Looking at the “Giver”

So what the heck is this “Giver”?  Whose idea or concept is this? Is this another one of those pray to your savior approaches?

This is absolutely not the “pray to your savior approach”. 

For thousands of years we have tried to put a patent on the Giver. We have even tried to decide on the few who are certified to have ownership and thus access to and are worthy of the attention of the “Giver.” This as we all can see now has resulted in the most disastrous outcomes, much to our individual and collective pains and turmoils beyond anyone’s preferable taste. This is where the images of the Giver make it ok to embrace violence, hate, divisions and greed.

However, the Giver has not subscribed to, nor, has been beholden to any of these shenanigans. Instead, we have arrived at a place in consciousness where thousands of beings on this planet are responding to a most magnificent invitation by the Giver’s interventions. Finally, with these interventions, we are being liberated from the over-active conflicted mind. This is significant to the now-awareness of the Giver.

The Giver is the innate Intelligence that must respond to humankind, making itself manifest in the heart with gifts of such magnificence, defying all conventions. 

The Giver is that which is the gift, the experience of immense greatness, the one and the ALL of it. The ONE, that does not subscribe to the throws of the conflicted mind, no matter how brilliant it thinks itself to be. That’s the mind’s job. The mind has nothing to do with the reality of NOW, which we are calling the “Giver.” The Giver is now seeding the kind of Leadership and Leadership gifts like never before in every sector of the collective.

The Giver must respond to ALL, regardless of convention or no convention. The Giver is without favor to one’s belief or no belief. The person with a belief will have the same liberation from conventions and other conflicts of the mind as the person with no so-called belief. 

As we go deeper into Evolve And Lead as it relates to leadership, you will experience the kind of non-convention approaches, new approaches to Leadership that cover all aspects of ones life devoid of compartmentalizing and, invitations that bring us the kind of experiences previously associated with gurus and the miraculous.

In short, you will describe and experience the Giver as it relates to you without me or anyone else dictating to you who and what the Giver is or is not. This is an experiential voyage inside caused by interventions of the Giver. We each have a Giver. Are you willing to let the Giver reveal itself to you experientially? 

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