The Platform – the Premise

The premise of this new approach to Leadership is Oneness.  Experientially. Completely.

It becomes the very way we function. The principles and invitations of Oneness are how this new platform is built. It is organic – it builds on itself, it is always shifting deeper, so it always goes higher & more expansive. It is an actualization of wholeness, beyond anything we have experienced, before.

This approach calls forth the use of our intuitive abilities as a vibrant, functional part of this process.

We must – beginning here and now – acknowledge, appreciate, use, interact and be dependent on the Source & Resource that is most beneficial to humanity in every aspect, in every moment of our lives.

This source we will refer to as the Giver. The Giver of our gifts. The Giver of the abilities whereby Divine Intelligence manifests in us, through us, and to us. .  This approach will take into consideration all aspects of life as is affected by our actions & interactions. We will depend on the Giver to provide us with the experiences for functioning as a whole and thereby experience productivity and thriving as totally new experiences. For the benefit of all. 

So what the heck is this “Giver”?  Whose idea or concept is this? Is this another one of those pray to your savior approaches?  Great questions… Stay tuned….

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