Why are Leaders so hooked on images like the rest of the world?

Why are Leaders so hooked on images like the rest of the world? They are a part of the world of images, imaging even the things and the people they hold so dear. How comes?

We all share in the same over active conflicted mind. Like it or not and even deny it with every chance. We have had the same software and imprints of and from our Ancestors. Like us, they too thought they could image their way out of a “conflict driven system”. That’s part of the genius of the conflicted mind.  Imaging causes us to segregate, separate, infuriate ourselves and one another, we instigate sexism, inferiority complex and create the very turmoil we only complain about and then defend that we are not doing this. How can we do any different though? When you are in it you cannot see it, you only see how right/correct and upstanding you are.

We were trained to image relate. We are good at it, or, we try our darnedest to be. Leaders get caught in their own images and the ones placed on them. This stifles the kind of Leadership we crave, the type we yearn for and wish would somehow be the norm. How can our Leaders in their various fields be declutched from this vicious cycle?

We must evolve and lead. Stay tuned.

Every generation suffers from the immense suffering from the inner conflicts as it relates to Leadership because it is so in our way of life for eons. The images are a way of trying to escape truly seeing what is so, with us and others. Imaging is a useful tool for separation consciousness generated by the conflicted mind we are so accustomed to rely on. As such, it has been very easy for the mind to be large, in charge and use us, instead of us being declutched from it and instructively use it where it can be useful.

In the world, there has been a long running war of and by images, mindsets, and the belief systems we have developed around imaging. We pretend to know what we have falsely determined to be who we are and others are. We believe that there is “others,” and that they are separate, even though we walk around talking about we are one and whose brand of we are one is better.

Not to mention the conditions that comes with our claims. For Leadership to be devoid of this long-held imaging formula and the personalities that accompany running our lives, we must be liberated/declutched from the sourcing of imaging consciousness. It is the moment now for us to evolve and lead from a place where we are truly seeing what is going on in and with us, and be with the feelings no matter how intense.

When we are leading from this experience expanding in us, our decisions shift. They shift in effect and how they affect our fellow humans and all species. Our connections take on new flavors of the activated Heart. It is here where Leadership Consciousness pours in, integrated and made manifest in ever greater experiences. To feel and fully feel is a great gift we have been trying to avoid for millennia.

Leaders hide under the cover that they are too busy & place your other favorite reasons/excuses [here] … All the while though, they go sinking deeper into suffering & turmoil mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Medications and other stimulants fail but they press on, stuffing more upheavals in every cell. These are some of the ways our Leaders have skirted, avoided, and side stepped the potentials of Leadership Consciousness unknowingly.

The attitude of gimme, gimme, “gimme a formula,” and the so-called “inspirational” have run their course and are now ailments we can be freed of. We can be freed from image and formula addictions. Leaders will be better served and serve to the harm of none.

Please note, “you” the You that you think you are, cannot make you step away from imaging. It takes a Benediction from Your Giver. The Giver of Gifts, whatever that is for you.

To evolve and lead it takes dedication to an activated heart, shift in perceptions caused by a neuro-biological shift in the form a Benediction. It is an inside job that benefits all of your life w/ tremendous results and experiences to you and those served.

Time to Evolve And Lead.

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