About EAL

Welcome to Evolve and Lead, a place of discovery of the process of awakening.

It would be easy, but actually misleading, to say that this “awakening” is of a spiritual nature – misleading, because to label and departmentalize what this evolutionary experience is, would be very detrimental to your own process.  This awakening is ELEMENTAL. It effects and affects EVERY aspect of life and life experience.

This awareness is actually one of the aspects of the programs we offer at Evolve and Lead – the recognition and experiencing of the VASTNESS of this process, and integrating its deep and far-reaching impacts into EVERY aspect of each experience of life and living.

At any point in our conversations, if you find yourself thinking “oh, yes, this is just like…,” we invite you to LET THAT THOUGHT GO.  We are inviting each and all of us to GO BEYOND our previous, limiting thoughts and belief systems. One way to make that easier, and ever-so-much more effective, is to NOT put any energy into trying to make this something you think you already know.

This awareness and these processes that we are about to share, are purposefully, Divinely, inspired to bring us to a new evolutionary stage in our life experience. This program has shifted our lives, and we are seeing how it is shifting others’.  Are YOU ready to Evolve and Lead?

Mahaal Ajallahb & Elizabeth Barron: Consulting to Evolutionary Leadership.

Elizabeth ~ Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, CEO.

Elizabeth holds an MBA, has worked in accounting, business management, and nonprofit development for 30 years, and has been a small business owner for over 20 years. Having explored the notion of spiritual development since her early teens, she has been attuned to many healing modalities, integrating each with all.

Mahaal ~ Consultant, Oneness Meditator, Golden Orb Deeksha, Coach/Mentor, Teacher, Awakened Advanced Trainer (AAT), Sacred Chambers Facilitator (SFC)

Mahaal has been a spiritual consultant for individuals seeking guidance in their personal lives and business endeavors for over 30 years.

Mahaal has been refining this program with Elizabeth for over fifteen years.

For more information, contact us at:      evolveandlead@gmail.com

mahaalportraitcloseup.jpg  Elizabeth Barron

The present ongoing Shift in Consciousness now affords us the most profound experiences as it relates to Leadership and all of life.

It is a time for the new approach to “substance.”  Time to embrace what is truly of substance instead of perpetuating images, pretenses, wars of ideas, and mind and verbal chatter.

This Wholistic, Intuitive, Heart-Centered and Compassionate approach invites us to an internal shift where we thrive as a  whole instead of being hopelessly stuck in endless chatter. It is a major shift in consciousness that is required to experience real benefits for one’s self and the collective.

“The sense of I and mine dominates modern society. People believe they can achieve everything by human effort. This idea is erroneous. Of course we must put forth effort, but we must also pray for grace, for that is the deciding factor and without it nothing is achieved. Human effort is in our hands, but grace is not — grace is beyond…”   – AMMA

Contact Mahaal and Elizabeth for more information and to arrange a consultation by sending an email to evolveandlead(at)gmail.com.