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Leaders’ Willingness to Shift

The long held vision of Leaders’ willingness to be given the internal shift by The Giver is finally manifesting on an ever wider scale around the world now. This is life saving news and a sweet experience for humanity. For those who may say not enough or show me: my response? I say, “Where is your willingness to fully participate too?” Note well: we can willingly shift now or, kick, scream, bicker and later, by the pressures of internal upheavals, pains, and severe suffering you, too, will and must make this shift.

The time is at hand for more and more Leaders to personally and collectively demonstrate willingness to ask The Giver’s help to make this internal shift.

Here and now is the time to be willing to look at what we think we now know and the things and people we thought we knew. What do we really know? Images: that’s what. We know nothing. If we really knew what’s most beneficial to and for life, Happiness in reality would have already been realized on this planet.

We have been harboring images of everything and bragging how much we know as we sink further into suffering on all levels. We get offended and put off when this is pointed out to us. So, I ask of all of us, take some deep breaths, ask for the help of your Giver to now see, feel deeply with guidance to unlearn and grow from a new premise. You are Leaders: show up, let loose, lay yourself bare and show resolve for a better way of life, serving life with the new excellence from deep within. Ask for help now.

We have images of excellence, Leadership, Success, Wealth, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Awakening, Love Realization, Enlightenment, Service, Giving, Spouse, the World, People, Places and everything else. The conflicted mind is so clever, it will make you even emotional about these things as if what you think you know and feel are real and not lies of the mind. After all you, are certified brilliant, how could you not know the things you say you do? From the premise you have been functioning, you would be correct. However, look at your world and the broader world around you. Do you really think how you see these worlds are any different from your Ancestors? Really? Who are you blaming, pointing a finger to or acting all politically correct that they didn’t? This includes the stubbornness we are just now shedding.

Leaders suffer from the same illusions like the people they lead and those who look up to them. The conflicted Mind is an equal suffering server. It serves hefty portions of illusions, conflicts, suffering and distraction to ALL bar none. For this, it was created. You are suppose to believe in it until you are declutched from it and able to constructively use it by choice when convenient. Only a Benediction from The Giver that can make this shift in you permanently as a start of greater yet to be given you.

Are you aware of your images, perceptions, and attitudes that are causing more suffering inside out? Interfering and causing havoc in your Leadership?

Leaders Are Gifted

Gifted Leadership and what it really means and how to demonstrate the gift is only now being explored by the many due to a collective shift in consciousness by The Giver. To really appreciate this liberating phenomenon,  we must forgo convention.

For millennia, we have been using a collective misperception regarding Leadership as we have to all of life. That’s understandable, seeing the conflicted mind has been running the show under some very nifty disguises/labels.  These labels have become woven in our identity for “self significance.” Thus one of the ways we have gotten distracted is in self significance wrapped up in other labels making for a beefy serving of pain and other suffering.

Now we are at that point in Leadership Consciousness where we are below burnout and ripe for Conscious Leadership Awareness. This is where the giftedness of Leaders is being made clear and used.

The karma of Leadership has not carried over well over lifetimes, as we can all tell. To actively participate in the awakening of the gifts embedded in our Leadership, we must deal with the source of inner conflicts that have plagued us. So, we will approach the process of Liberation from Leadership to get to  Leadership as a sacred gift given to us and our Leaders in ALL fields.

To successfully lead, one must see how “You” cannot lead and have no idea how to; not now or in the so called past. In acknowledging that, you are inviting the intelligence of The Giver to now flow to, in and through you. Next, tell your Giver to liberate you from Leadership.

So, what is liberation from leadership? This is when you are given a Benediction by The Giver that takes away all one’s erroneous perceptions regarding Leadership and who you once thought you were as an identity. All the unproductive karma you have acquired and stored over lifetimes can now begin to be washed away and your relationship to leadership can move in high gear by leaps and awesomeness.

Contrary to what some would love to make true, Leaders are not the problem. The conflicted mind is what is in charge and we bought into its stories for the experiences of separation/hurt as a commodity, in order to do what we have been calling  business, Leadership & progress. For us to do business the way we are meant to, as a manifestation of happiness building on itself, serving all of life well, we must be liberated from business & leadership. Then, when we are functioning from and with the intelligence of the Giver, business, leadership, income and profits take on a life of wonderment, pleasure, joy and happiness made realized as our default attitude. Now, you are not “doing to be happy.” You are happy functioning as a way of life. No stimulants needed of any kind.

In order for us to be useful to the life of leadership that goes well beyond the office, investors, investments and fame that only drive us crazy, even when we feel like we have really done well, we must be liberated, so we can serve our respective fields in harmony with nature & life. This way of life takes us out of competition, from being competitors, which only feeds what helps to ail us, from having to perform to fulfill an image and relating only to images we have of ourselves, everything and everyone.

We ARE a spark of greatness/ The Giver. However, we have been behaving  like we only have this tiny spark in what we call us, and only by some good fortune the very few let it shine or, light what we have been calling a fire. That is clearly separation consciousness talking. To realize and actively live as the spark of greatness in Leadership and our lives at large that we were made to be, it takes the Benediction of liberation. In this case, liberation from Leadership as we know it, and be born a new into the leadership of greatness. Happy Leaders from the inside out make happy decisions affecting all of life with the greatest impact that only builds on itself, and lifts up humanity to their intended greatness as a way of life. That, we know, has only been a dream up until now.

To lead in a meaningful way as your default way of being, it takes liberation from Leadership. This makes Happy Leaders. What do Happy Leaders do? Ask an Awakened Heart.

Leadership Avatars. Staying In The Mystery

Leadership is a Consciousness. (More on this to come.)

There are Leadership Avatars here that will be making themselves known within the next 5 – 10yrs. They will do so  without fanfare. It will be all about presence and inner-integrity.  You will know them by their presence, how they affect people, places, things and situations being Present. (w/ Presence )

Hearts will be activated and open up around them by the Leadership Consciousness flowing through them in unimaginable ways. Happy will just flow around and about them and grace their environments like liquid golden light. Their neuro-biological system will be like a Guru in full waking meditative mode and functionally better. It will be better than any premium software made for the highly functional folks. The technologies they will use will not be replicable with hardware/software though they will revolutionize how we create hardware/software and interact with them.

Everything they touch will vibrate with tremendous Love.  They won’t preach or want followers. They will have zero interest to convince, prove, be the one and only, wait or ask for approval of the chatter forum prompted by the interfering conflicted mind to distract and hinder. Instead, they will invite others by their actions to step into this Consciousness by way of the liberation process. As such, they will go about making greater Master Leaders the world is yet to experience as they grow and expand in consciousness. They will invite others to grow with them in like fashion. They will not see another as a competitors or as adversarial.

Part of these Leaders’ mission is to demonstrate and share their consciousness of Leadership in the Mystery. They will make Leaders of the kind that will take into account how their businesses affect “ALL” of life in the most supportive complimentary fashion. Their mission is clear to them. They must be life supporting, life sustaining and raise the people around them to great excellence and inner joy. They will lead happy lives that make doing business the old way, obsolete. They will make business happy made manifest, like an intuitive software animated by the activated Heart. They will make happy decisions naturally.

These Leadership Avatars will naturally teach how to be in the Mystery like an active vortex of Grace. Their strength will be in the stillness, the inner silence where the conflicted mind cannot interfere and is rendered  useful only when called upon to serve. They will naturally demonstrate how to use the mind instructively instead of mind making use of them. Their decisions will be made in the mystery and will be most beneficial to and for all. They will demonstrate what respecting all of life does to productivity and to generate profitable income to the detriment of none, the upliftment of all. Inner integrity will be their hallmark and trait.

What I am referring to as inner integrity is: You are seeing the what is of how you are feeling, seeing if you are resisting or trying to hide and be with it fully. Not trying to change it. If it hurts, you sink into it. You then reach out to The Giver and ask it to hold your hand, guide you, be with you and bond with you deeper and make you experience what you are feeling fully and completely.

Now, instead of the conflicted mind interfering and causing havoc like it is made to, the intelligence of The Giver flows in you greater. With this, you experience more joy and happiness made manifest. Experientially, you are now more aware of happiness happening to you, in you and made manifest in All of your decisions greater and ever greater.

Instead of “you” trying to do happy, you are experiencing happiness as the gift it is. If you were pretending not to suck, now you are seeing how you suck. If your leadership is not bringing you the inner joys you yearn for, you start to see where it is rooted without trying to change. Now you are aware you cannot change that “you” sucks as a Leader, a person, a father, a spouse or whatever. With this insight, you go to The Giver and ask for help to discharge the charges surrounding the root cause of the issues. The programs and patterns associated, must and will fall away naturally because there is no you resisting, fighting or trying to pretend there are no issues, or, that there is nothing that can be done about the issues inside. Leadership is not just about the surface looking good and you are counted as happening, it’s about (at this stage) getting the shift from how we were leading and running our lives from a limited perspective, half truths and self significance.

However, none of the above is possible without liberation from the over-active conflicted mind. Its not just getting the cliff notes formula version of something and you get to pretend you are calm inside. You must step up and participate fully. It is your life and about truly living for the first time on this planet. Are you Leader enough to get involved with The Giver and your life for a major shift? Are you willing to step into the mystery? Yes you are!!! You have suffered enough.

Why are Leaders so hooked on images like the rest of the world?

Why are Leaders so hooked on images like the rest of the world? They are a part of the world of images, imaging even the things and the people they hold so dear. How comes?

We all share in the same over active conflicted mind. Like it or not and even deny it with every chance. We have had the same software and imprints of and from our Ancestors. Like us, they too thought they could image their way out of a “conflict driven system”. That’s part of the genius of the conflicted mind.  Imaging causes us to segregate, separate, infuriate ourselves and one another, we instigate sexism, inferiority complex and create the very turmoil we only complain about and then defend that we are not doing this. How can we do any different though? When you are in it you cannot see it, you only see how right/correct and upstanding you are.

We were trained to image relate. We are good at it, or, we try our darnedest to be. Leaders get caught in their own images and the ones placed on them. This stifles the kind of Leadership we crave, the type we yearn for and wish would somehow be the norm. How can our Leaders in their various fields be declutched from this vicious cycle?

We must evolve and lead. Stay tuned.

Every generation suffers from the immense suffering from the inner conflicts as it relates to Leadership because it is so in our way of life for eons. The images are a way of trying to escape truly seeing what is so, with us and others. Imaging is a useful tool for separation consciousness generated by the conflicted mind we are so accustomed to rely on. As such, it has been very easy for the mind to be large, in charge and use us, instead of us being declutched from it and instructively use it where it can be useful.

In the world, there has been a long running war of and by images, mindsets, and the belief systems we have developed around imaging. We pretend to know what we have falsely determined to be who we are and others are. We believe that there is “others,” and that they are separate, even though we walk around talking about we are one and whose brand of we are one is better.

Not to mention the conditions that comes with our claims. For Leadership to be devoid of this long-held imaging formula and the personalities that accompany running our lives, we must be liberated/declutched from the sourcing of imaging consciousness. It is the moment now for us to evolve and lead from a place where we are truly seeing what is going on in and with us, and be with the feelings no matter how intense.

When we are leading from this experience expanding in us, our decisions shift. They shift in effect and how they affect our fellow humans and all species. Our connections take on new flavors of the activated Heart. It is here where Leadership Consciousness pours in, integrated and made manifest in ever greater experiences. To feel and fully feel is a great gift we have been trying to avoid for millennia.

Leaders hide under the cover that they are too busy & place your other favorite reasons/excuses [here] … All the while though, they go sinking deeper into suffering & turmoil mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Medications and other stimulants fail but they press on, stuffing more upheavals in every cell. These are some of the ways our Leaders have skirted, avoided, and side stepped the potentials of Leadership Consciousness unknowingly.

The attitude of gimme, gimme, “gimme a formula,” and the so-called “inspirational” have run their course and are now ailments we can be freed of. We can be freed from image and formula addictions. Leaders will be better served and serve to the harm of none.

Please note, “you” the You that you think you are, cannot make you step away from imaging. It takes a Benediction from Your Giver. The Giver of Gifts, whatever that is for you.

To evolve and lead it takes dedication to an activated heart, shift in perceptions caused by a neuro-biological shift in the form a Benediction. It is an inside job that benefits all of your life w/ tremendous results and experiences to you and those served.

Time to Evolve And Lead.

the *must watch* video for all humanity

by Margaret Nichols:

If all we ever did was what is explained in the video below, we’d unveil enlightenment in this lifetime.

That’s a pretty big statement , isn’t it?

You might have seen this Louis C.K. snippet passed around online in the last week or so.  After he goes into a bit about why his children don’t have cell phones, he launches into how distracted we are as human beings and how reaching for stimulation is keeping us away from our own happiness.

No secret there.  Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Vine, Snap Chat, TV, video, advertisements wherever you look.  I can’t enter a freaking taxi cab without need to immediately reach for the off button to turn off those pesky ads that follow us seemingly everywhere.

People go into a panic when they can’t get wifi or cell service.  We have no idea how to sit still.  When’s the last time you were waiting for a friend or on line and had some minutes to spare and just stood or sat there?…  Didn’t reach for the smartphone to check out FB or catch up on emails or text someone?  I’m going to guess in recent years it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of never.  We are programmed to distract ourselves.

Awakening is the ability to always stay with what is.  The ability to push or stuff or run or hide from our suffering, pain, boredom simply vanishes.  When we awaken there is a freedom from the mind and in turn all of those suffering rise to the surface and the furnace of our hearts + divine minds thrust the pain to burn, baby, burn.

Until that time, we practice. We notice. We become aware when we reach for the booze, the sex, the smoke, the day-dreaming, the cronut, TV, even the meditation or yoga class, to distract us.

My teachers’ main teaching is: “Anything fully experienced turns into bliss.”  I’ve seen this happen hundreds, if not thousands of times, with myself and others, and it is so spontaneously miraculous, it seems almost not possible.  It feels like magic.  And we cannot understand that until we experience it.

The brilliance is, that when we unravel these moments of boredom or pain, we sweep away our unconscious conditionings.  We don’t pave a way to bliss.  It’s already there; we are unearthing it.  When we stay, the bliss that sweeps over us, the mind that clears and sparkles is so much more beautiful a life experience than any small boost we gleam from an inspirational quote on Instagram we might read in the meanwhile.  And hey, I’m a gal who hearts Instagram, don’t get me wrong, but it’s time to embrace BOTH ways of being.

People always ask: how do I surrender?  How do I let go?  THIS IS HOW.  This practice lays the foundation to be able to do it when the bigger stuffs surface.

The biggest question I get when I’m teaching is how to do this.  And in my years, in dozens of analogies, examples and demonstrating, anything I might have ever explained falls ridiculously short of this brilliant, entertaining example from a fantastic comic.  An unlikely source; love it when the Universe is cheeky like that.  That’s my kind of Universe.

Please take 4 minutes, 51 seconds to watch this now.  If you never held a pranayama, stretched into an Adho Mukha Svanasana, cycled your sweaty soul or meditated a day in your life ever again, but JUST. DID. THIS.  you would be F O R E V E R changed.  Promise.

Namaste, yo.


Experiential Leadership in Consciousness is based on the premise of Oneness.

This kind of Leadership holds an ever evolving focus on The Giver. As a technology we will be using Deeksha to shift our consciousness and help with the liberation from convention, liberation from the over-active conflicted mind. We will forgo inspirational speeches, sugar coating, hype and trying to make Evolve And Lead convention friendly or, what is “scientifically correct.” I will not be trying to convince or convert anyone or get involved in: “come prove it and make me believe.” This kind of direct approach to Leadership is that important to remain focused with this organic process.

Let’s stay focused even when the mind says otherwise.

Experiential Leadership flows out of Evolved Leadership to support and enhance one’s progress of clearing the present platform consisting of the mind sets, belief systems and hinderances to inner growth for the kind of sustaining foundation that can withstand and fuel adjustments as we grow.

When we set clear, strong intentions, it also calls forth clearings to these forward-moving flows coming our way. You see, the Giver is excited that we are now checking in and shifting the premise of our focus. As such, it must respond in the most Wholistic manner to facilitate not only the present intents on the table but that which is even greater that is now set in motion by your intents. It’s like a child expressing an intent to her/his mom  to be the best at working with the environment in the most collaborate way ever. Mom with an even greater vision for the child regarding his/her intent, immediately gets the child moving in that direction by preparing the child with the child’s full participation. This means the child is going to feel deeply and experience unconventional methods Mom sees fit and unknown to the child from everything this child thinks s/he “thinks” it knows how to proceed. It’s a shift in consciousness for the highly-valued experiential process that will most benefit the child now & later in all aspects of the child’s life that better serves the environment. This child is put through the process of consciously  communicating with the heart, with others, with the environment and with all of life. He is taught how to successfully feel, see the what is, and be aware of the immeasurable benefits of unlearning. The child may very well protest, but Mom is not deterred and remains the source of great love made manifest in every interaction with the child moving right along. Mom is aware of the source of the protest, the conflicted mind.

When we call for the most beneficial, life supporting and life sustaining flow, some stuff must go and it doesn’t always feel what we call good. Right actions call forth right process for the highest expanding benefits. The experiences will always serve us in the best manner even when we are not yet aware of why if feels the way it does.

Looking at the “Giver”

So what the heck is this “Giver”?  Whose idea or concept is this? Is this another one of those pray to your savior approaches?

This is absolutely not the “pray to your savior approach”. 

For thousands of years we have tried to put a patent on the Giver. We have even tried to decide on the few who are certified to have ownership and thus access to and are worthy of the attention of the “Giver.” This as we all can see now has resulted in the most disastrous outcomes, much to our individual and collective pains and turmoils beyond anyone’s preferable taste. This is where the images of the Giver make it ok to embrace violence, hate, divisions and greed.

However, the Giver has not subscribed to, nor, has been beholden to any of these shenanigans. Instead, we have arrived at a place in consciousness where thousands of beings on this planet are responding to a most magnificent invitation by the Giver’s interventions. Finally, with these interventions, we are being liberated from the over-active conflicted mind. This is significant to the now-awareness of the Giver.

The Giver is the innate Intelligence that must respond to humankind, making itself manifest in the heart with gifts of such magnificence, defying all conventions. 

The Giver is that which is the gift, the experience of immense greatness, the one and the ALL of it. The ONE, that does not subscribe to the throws of the conflicted mind, no matter how brilliant it thinks itself to be. That’s the mind’s job. The mind has nothing to do with the reality of NOW, which we are calling the “Giver.” The Giver is now seeding the kind of Leadership and Leadership gifts like never before in every sector of the collective.

The Giver must respond to ALL, regardless of convention or no convention. The Giver is without favor to one’s belief or no belief. The person with a belief will have the same liberation from conventions and other conflicts of the mind as the person with no so-called belief. 

As we go deeper into Evolve And Lead as it relates to leadership, you will experience the kind of non-convention approaches, new approaches to Leadership that cover all aspects of ones life devoid of compartmentalizing and, invitations that bring us the kind of experiences previously associated with gurus and the miraculous.

In short, you will describe and experience the Giver as it relates to you without me or anyone else dictating to you who and what the Giver is or is not. This is an experiential voyage inside caused by interventions of the Giver. We each have a Giver. Are you willing to let the Giver reveal itself to you experientially? 

The Platform – the Premise

The premise of this new approach to Leadership is Oneness.  Experientially. Completely.

It becomes the very way we function. The principles and invitations of Oneness are how this new platform is built. It is organic – it builds on itself, it is always shifting deeper, so it always goes higher & more expansive. It is an actualization of wholeness, beyond anything we have experienced, before.

This approach calls forth the use of our intuitive abilities as a vibrant, functional part of this process.

We must – beginning here and now – acknowledge, appreciate, use, interact and be dependent on the Source & Resource that is most beneficial to humanity in every aspect, in every moment of our lives.

This source we will refer to as the Giver. The Giver of our gifts. The Giver of the abilities whereby Divine Intelligence manifests in us, through us, and to us. .  This approach will take into consideration all aspects of life as is affected by our actions & interactions. We will depend on the Giver to provide us with the experiences for functioning as a whole and thereby experience productivity and thriving as totally new experiences. For the benefit of all. 

So what the heck is this “Giver”?  Whose idea or concept is this? Is this another one of those pray to your savior approaches?  Great questions… Stay tuned….

This is not a patch job….

We are talking about building an entirely new platform – let this be explicitly clear. We are building an entirely new platform on which this approach to leadership is being structured.

We are moving away from the patchwork approach of “fixing what is broken” or trying to MacGyver something into working.

While some of this may “sound” familiar, or similar, to approaches we have taken – it is new. We are calling forth a new consciousness, and sourcing all of these experiences in this new paradigm. Building on a new premise. Seeing from a new perspective.

So we invite ourselves to let go of what we think we know, what we think we’ve learned.  (After all, unlearning is the new learning!) Knowing that the consciousness of the now has been seeding information for the past tens of years, some of this might sound as if we are referring to things of the past – but it is not the case. We are using the information based in the new premise – so it is inherently new.

What is it?  Stay tuned…. here it comes!

Claiming Self Leadership

many hands holding globe

A major shift in how we see, approach and deliver on “leadership,” a true leadership in consciousness.

Starting NOW!