Leadership is a Consciousness

In previous postings, I communicated about Leadership Consciousness. Now let us go deeper into that.

Now that we are aware that true Leadership is a gift given by The Giver, how then can current and upcoming Leaders connect to this Consciousness, be this consciousness realized, and be fully functional more than ever before? There is a cosmic pathway to the new consciousness. A neuro-pathway.

First point of clarity: this is a new awareness and new approach to how we feel about and approach Leadership. This Leadership launches us from a new platform, a new premise, a new experiential experience to sink deeper and ever deeper into.

Now, how do we even begin to appreciate this new platform of Leadership? In a world so fixated on the “better-than” few, wielding power craziness to the hurt of the many, what needs to occur? It takes a neuro-biological shift. With this comes a shift in perceptions. An activated open heart and a continuous rise in Oneness Consciousness with ongoing transformations ever deeper. These transformations give rise and take us into ever deeper higher consciousness, bonding with The Giver, and an expanding personal relationship with The Giver. This affects all your relationships and must. With this comes The Giver showing up in a very real way for you that you can better relate to, in whatever form works for you that benefits you most.

Relating to The Giver must be in a real way of deep friendship and every deepening connection of the heart space. You must relate to The Giver in a real down to earth way in friendship and heartfelt appreciations.

More on Leadership as Consciousness to follow…

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