Who’s Evolve and Lead?


I was initiated as a Deeksha Giver, Oneness Meditator, Trainer, and Teacher.

I am an Organizer, Consultant, Presenter, and Meditator.

Sri AmmaBhagavan have been with me since long before I had a name for them, or even knew they had physical bodies here on Earth. They have been teaching me long before my wife and I first attended any formal Oneness program. I was a Oneness Consciousness Teacher then, based on my experiences and teachings I was immersed in given by Cosmic Teachers that I later came to know as Sri AmmaBhagavan.

Since attending our (Elizabeth & my) first formal Oneness program, my work and presentations have been tailored to serve and protect the Vision & Mission of Sri AmmaBhagavan. This is what is natural to me internally.

As a Deeksha Giver, I am asking Sri AmmaBhagavan to give people the Deeksha they need & to upgrade their consciousness. As Oneness Meditator, Sri Kalki AmmaBhagavan takes over and does the Meditation according to their Mission & Vision. As Teacher, I invoke Sri AmmaBhagavan to take over and present.

As a Consultant, my mission, intent, and drive in serving those who consult with me regarding situations in their lives, is for the Great Compassionate Light to end Human suffering, raise their consciousness and have a balanced fulfilled life among other benefits.

I am passionate about people seeing and treating their lives with a better sense of auspicious purpose in all areas of life, inside out.

As Meditator, with Sri AmmaBhagavan’s help & Divine guidance, I conduct Meditations focusing on the Great Compassionate Light for a shift into higher consciousness. As Teacher & Presentor, I focus on teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan and my experiences.

As Organizer, I am helping Nemam/Satyaloka for people to make use of the Homas, Poojas, and programs they make available to participants.

As a Devotee and 74,000 Deeksha Yajna Member, my vision and mission is centered around the mission and vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan for humanity: an end to human suffering.

This is what makes sense to me to help humanity flourish like we haven’t before but now have a chance of this being our living reality.

We must rise into higher consciousness and live useful lives!


contact Mahaal by email at evolveandlead@gmail.com