Leadership of happiness, joy and beyond Pleasant. Part two.

Happiness is an inside job. Happiness for what it truly is cannot be faked or be anything else. Genuine does not even apply, really. However to make the point I wish to express, I may use the term genuine. The make believe pretending to be happy while trying not to die inside is part of what plagues us. You cannot make happy. You cannot make you happy. Imagining happy does not get you to be happy. Happiness happens to you, in you and flows through you as a natural phenomenon.  It is a Benediction given you by The Giver. It is an experience you experience experientially from the inside out without cause, reason or by your manipulations.

You cannot make happy happen, you cannot stop it from happening. It is infectious. It benefits you tremendously on all levels and is very healing. It is like a surge of grace having its way freely. Like a fountain bubbling up in a causeless manner. With or without others around you it happens. It even causes the wild to relax around you at whatever distance they are. Animals get that look of wonder in their eyes and beam love back at you. People get all silly and throw caution to the wind and relax. Decisions made from this experience cause the kind of effect current technologies cannot measure with any kind of accuracy. Your very system says, “this is awesome, more please.”

When this takes up residence in your neuro-biology, even in the most intense experiences, it remains the underlying feeling. It helps you to be with the what is even through the tears behind your closed office door. Then, to your amazement, you are crying for and with joy, in joy, enjoying every moment of the experience. A funny thing then begins to occur naturally.  More and more,  you easily sink deeper into every moment and you are more productively functional. This is because you are now experiencing whatever comes your way without resistance, and, if you are resisting, you are well aware of it and then relax into it deeply. This is where the teaching that says, “anything experienced fully turns to joy” really comes home for you in a more delightful way. When you see that you cannot make you and the people you lead happy, and turn to The Giver in full surrender no matter where you are, the above magic happens to you.

As Leaders we desire having happy people around and about us always. How we have been going about it for lifetimes has only caused more unhappiness for all involved (which is the entire planet). Your happiness in and with your business, company, family and all your relations affects the world, and must. It is said that when one butterfly flaps its gentle wings, it sets off a tsunami of gentleness the world over and out into so called space. When one person gets liberated from the over active conflicted mind it affects 100,000 others. When the attitude of gratitude and happiness is given to you, it naturally builds on itself and creates an active vortex around and about you. You walk into a room, and without saying a word, you would have communicated volumes to all. Now, just feel what that must be like, making decisions from such an experience by default consistently – especially if you previously felt this is not a possible, sustainable experience.

Leadership, on every level, without happiness, causes condescension, willfully hurting and call it “doing business.” You have to try harder to pretend you are not pretending. Leadership in happiness causes mockery, greed and enmity to fall away. Competition falls away even if you mourn its departure like a bad uncle/aunt. Trying to be the one and only or dominate and have your way to dole out the traumas inside you that are exacting their conflict in you, is no more an  attractive venture – no matter what spin the mind puts on it to appear otherwise. You will start to see the stories, the pains and conflict generators clearly, and face them. You will begin to relax where discomfort would take over and the looping chatter would dominate. Complexities and seeming difficulties are as welcome as any other experience, to be fully processed without skirting.

Ask for the inside gift of  been led to the core of your issues so you can fully feel them, experience them fully and ask with all the passion and gusto you have, to be awakened and to live. Ask for help to make right your relationship with your parents. This includes your adoptive parents and any other person(s) that were in that role for you. For many right now, the whole “band aid” approach, the 30 seconds or less formula, is not what they are looking for anymore. They have been there, done that.  Leadership is destroyed by the sound bite approach and frustrates Leaders trying to keep up, stay so-called relevant, out do themselves and others, and to beat the competition to stay ahead. To surrender to pain inside and be helpless is not a defeat. It is a defeat to think and feel that it is. The time for Leaders to see, feel and experience true strength inside is here. Let the Leadership Consciousness be your helper, guide and Giver so you lead from the inside with joy made manifest. It’s a whole life approach, so it addresses all your relationships. This  Consciousness attends to everything in your life and to all of life. Come lead yourself to inner greatness and Evolve And Lead.

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