Experiential Leadership in Consciousness is based on the premise of Oneness.

This kind of Leadership holds an ever evolving focus on The Giver. As a technology we will be using Deeksha to shift our consciousness and help with the liberation from convention, liberation from the over-active conflicted mind. We will forgo inspirational speeches, sugar coating, hype and trying to make Evolve And Lead convention friendly or, what is “scientifically correct.” I will not be trying to convince or convert anyone or get involved in: “come prove it and make me believe.” This kind of direct approach to Leadership is that important to remain focused with this organic process.

Let’s stay focused even when the mind says otherwise.

Experiential Leadership flows out of Evolved Leadership to support and enhance one’s progress of clearing the present platform consisting of the mind sets, belief systems and hinderances to inner growth for the kind of sustaining foundation that can withstand and fuel adjustments as we grow.

When we set clear, strong intentions, it also calls forth clearings to these forward-moving flows coming our way. You see, the Giver is excited that we are now checking in and shifting the premise of our focus. As such, it must respond in the most Wholistic manner to facilitate not only the present intents on the table but that which is even greater that is now set in motion by your intents. It’s like a child expressing an intent to her/his mom  to be the best at working with the environment in the most collaborate way ever. Mom with an even greater vision for the child regarding his/her intent, immediately gets the child moving in that direction by preparing the child with the child’s full participation. This means the child is going to feel deeply and experience unconventional methods Mom sees fit and unknown to the child from everything this child thinks s/he “thinks” it knows how to proceed. It’s a shift in consciousness for the highly-valued experiential process that will most benefit the child now & later in all aspects of the child’s life that better serves the environment. This child is put through the process of consciously  communicating with the heart, with others, with the environment and with all of life. He is taught how to successfully feel, see the what is, and be aware of the immeasurable benefits of unlearning. The child may very well protest, but Mom is not deterred and remains the source of great love made manifest in every interaction with the child moving right along. Mom is aware of the source of the protest, the conflicted mind.

When we call for the most beneficial, life supporting and life sustaining flow, some stuff must go and it doesn’t always feel what we call good. Right actions call forth right process for the highest expanding benefits. The experiences will always serve us in the best manner even when we are not yet aware of why if feels the way it does.

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