Now for the teachings from my Teachers (as is the Liberation Sutra as discussed previously).

“Mind is not Mine.”

The conflicted mind loves to talk and pretend it is highly interested in a shift. It talks about much needed changes that must happen. However, ask to really see what we have gotten so far: more conflicts (even though some have been hailed as breakthroughs). The Mind is “the ancient mind,” not yours or mine. It is the mind. Yet, we are so busy laying claim to it, so it took over and rules our lives as a slave master. Look at the conditions of our lives and thus Leadership. The mind’s job is to create conflicts for the experiences of separation, not for us to lay claim to and depend on as reality. It is not the mind that must shift, it is our attitudes towards it. To truly love the mind is not to be of it. Only love knows how to do this. So, we must shift to being Love realized, integrated and made manifest in the world, and as it applies to Leadership.

When we look at the malfunctions of women being shut out of Leadership, the income they receive, and the abuse of our positions, we can see clearly how the mind has been interfering much to our hurt, suffering and displeasure. Look at the state of what we call running a successful business and the basis of how we measure success in defense of the conflicted mind having its way. Look at our relationships. All of this and more show how we suffer being in the clutches of the mind. We now must have liberation from the over active conflicted mind for the sake of the young, this planet and our own sanity, at the very least. Mind has been talking. Hearts closed. An open activated Heart does not depend on the mind for leadership or for anything. The mind, too, will and must move ahead in consciousness when the Heart is activated, open and made to flow grace, love and the fluidity of kindness in action.

Being aware that mind is not mine and being declutched from it, now we can hear, respond and take meaningful and lasting actions that build on themselves for the good of ALL, the harm of none. The ones who will still shout how they are harmed by this action will be clearly seen for what it is that they are actually responding to. Our experiences of “them” would have also shifted and they are no longer seen as enemies. A huge shift. No more a reaction.  “Mind is not mine.”

“This Body is not Mine.”

Our identity is wrapped up in so many things, much to our detriment. We actually think “I am my body,” and “this body is mine.” We have gender wars because of our bodies and our perceptions about this. The mind has a script on this that we revere and hold as true, and hide behind. We have been paying homage to this script of the mind. We can only do this when we feel poorly of what we conceive ourselves to be. We believe in more than and better than, much to our suffering. It takes a shift in consciousness to appreciate the body as a body that is useful and to be cared for well. It take the same appreciation to see beyond a body and appreciate the leadership of heart from women and men.  “This body is not mine.”

“All Things are Happening Automatically.”

With or without you the mind will go on chattering and do what it does. It is automatic. What is also automatic, is when we are given the shift in consciousness, it is automatic that talking turns to conversing with heart communications. Hearing, listening and rightful actions simply flow from the heart. Leaders’ conversing now turns into activated heart expressions and making decisions from a happy place. Listening and engaging includes conversing with the heart consciously. Now we are openly conversing with The Giver and it is not about a religion or pretense of any kind. We hold up our religions, yet, here we are treating each other poorly. So I am not communicating any religion of any kind. If you feel that deeply about your God then trust it to give you this shift so the arrogance can fall  away, conflicts be seen for what they are, and trust the intelligence of the ONE from which all things arise.  “All things are happening automatically.”

Let us look at, listen to, and hear our conversations, and feel deeply what’s deep inside. How are we conversing? From what premise are we conversing? What are we hearing or are we just responding to our own stories and the stories that mirror ours? What is conversing when we just talk at each other? What are we conversing about when we are so tied up in the conflicted mind? How is it really helping the human conditions? As Leaders, where are our conversations leading us?

Can we together Evolve And Lead? Where is our interest in Evolving so it shifts the tone, content and intentions of the talks we are having?


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