2022 VaraDeeksha Mala

Vara Deeksha Mala wearing Ceremony (Dharanam) Information
Starting December 4th though December 24th
*Any of these days you can start the Ritual
This is a ritual done for 21 days for a particular intent you would like, following certain austerities which will be given shortly
People will wear an Amma Bhagavan, Kalki, or Golden Orb Pendant on a sacred thread (new cord) – or a new Tulsi Mala if you do not have a pendant – for 21 days while you are following the Rituals and Austerities. Please keep the pendant on 24/7 until you do the ending ritual. Do not remove for bath keep on entire process till your completion ceremony.
You will remove the thread or Tulsi Mala when the 21 days are completed and you have attended the closing ceremonies.
You will keep the pendant; however the thread or Tulsi Mala must be placed in a flowing body of water as it is sacred.
You may use the AmmaBhagavan pendant you are currently wearing however you must use a new thread/cord or you may use a new Tulsi Mala (most local organizers have these ) without the pendant if you do not have one.

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