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If you are not certain which homa is most beneficial for you, contact Mahaal (at evolveandlead@gmail.com).

PITRUSHANTI HOMA: NEXT Pitrushanti: May 30, 2022 (for more details on the benefits of the Pitru Shanti Homa, see this page: https://evolveandlead.com/ekatvam-pitru-shanti-homas/)

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Monthly Homas:

1.)  MAHAGANAPATHY HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $250/€245; Family – $749/€735; Special – $998/€978}
《For Auspiciousness, Removal of Obstacles, to have an Auspicious Beginning》 

• To invoke the Blessings of Lord Ganapathy • Done to remove obstacles • To overcome diseases • For improved family bonding • Performed during any Auspicious beginning like commencing a Business etc. • For achieving planned Objectives without hindrances • For success in Works/Projects without any problems

2.)  AISHWARYA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $250/€245; Family – $749/€735; Special – $998/€978}
《For Wealth 》

• Liberation from physical and Mental Blocks that prevent flow of Wealth in Your Life  • To Break Negative Patterns with respect to Money  • Prayer for Ancestors Blessings for Financial growth  • Aishwarya Deeksha (WEALTH DEEKSHA) for filling you with Wealth Consciousness

3.)  SRI BHAGAVATI BHAGAVAN KATAKSHA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $250/€245; Family – $749/€735; Special – $998/€978}
《For Awakening, * Transformation and God Realization》

• To invoke the Blessings of Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan (>Feminine and Masculine aspects of the Divine<) in our life • For removal of Negative Energies and obstacles • For Awakening • For Flowering of Heart • For Bhagavat Sakshatkara or The Divine becoming physical

4.) SUDHASHANA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $250/€245; Family – $749/€735; Special – $998/€978} UPCOMING DATE: May 23rd
  《For Success in your Pursuits, *  For Breaking Failure patterns, *  For Name and Fame, *  Victory in Law Suits, *  Property disputes 》

• To invoke blessings of Lord Sudarshana • To Achieve Name and Fame in Life • To break one’s Failure Pattern • Alleviates the suffering of the progeny belonging to later generations due to non-performance of the last Rites of the previous generations • Stops the danger or problems, which may possibly occur in future • For Victory, Courage and Prosperity • For Success in Court cases, win Law Suits

5.)  DURGA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; Family – $593/€581; Special – $790/€775} UPCOMING DATE: May 25th
《For Removing & Destroying Negative Energies and Entities, Liberation from Fear, For Courage》

• To invoke the Blessings of Goddess Durga Devi • For removing negative energies • Suffering caused by hostile elements are removed ensuring success over negative energies • Suffering resulting from poison, sorcery, thieves etc., is removed by performing this Havan/Homa  • Fear, danger and evil planetary influences are eliminated through this Havan

6.)  DHANVANTRI HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; Family – $593/€581; Special – $790/€775}
 《For Good Health, Physical and Psychological Healing》

• To invoke the Blessings of the Devata (deity) invoked, cures even chronic diseases • This Havan is dedicated to the Founders of Medicine • As part of this Homa a Special Healing Program is performed at the end

7.)  MAHADEVI HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; Family – $593/€581; Special – $790/€775}
《For Identifying Suitable Life Partner, * Setting Right Relationships, * For Begetting Child》

• To invoke the Blessings of Goddess Parvathi Devi • To remove obstacles that hamper Marriage and in finding a suitable Partner • For identifying a suitable match in marriage   • Being blessed with a suitable Spouse • Blessings for Child • To set right Relationships  • To experience Love and Harmony in Family

8.)  AYUSHYA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; Family – $593/€581; Special – $790/€775}
《For Longevity》

• To Receive Blessings for Long Life • For Divine Protection from Life-threatening diseases and situations • Special Blessings during Birthdays.

9.)  GAYATRI HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; Family – $593/€581; Special – $790/€775}
 《Liberation from Negative Karma》

• To get liberated from Karma accumulated in this lifetime and from past Lives • To get liberation from Karma coming from Family, Properties • To Break Negative patterns connected to Health, Finance and Relationship coming from Negative programming from seven stages of our Life • To seek Forgiveness for all sins committed during this Lifetime and previous Lives

10.) a) PITRU SHANTHI HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $198/€195; (no family); Special – $790/€775}
《For Liberation of Ancestors》(see more info on Pitru Shanthi Homa page)

 •  To appease restless Souls and liberate them • For liberation of our Forefathers/Ancestors from the lower lokas for them to attain Moksha or Liberation • To get liberated from the curses from Forefathers • To remove never-ending obstacles to obtain success • To get Blessings of and from our Forefathers/ Ancestors • To remove obstacles related to the Ancestors that are hindering Diving Blessings for the family

10.) b) PITRU SHANTHI HOMA: {for Living People: Donation: Individual – $198/€195} 《For Clearing Your Immediate Past Life》

▪︎ Clearing your immediate past life obstacles that are (or could be) affecting you now ▪︎ Clearing negativities, traumas, pains, blocks, & sufferings from your immediate past life that tend to wreak havoc on one’s present life ▪︎ Clears, cleanses the unwanted influences of the immediate past life that keeps informing/influencing your present life • Causing or enhancing the flow of Divine Grace and Blessings into your life

11.)  VIDYA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $229/€225; Family – $686/€672; Special – $915/€897}
 《For Education, Creativity, Intelligence》

• For Learning • For Creativity • For Academic Excellence • For Growth in Career • For Auspicious Qualities • For Memory • The participants will be bestowed with special VIDYA DEEKSHA (KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLIGENCE DEEKSHA).

12.) LAKSHMI KUBERA HOMA: {Donation: Individual – $255/€} no group or family rate. ☆*Advanced Homa for AISHWARYA HOMA*☆ 《For Advanced Wealth & Prosperity》

* One of the most powerful Homa for Wealth and Prosperity as it is done at the advanced level
* This Homa is done for the sustenance of Wealth, to stop wastage of money, and for Growth in Wealth
* For faster recovery of dues * To get the Blessings of Maha Lakshmi and Kubera as well as to have consistent Wealth without any down-trend in the participant’s profession   * The LAKSHMI KUBERA YANTRA (a symbol embedded in metal) used in the Homa, will be given to the participants to invoke richness, dispelling any curse or obstacle in obtaining the same.