Who’s Evolve and Lead?

Elz & Mahaal.


I was initiated as a Deeksha Giver, Oneness Meditator, Trainer, and Teacher.

I am an Organizer, Consultant, Presenter, and Meditator.

Sri AmmaBhagavan have been with me since long before I had a name for them, or even knew they had physical bodies here on Earth. They have been teaching me long before my wife and I first attended any formal Oneness program. I was a Oneness Consciousness Teacher then, based on my experiences and teachings I was immersed in given by Cosmic Teachers that I later came to know as Sri AmmaBhagavan.

Since attending our (Elizabeth & my) first formal Oneness program, my work and presentations have been tailored to serve and protect the Vision & Mission of Sri AmmaBhagavan. This is what is natural to me internally.

As a Deeksha Giver, I am asking Sri AmmaBhagavan to give people the Deeksha they need & to upgrade their consciousness. As Oneness Meditator, Sri Kalki AmmaBhagavan takes over and does the Meditation according to their Mission & Vision. As Teacher, I invoke Sri AmmaBhagavan to take over and present.

As a Consultant, my mission, intent, and drive in serving those who consult with me regarding situations in their lives, is for the Great Compassionate Light to end Human suffering, raise their consciousness and have a balanced fulfilled life among other benefits.

I am passionate about people seeing and treating their lives with a better sense of auspicious purpose in all areas of life, inside out.

As Meditator, with Sri AmmaBhagavan’s help & Divine guidance, I conduct Meditations focusing on the Great Compassionate Light for a shift into higher consciousness. As Teacher & Presentor, I focus on teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan and my experiences.

As Organizer, I am helping Nemam/Satyaloka for people to make use of the Homas, Poojas, and programs they make available to participants.

As a Devotee and 74,000 Deeksha Yajna Member, my vision and mission is centered around the mission and vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan for humanity: an end to human suffering.

This is what makes sense to me to help humanity flourish like we haven’t before but now have a chance of this being our living reality.

We must rise into higher consciousness and live useful lives!


contact Mahaal or Elz by email at evolveandlead@gmail.com


It’s been a lifetime, my friends. “Lived Experience” left me stuck in the grips of unhealthy coping mechanisms – avoidance, depression, suicidal ideation. I tried self-help and all sorts of “modalities” to put in my “toolbelt.” And my journey to self and acceptance lead me finally to Oneness, and an ever-deepening, ever more tangible experience of causeless joy, causeless love, and causeless peace. The deepening of enlightenment. Living in stillness. Living without suffering.

And this transformational experience can be yours, as well. What we share here on Evolve and Lead are pathways to enlightenment as taught by Avatars of Enlightenment, Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan.

I can’t help you. But Divine Consciousness can. And I can facilitate. Ask me how 🙂