Leadership as a Consciousness

For lifetimes now, only a few were aware of Leadership as a Consciousness and connected deeply to it as it flows in and through them freely. Recently in the past twenty plus years, The Giver has been pouring more and more of what I call Deeksha/sheer magnificence/ and Love into this planet and its species. As a result, much needed help as been made available for the Leadership Consciousness to flow freely. Many Leaders now, having taken stock of their lives are seeing the importance of a shift in consciousness. So many of them have tried everything that came by as an option. Some are now well aware of The Giver and its use for a profound life lived, experienced and enjoyed without the conflicted mind in charge. With this the option of bickering is fast ending as a go to response for these Leaders connecting with the Leadership Consciousness showering our Leader. Other are being tapped to open up and surrender to their greatness waiting to flow like a bustling healthy river.

This Leadership Consciousness is a Gift of The Giver to Humanity for our liberation without violent confrontations. The confronting is standing up close and personal facing what we are, where we are, with profound acceptance and compassion. This compassion must be given to you by your Giver. It is a Benediction too. Whatever the Giver is for you is not of any concern with this approach I invite you to. This compassion is not a generation of the mind or an image of compassion that we have been mistakenly taking for compassion that fizzes out and must. Someone recently quietly shared with me that, ever since he was a child, the celestial  body called the moon has been his Giver that is most sacred to him. His girlfriend and myself are the only ones he has felt comfortable to share something so sacred and close to him. As a businessman, he most cherishes just gazing at the moon still, in that child like wonder. When he has a problem, he does his best to do what he is aware while having a conscious conversation with sacred moon. Miracles happen for him that he does not even try to explain. Instead he has asked recently how to deepen this bond and was lead to the Oneness Meditation I was a part of. On his way to the event, he could hear his mother’s voice so clearly telling him to take the moon in his heart. whenever he would gaze at the moon. she would walk up close to him moon gazing and keep him company he appreciated as a child. He adored his mom. He was an admirer of her brilliance, intuition, to the core point approach, humor and no nonsense or waste of time meaningless small talks. Having never being able to cry when mama passed, he burst into uncontrollable tears. He said as he sat in the Meditation, he felt the embrace of his mom and felt the softness of the moonlight. Then, I looked right at him and said, your are ok, cry freely if you feel like it as I was responding to a question and comment from another participant. He had to try real hard not to cry again, out in public and all. He did not want to feel embarrassed until, during the next Oneness Meditation, I was crying like a baby on stage. At that moment, he shed a tear and felt a freedom he had never felt as an adult and a businessman. I was so happy for his experiences I didn’t even ask his name. I was more interested in his experiences of the heart. He was sharing about his relationship and experiences of his Giver, his mom and his heart deep in the activation processes. This too can be your experiences in the unique manner in which it occurs for you.

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