dec 31st
5:00 am IST
Live – Satyalok

Sudarshana Chakra is the personification of the right intent of one’s soul. According to the ancient Scriptures, Sudarshana Chakra was regarded as the wheel of time. The literal meaning of ‘Sudarshana’ is the one that has ‘Auspicious Vision’.

The objective of performing the Sudarshana Homa is to invoke the Divine and to seek Divine blessings in order to fulfill the desires that are pure in intent. Performing the Sudarshana Homa bestows benefits in all walks of life; It clears the obstacles that hinder growth and success. Hence, Sudharsana Homa is performed to invoke the ‘Divine Raksha’ and Victory aspect of the Sudarshana Chakra to render perpetual benefits.

Benefits of Sudarshana Homa

  1. Renders Divine Protection from negative energies.
  2. Healing of physical ailments to bestow Health and Longevity.
  3. Ability to Foresee dangers and perils and helps to overcome them.
  4. Empowers to overcome enmity within and in the world around us.
  5. Discovering Swadharma and Flowering of Intelligence.
  6. Acquire skills and knowledge to enhance Quality of Life.
  7. Financial Upliftment and Fulfillment of Desires.
  8. Achieve life’s Goals and emerge Victorious and Successful.
  9. Attracts Wealth and Prosperity.
  10. Higher levels of Consciousness and God Realization.

TWO STEPS to register with Mahaal: (Sorry, registration is now closed for this homa)

  • Individual $250 or €250
  • Family, Special, Business/ Proptery: $1,000 or €1,000
  • Country Pooja $3,000 or €3,000
  • Country Homa $5,000 or €5,000
  • Use Family Tab for: Special (all 4 seats for 1 person), Business/Property, Country
  • On the payment link, in the intent link, write: Special, Business, or Country and send intent by email or direct message on Telegram

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