Leadership of happiness, joy and beyond Pleasant. Part One.

While we were on Monhegan Island, Maine this past summer, where Elizabeth was conducting a Commitment Ceremony, we were having breakfast and remembering the excitement the evening before around a very heartfelt and gracious influential famous person we had the pleasure of meeting the evening before, when Elizabeth paused, and uttered the above title. Then she said: “Genuine happy is an inside job”. The era of make belief happy, joy, pretending not to be deeply bothered, conflicted and hurt  is wrapping up from being a staple and inherited distraction for our Leaders. I stopped eating, got pen and paper and made notes. In the background noise of breakfast chatter, you could hear the ocean, the birds and the call of the ocean to come closer and sit by its splashing waves and gentle breeze. Right after breakfast we responded to the gentle call with computer in hand, to sit ocean side, and write.

For many moons, Leaders in every field agonized over those around them catching up, moving ahead and transcending the bovine speed. Having been mired in the snail’s pace for so long, there was more than enough reason for concern, frustration and anxiety.  Up until quite recently, it seemed with all the strides in technology and more, it was not reflective of a significant enough rise  to end separation caused by the conflicted mind. However, The Giver of Gifts had other plans in store for us and, Leaders can now move and excel internally and in expanding consciousness like never before. Years ago, many of us were concerned about  what seeming advanced technological breakthroughs would do without advanced consciousness made manifest. Well, we now know and it is not pretty. That which we were thinking and basing our advancements off, only added to our internal conflicts spilling out at a maddening pace enough to make our heads spin and the neck muscles making rubber look stiff. The mind has some skills.

Part of the underlying anxiety was how to be with the mind from a happy place without the mind interfering and causing great havoc lasting generations in every direction. There was the question of how to make a stable permanent internal leap that produces internal happiness, joy that extends beyond attempted pleasant overtures. How can Leaders in all fields find comfort inside out as a way of life, living and by default? And, how will it affect their stance in the world if they make such move when the bovine pace is so fiercely defended, causing us to be as walking dead, and where zombie like attitudes are applauded?

Well, in 2012, there was a dramatic shift in consciousness that for some, it seems to have gone unnoticed, except, that every heart registered this shift and the hearts of many,  including our Leaders, are awaiting full activation while some are in deep activations and some fully activated and now expanding. The collective is now ready because we have grown and have been given Interventions helping us like never before in our lives.

Leaders can now move ahead internally and in a sustained fashion externally and will notice they have tremendous support more than before. What shifted? The approach to Inside happiness to flow out has been shifted. With the shift away from trying to control, cajole, manipulate and trick the mind into doing what it was not made to do, comes enormous breakthroughs. Now it is clear that trying to use the mind to control the mind is an awful idea, but that’s what ideas do arising from the very mind about the mind. We knew not how to use the mind, so, the mind not passing up an opportunity gobbled up the chance and have been using us to further its conflicted self for generations. It is not surprising then, that so many of our Leaders with great potentials suffered so much. Some in silence while trying to up keep a front unlike how they were just dying inside. Some Leaders brought forth things that took us many years afterward to follow up on because of our resistances. A Shift is now here and it is building on itself instead of caving in on itself like we were used to based on our long running programs and patterns.

Internal Happiness will now be actively asked for from The Giver as a working system, downloaded, integrated and made manifest by our Leaders and those around them. Separation/divisions, Sexism, and grave Ancestral suffering that haunts us is now ending. The rise of women in all fields of Leadership no more will be to the demise of men though some are trying. Men will no longer be able to maintain the demise of women or ignore this important part of them – though some are desperately trying. No longer will enemy consciousness and the threat of exclusion stay hidden. We will now come to the “round” table with open hearts beating as ONE, experiencing we are ONE, or be forced by internal pressures of inner conflict & not be able to stay hidden anymore behind the wall of keeping up appearances. Our very Ancestors are asking for cooperation from us so they can be liberated from the long held conflicts none of us would previously be  comfortable acknowledging, and they ask for help.

Boardrooms, decision-making meetings no matter where they are held, planning, intentions and how they get made, must all change when hearts are activated. I dare say, physical heart failures will soon begin to decline. The folks our Leaders depend on to care for them and those they lead must now include a happy approach and decision making by default. Experiencing what is happening in one’s experience at any moment will be part of the caregivers’ focus and applied treatment. This will start to cause the causeless joy mystics have talked about for ages. Happiness and Joy must and will be part of the premise we embrace as Leaders, instead of the mockery we have been calling Joy and a make believe happiness. We will no longer be fooled by anyone just talking about happiness. Instead we will naturally be willing to go inside as Leaders, see our life for what it is, sit with our Giver (whatever form that takes for us) and come to experience the same delightful heart experiences we attribute to Sages of long ago. Confrontation will cease to be attractive in all its forms. Leadership of Happiness and Joy must now consume us inside for there to be outward manifestations impacting the world.

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