Leadership and Policies

So, before we figure out what to do about our policies and how to use them to reflect life-supporting, life-sustaining, life fulfilling, and life uplifting ways; we must turn inside for great, competent help.

Turn to that which liberates us for the benefit of all. We must turn to that which can take care of the finer details of liberating us from the mind. No fighting, control, or violent confrontation needed. No suppression or oppression employed, either. Before we can see, appreciate and make a move to formulate new policies from a place of Causeless Joy, happiness, and inner stillness, we must be given an internal shift in perceptions. A shift in consciousness deeper than we have ever experienced in any lifetime. Deeper than our Ancestors have ever collectively experienced. A shift in relating, seeing, and feeling. A connection, a bond, a friendship, an active working relationship must be made with The Giver. The Giver of gifts. The Interventionist. That which can cause an interference the likes of which we are witnessing in recent years, that brings out experiencing life without the conflicting mind running the show.

It takes a neuro-biological shift given by The Giver, personally, in the comfort of your own heart and internal systems. This is a thing of beauty. An experience you cannot explain when given, yet deeply enjoyed and realized. This is where you and The Giver becoming ONE is now seen for the Oneness we are. The Oneness we are built for as a way of life.

In order to actualize a foundation – a premise that serves all to the harm of none – it requires the new platform that reflects the ongoing shifts we are experiencing deeper and ever deeper, internally. We call it “the new norm.” Policy adoptions of the old models are out. You cannot just adopt a policy on the new platform without your own shifts in perceptions, either. It would be like throwing pearls to a pig. They immediately get lost in the mud without due regard and value.

What we have seen so far for lifetimes, is the oppressed becoming more oppressive when they take over. More than their oppressors could ever dream, using the same policies and adding more toxic dirt. No change in perceptions, yet claiming to be different. Then we go about saying we have adopted new policies and best practices only to make a bigger mess. So yes, we are so-called different, we have managed to make a bigger vortex of hurt, distress, and deeper turmoil, from the inside out. We have been trying to change a tyrant (the conflicted self) into a pussycat. The way the conflicted mind rolls, it rolls you over. It continues to break you in ever smaller pieces, steeped in charges of confusion; conflict generated programs, and ever-recurring patterns that support the loop of suffering and fierce denials to the death. Our policies have been supporting the experiences of the walking dead from the highest of places with the brightest of us, to the scorned and lowest-ranked among us. Yet we depend on the scorned to prop us up as their saviors: that we are well-meaning; that we are doing the right thing by them and for them. In fact, we expect the scorned to work harder than we do to support our ill-gotten policies and to degrade the human spirit.

As a result of our policies, we rightly call back-breaking, energy-draining work,  “hard work.”  It is hard work because it only gets you deeper into suffering. This includes those who make and profit the most and feel they have justly profited. As someone once told me, the well-to-doers tell everybody else about the virtues of hard work while they go about work working smarter, more intelligently, more efficiently, and effectively. Hard work only produces hardship on all levels. This is why it is called hard work. If hard work was any good, only the very few it benefits would know about it. It would be kept a secret away from the masses. On the other hand, the deceptive, manipulating work that makes our policies is kept secret. Laws are made to protect and enhance said deceptive work that policies are developed from.

We now have policies dating back thousands of years, lifetimes that get camouflaged makeovers from generation to generation, embraced by our leadership in every sector that impoverishes the many for the sake of the few.  Some of our leaders have become so numb and blinded that they swear they are not supporting or subscribing to any such schemes. However, per the conflicted self, the policies and our leaders are not the point. Suffering, separation, and ever more conflicts is the bottom-line, is the point of focus. The world over and, in particular, businesses have been purposely misdirected and kept focused on the financial bottom-line.  This is genius at work by the conflicted mind. What better to use than people, money, gains, and seeming power to carry out the elaborate scheme of conflict building. With this, our leaders are used to accommodate the mind to wreak havoc through policymaking and the promise of great compensations to the mind lead handlers.

However, this or no other generation of the so-called past have been made to benefit. The overactive conflicted mind is the first source and maker of the Ponzi schemes to hit and whet the appetite of powerful leaders the world over. Deep intense suffering is at the base of every scheme. The conflicted mind is well aware of what excites us. It is the creator of these schemes. We just get to share in it and wallow in pain and great inner discomfort as compensation for our part.

Well, the time is here and now for a new approach to our lives, businesses, Leadership, and most of all for our Leaders. We must be given this shift to Awakening/Liberation on the inside. With such a shift, those who look up to, depend on, and even when they don’t trust their leaders, they are looking for the leadership of comprehensive shift to occur and take deep root. We are ready to flourish in truth where policies are made from a place of happiness deep within our policy creators in ALL sectors. Where is the leadership to accomplish such a groundbreaking of mindsets and belief systems shattering feat? The Giver. The Avatar of the Awakened activated Heart and the De-clutcher of and from the conflicted mind.


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