Leadership Avatars. Staying In The Mystery

Leadership is a Consciousness. (More on this to come.)

There are Leadership Avatars here that will be making themselves known within the next 5 – 10yrs. They will do so  without fanfare. It will be all about presence and inner-integrity.  You will know them by their presence, how they affect people, places, things and situations being Present. (w/ Presence )

Hearts will be activated and open up around them by the Leadership Consciousness flowing through them in unimaginable ways. Happy will just flow around and about them and grace their environments like liquid golden light. Their neuro-biological system will be like a Guru in full waking meditative mode and functionally better. It will be better than any premium software made for the highly functional folks. The technologies they will use will not be replicable with hardware/software though they will revolutionize how we create hardware/software and interact with them.

Everything they touch will vibrate with tremendous Love.  They won’t preach or want followers. They will have zero interest to convince, prove, be the one and only, wait or ask for approval of the chatter forum prompted by the interfering conflicted mind to distract and hinder. Instead, they will invite others by their actions to step into this Consciousness by way of the liberation process. As such, they will go about making greater Master Leaders the world is yet to experience as they grow and expand in consciousness. They will invite others to grow with them in like fashion. They will not see another as a competitors or as adversarial.

Part of these Leaders’ mission is to demonstrate and share their consciousness of Leadership in the Mystery. They will make Leaders of the kind that will take into account how their businesses affect “ALL” of life in the most supportive complimentary fashion. Their mission is clear to them. They must be life supporting, life sustaining and raise the people around them to great excellence and inner joy. They will lead happy lives that make doing business the old way, obsolete. They will make business happy made manifest, like an intuitive software animated by the activated Heart. They will make happy decisions naturally.

These Leadership Avatars will naturally teach how to be in the Mystery like an active vortex of Grace. Their strength will be in the stillness, the inner silence where the conflicted mind cannot interfere and is rendered  useful only when called upon to serve. They will naturally demonstrate how to use the mind instructively instead of mind making use of them. Their decisions will be made in the mystery and will be most beneficial to and for all. They will demonstrate what respecting all of life does to productivity and to generate profitable income to the detriment of none, the upliftment of all. Inner integrity will be their hallmark and trait.

What I am referring to as inner integrity is: You are seeing the what is of how you are feeling, seeing if you are resisting or trying to hide and be with it fully. Not trying to change it. If it hurts, you sink into it. You then reach out to The Giver and ask it to hold your hand, guide you, be with you and bond with you deeper and make you experience what you are feeling fully and completely.

Now, instead of the conflicted mind interfering and causing havoc like it is made to, the intelligence of The Giver flows in you greater. With this, you experience more joy and happiness made manifest. Experientially, you are now more aware of happiness happening to you, in you and made manifest in All of your decisions greater and ever greater.

Instead of “you” trying to do happy, you are experiencing happiness as the gift it is. If you were pretending not to suck, now you are seeing how you suck. If your leadership is not bringing you the inner joys you yearn for, you start to see where it is rooted without trying to change. Now you are aware you cannot change that “you” sucks as a Leader, a person, a father, a spouse or whatever. With this insight, you go to The Giver and ask for help to discharge the charges surrounding the root cause of the issues. The programs and patterns associated, must and will fall away naturally because there is no you resisting, fighting or trying to pretend there are no issues, or, that there is nothing that can be done about the issues inside. Leadership is not just about the surface looking good and you are counted as happening, it’s about (at this stage) getting the shift from how we were leading and running our lives from a limited perspective, half truths and self significance.

However, none of the above is possible without liberation from the over-active conflicted mind. Its not just getting the cliff notes formula version of something and you get to pretend you are calm inside. You must step up and participate fully. It is your life and about truly living for the first time on this planet. Are you Leader enough to get involved with The Giver and your life for a major shift? Are you willing to step into the mystery? Yes you are!!! You have suffered enough.

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