The Shift to Leadership Consciousness

Remember, you cannot make this shift into the Leadership Consciousness happen. It is not a premise, a platform that you read the Cliff notes about, or put your spin on it and make it happen. You are Leaders. You know how to pay attention to details and follow through. However, as a long running program of the conflicted mind, we are lousy at asking for, accepting, and appreciating useful, detailed help. This, however, is caused by the conflicted mind doing as it always does and denies that that is what it is doing. The mind must protect itself and its ways, to survive. This is your life.  Feel the deep importance to make a shift. This is about  your leadership on the world stage, and to make the kind of impact that has eluded us for lifetimes, it takes a shift in perception. We are poor receivers, we know not how to receive. It is time to show up, open up and ask for the Benediction of receiving. You are a Leader and an adult, take responsibility for this, for yourself.

None of the new platforms must be seen or taken as a refurbishing of the old. Do not expect it to sound like the old form, the old approach, or to conform to conventions, mindsets, and belief systems. It is not meant to sound like what you are used to or expect. There is no brainstorming, only a neuro-biological shift done by The Giver, in the privacy of your own heart. No prescribed Giver to convert to. It is a shift from the Mind games, to the enjoying of the game of life, being happiness and heart, realized. You become a walking, activated vortex of love, functioning in wholeness, actualized.

To shift and to be in comfort with the prospect of shifting, is a gift we receive from The Giver. We have deep fears. Then we have fears about our fears. It’s a constant mind-loop. We have been trained in more ways than one, to resist that which is natural from deep within, and yet claim we are not resisting. We even deny the denials. Help is here at hand, available to ALL.

In order to really enjoy the finer experiences of true life lived, we must come about with the falling away of elitism, the idea of “a chosen few,” the putting down of “you” or “others,” the idea of being less than or more than, and a letting go of trying to let go. Keeping up the fallacy of keeping up appearances naturally falls away, giving rise to a new emergence of thriving. We start to hear and listen with the heart, and feel. We come to notice what we are feeling, instead of feeling around for what to say and how. The mind must be quiet for us to listen and hear. Mind interference must cease, must go. We must grow and experience what it is like not to be bothered by attempted interferences, if they arise. We must come to experience what it is to be in a caring stillness experience inside, observing without attachment to the ways of the mind that meddles.

Leaders have baggage, too, like the folks they lead, like the folks that elect and choose them. However, the folks they lead have a power the leaders can tap into for support with the new platform. The people are shifting from confrontations externally to confronting what is going on inside themselves. Many folks now are seeing their part in the current crisis. They are seeing how the mind has been in control and we had no choice, no free will, no choice. They are seeing that freewill is of the mind. Choice is a farce. When we are truly living, there is no freewill, appetite or wanting. To be free has nothing to do with freewill. People want to be free. Leaders can help with that. Tap into that and show the way by being gifted with freedom, and all you have to do is ask for help. Use the help. Be of help. Evolve And Lead and they will follow.

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