Realizing Leadership Consciousness

When we realize Leadership has a consciousness waiting to be tapped, for which the heart has longed, we start to see our place in the world with a new perspective. Our leadership starts to matter in new ways. Our positions as Leaders in the world, would take on a new look, at how a tender side to us emerges, exposing its strength and power. The division between the masculine and feminine in us starts to merge ever so gently. We even start to take a comfortable look at gender and genderization of everything, because of the many internal discomforts, pain and conflicts we carry. The fear of looking and seeing starts to fall away at a speed we have no control of, or care to control. We start wanting to make amends. Then we realize, amends happen naturally and without  guilt or shame. A feeling of wanting to experience real happiness takes on a new approach from within.

When our Leaders respond to the calling of the heart, they are pleasantly surprised, sometimes, by how much support the universe gives to them, in so many ways. Their relationships start to shift for the better, naturally. This happens with their relationship to Leadership as well. Being an upstanding Leader is now a different experience for them in their lives, for the better. Seeking approval and competition starts to fall away, and a new way of producing profits, showing value, and  what is worthy of their time, comes from a new premise. To thrive is to truly live. We know not how to live, how to truly live. The latest fad and buzz as a way of not facing inside turmoil, is no longer an option worth pursuing. Playing by the rules of the conflicted mind starts to be seen for what it is, how it interferes, and is the cause of suffering. The filters of the conflicted mind start to fall away. Leaders find that facing their demons, their conflicts, and their pain comes with courage they did not know was possible to experience.

Come let us explore the Consciousness of Leadership, and Evolve And Lead. We owe it to Leaders who have gone before us (our “Leadership Ancestors”), our loved ones, and the planet. We have a responsibility to them all to make this shift, for a life experience we previously only attributed to Sages, Saints and the very few who had tapped into the Leadership Consciousness consciously. Say a sacred prayer such as: “I thank the Consciousness of Leadership for leading me inside so that I truly see and accept what I see of myself.  I accept interventions of The Giver. Thank you, thank you, thank you.!” Now we go about our day and night with the confidence that our Giver is responding. You can do this even if you are an atheist or believe in absolutely nothing you care to count as sacred. The universal consciousness must respond to us favorably.

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