Policy Making

It is time to Evolve And Lead in policy making, policy implementations and causeless joy expanding. Then we can really converse about Best Practices. When we have to make policies for best practices it shows how much the conflicted self interferes. Best Practices come naturally to us as a way of life, when we are gifted with liberation for the over active conflicted mind. Policy making for Best Practices becomes useless when the natural flow of the heart is our everyday experience. To be any other way would be unnatural and would have no appeal to us. Leaders then will be able to focus on greatness that comes flowing like a healthy river that dances over and around every boulder and makes music with the pebbles and sand. To truly live is a Best Practice made manifest as a joyful way of life for all species. Leaders, lead the way. New leaders, lead the way. Emerging leaders, lead the way. Evolve, emerge and lead. Best Practice is also seeing the “what is” that is happening in us. “To see is to be free.”

Be informed anew, instead of trying to reform old policies and old ways of leading based on the self significant leadership of the conflicted mind. Causeless joy has its own premise of leadership that causes ever greater, deeper expanding experiences of itself. It makes leadership fun. It gives liberation form work and work becomes experiences of causeless joy washing and flowing through us, sustaining us. All our business practices then become profitable in ways we could not even predict. Mysteries begin to unfold. Technologies and the policies governing them become a way to build on our experiences, effortless and meaningful in every way. We are yet to have policies that encourage and promote the creation of technologies from causeless joy, deep inside, flowing out. We are so used to our policies directing us, that we don’t even recognize we could allow these technologies do what we are better capable of. On the other hand, present technologies are meant to nudge and remind us of our innate abilities we were built for. At a later time, we will look at the technologies of Grace for leadership and leading in the world. There is a source for technologies yet to be widely tapped by the many. Our new policies must bring out the joy in us, to access untapped resources in the universe, filled with excitements of living life fully.

Policies, Policy making, Policy implementations must come under intense observations with wide opened eyes inside. It is inside that we must look. See what really drives us, not just the make believe, but all of it. See the core. See the core cause. We are a people always asking for that one thing that … Well, there are two ‘one things.’ One, the conflicted mind in control that drives our policies, then, there is the other ONE thing. The one thing that shows us how to be at peace with the ancient conflicted mind and not be disturbed by it. This and only this one thing that can form the new policies we are pointing to. This is not where we fruitlessly turn conflict into love. Conflict is one thing. Love is the other ONE thing. You are being played by the first thing, or, playing because of the latter in causeless joy ever expanding. In the conflicted self, you are led to believe you are playing. All the while you are just sleep walking. In and with Love, you are playing and you know it. You are play realized. Happy people play while greatness flows. They know and are consciously aware that joy is at play and there is no one there to be hurt. The self that can be hurt must go. The self that makes policies for the benefit of the few and pretends it is profitable policies for the all, must go. When we are happy and playing, it’s just playing. Everyone making sure they are all having fun and supporting only that. To play is to live. To lead is to play. Happy people create happy places because they are happy. They are not seeking to be happy by a person, place or thing. They are happy with every person, place and thing always and all ways. Even if there are tears, happiness is present.

Happy people make happy policies. Can you say you are really happy?

To Evolve And Lead, it calls for happiness as a growing experience for our Leaders. Leadership then must be happiness in action, by default. What is your default now? Policies can and must be happiness expressing. What is now being expressed in the world of your making? In your company, business, that which you are charged with, and that which you claim ownership to?

“To lead is to be lead by an Awakened Heart.” Evolve And Lead is an invitation the heart knows.

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