Leaders Are Gifted

Gifted Leadership and what it really means and how to demonstrate the gift is only now being explored by the many due to a collective shift in consciousness by The Giver. To really appreciate this liberating phenomenon,  we must forgo convention.

For millennia, we have been using a collective misperception regarding Leadership as we have to all of life. That’s understandable, seeing the conflicted mind has been running the show under some very nifty disguises/labels.  These labels have become woven in our identity for “self significance.” Thus one of the ways we have gotten distracted is in self significance wrapped up in other labels making for a beefy serving of pain and other suffering.

Now we are at that point in Leadership Consciousness where we are below burnout and ripe for Conscious Leadership Awareness. This is where the giftedness of Leaders is being made clear and used.

The karma of Leadership has not carried over well over lifetimes, as we can all tell. To actively participate in the awakening of the gifts embedded in our Leadership, we must deal with the source of inner conflicts that have plagued us. So, we will approach the process of Liberation from Leadership to get to  Leadership as a sacred gift given to us and our Leaders in ALL fields.

To successfully lead, one must see how “You” cannot lead and have no idea how to; not now or in the so called past. In acknowledging that, you are inviting the intelligence of The Giver to now flow to, in and through you. Next, tell your Giver to liberate you from Leadership.

So, what is liberation from leadership? This is when you are given a Benediction by The Giver that takes away all one’s erroneous perceptions regarding Leadership and who you once thought you were as an identity. All the unproductive karma you have acquired and stored over lifetimes can now begin to be washed away and your relationship to leadership can move in high gear by leaps and awesomeness.

Contrary to what some would love to make true, Leaders are not the problem. The conflicted mind is what is in charge and we bought into its stories for the experiences of separation/hurt as a commodity, in order to do what we have been calling  business, Leadership & progress. For us to do business the way we are meant to, as a manifestation of happiness building on itself, serving all of life well, we must be liberated from business & leadership. Then, when we are functioning from and with the intelligence of the Giver, business, leadership, income and profits take on a life of wonderment, pleasure, joy and happiness made realized as our default attitude. Now, you are not “doing to be happy.” You are happy functioning as a way of life. No stimulants needed of any kind.

In order for us to be useful to the life of leadership that goes well beyond the office, investors, investments and fame that only drive us crazy, even when we feel like we have really done well, we must be liberated, so we can serve our respective fields in harmony with nature & life. This way of life takes us out of competition, from being competitors, which only feeds what helps to ail us, from having to perform to fulfill an image and relating only to images we have of ourselves, everything and everyone.

We ARE a spark of greatness/ The Giver. However, we have been behaving  like we only have this tiny spark in what we call us, and only by some good fortune the very few let it shine or, light what we have been calling a fire. That is clearly separation consciousness talking. To realize and actively live as the spark of greatness in Leadership and our lives at large that we were made to be, it takes the Benediction of liberation. In this case, liberation from Leadership as we know it, and be born a new into the leadership of greatness. Happy Leaders from the inside out make happy decisions affecting all of life with the greatest impact that only builds on itself, and lifts up humanity to their intended greatness as a way of life. That, we know, has only been a dream up until now.

To lead in a meaningful way as your default way of being, it takes liberation from Leadership. This makes Happy Leaders. What do Happy Leaders do? Ask an Awakened Heart.

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