Leaders’ Willingness to Shift

The long held vision of Leaders’ willingness to be given the internal shift by The Giver is finally manifesting on an ever wider scale around the world now. This is life saving news and a sweet experience for humanity. For those who may say not enough or show me: my response? I say, “Where is your willingness to fully participate too?” Note well: we can willingly shift now or, kick, scream, bicker and later, by the pressures of internal upheavals, pains, and severe suffering you, too, will and must make this shift.

The time is at hand for more and more Leaders to personally and collectively demonstrate willingness to ask The Giver’s help to make this internal shift.

Here and now is the time to be willing to look at what we think we now know and the things and people we thought we knew. What do we really know? Images: that’s what. We know nothing. If we really knew what’s most beneficial to and for life, Happiness in reality would have already been realized on this planet.

We have been harboring images of everything and bragging how much we know as we sink further into suffering on all levels. We get offended and put off when this is pointed out to us. So, I ask of all of us, take some deep breaths, ask for the help of your Giver to now see, feel deeply with guidance to unlearn and grow from a new premise. You are Leaders: show up, let loose, lay yourself bare and show resolve for a better way of life, serving life with the new excellence from deep within. Ask for help now.

We have images of excellence, Leadership, Success, Wealth, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Awakening, Love Realization, Enlightenment, Service, Giving, Spouse, the World, People, Places and everything else. The conflicted mind is so clever, it will make you even emotional about these things as if what you think you know and feel are real and not lies of the mind. After all you, are certified brilliant, how could you not know the things you say you do? From the premise you have been functioning, you would be correct. However, look at your world and the broader world around you. Do you really think how you see these worlds are any different from your Ancestors? Really? Who are you blaming, pointing a finger to or acting all politically correct that they didn’t? This includes the stubbornness we are just now shedding.

Leaders suffer from the same illusions like the people they lead and those who look up to them. The conflicted Mind is an equal suffering server. It serves hefty portions of illusions, conflicts, suffering and distraction to ALL bar none. For this, it was created. You are suppose to believe in it until you are declutched from it and able to constructively use it by choice when convenient. Only a Benediction from The Giver that can make this shift in you permanently as a start of greater yet to be given you.

Are you aware of your images, perceptions, and attitudes that are causing more suffering inside out? Interfering and causing havoc in your Leadership?

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