This is not a patch job….

We are talking about building an entirely new platform – let this be explicitly clear. We are building an entirely new platform on which this approach to leadership is being structured.

We are moving away from the patchwork approach of “fixing what is broken” or trying to MacGyver something into working.

While some of this may “sound” familiar, or similar, to approaches we have taken – it is new. We are calling forth a new consciousness, and sourcing all of these experiences in this new paradigm. Building on a new premise. Seeing from a new perspective.

So we invite ourselves to let go of what we think we know, what we think we’ve learned.  (After all, unlearning is the new learning!) Knowing that the consciousness of the now has been seeding information for the past tens of years, some of this might sound as if we are referring to things of the past – but it is not the case. We are using the information based in the new premise – so it is inherently new.

What is it?  Stay tuned…. here it comes!

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