Leaders, Leadership, Policies and Policy Making – 1

Here are a few points to look at:

  • Policies. What have been our policies towards policymaking and the policies that got made to date?
  • How can we use the new platform for Policies and Policymaking?
  • “Best practices” – What is that? What has it been? Why?
  • What do we do about policies and policymaking now?

We are being called to be informed anew, instead of trying to REform what has not worked in the past.

How have we been making and using Policies for lifetimes now? Well, take a look at the world and our experiences of it all. Look at how divided, segregated and conflicted we are due to all the versions of separations we embrace and cuddle. We even dared to call it “really living.”  In the world of business, and every part of societies large and small, the policies are showing the same auras, the same reflections, the same invitations. More separation consciousness at work, glorified. More suffering placed on those governed, and no relief in sight from the inner conflicts expressed. The efforts made to store and hold onto mounting inner conflicts increase. (By the way, notice, no inner conflict can stay hidden.)

We have been making and using Policies from the conflicted self. We have been using separation consciousness to formulate, make, and implement Policies for ages. We then go about trying to find and articulate new and cooked up explanations and defenses for these injurious policies. We make policies and enact them with the mindset of preserving self significance, our image, and to be seen and taken as doing the right thing. None of this has been useful for ages now. How much pain and suffering have we caused? We “only did what was best,” we say – while patting ourselves on the back, and soliciting sympathy, none the less.

Polices made from the conflicted self can never serve us in any way useful for the betterment of Humankind inside out. Yet, we insist on defending this approach and must, if we are coddling the conflicted mind and protecting the limiting belief systems. At the core of defending our lifetimes of pain begetting policies, is fear. The mind is fear. Not that it experiences fear – it is fear. Fear begets fear. Fear desires and must seek and get company to survive. We have been a source of food and survival for the conflicted self of fear. We have been manipulated for and by the over-active conflicted mind without a real choice to do otherwise. When in the clutches of the conflicted mind, it rules ALL of your life in ways that make you feel you are making progress in life. Stagnancy has been long hailed as progress so we can revel in collective ignorance, suffering, and pain. We say “that’s the way it is” as a cover,  a shield, and in defense of conflicted policies made in and with conflict.

How can we then make a new page? No, not turn a new page. We have been claiming to be “turning a new page” for lifetimes only to be using the same playbook, just a different generation.  The new platform invites us to see the root of the problem for what it truly is. No longer imagining we are controlling and trying to change the conflicted self, but to be declutched from it.

Be with it, not of it. Be with it and not it controlling you, interfering, or be taken for the reality you live by. In this approach, we evolve. In this approach, we lead.

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