Awakened Consciousness Policies

For us to usefully use the mind in our policymaking and to carry out policies that reflect an Awakened life, it takes a new premise. A new focus. A new way of life where The Giver is walking and talking with us –  a companion in friendship. Bonding ever deeper in very practical ways in every moment. We must now embrace and solicit the activated Awakened heart to shine and be realized first in our leaders, then be reflected in our policies and thus shift our leadership styles as a whole.

Policies reflect their makers and expose the hidden agendas, the unspoken yet blatant driving force of the conflicted self. We are now invited to be cognizant of the conflicted self. To be clear of what is going on in and with us individually and collectively. To see how we don’t have compassion and the driving passion to stand up and welcome with open arms the liberation from the overactive conflicted mind. You see, the all-powerful mind has us gripped in eminent fears. Fears about our fears and, the fear of living without fear. Fears are such profitable commodities that all our policies are geared to promote the most common fears, made to fit the current generation of humankind that makes sense to them.

It is the in-thing:  fear of fear-mongering by the mind that is used by our leadership, making policies without their knowing. One of my teachers once told me, The Giver looks at humankind in and with the utmost compassion. It knows humankind is not to blame. It knows not even the conflicted mind is to be blamed. The Giver knows that the blame game is of the very mind that is all too ready to float the blame game approach at this time of our most profound shift in consciousness ever. So, as my teacher would say, we are not advocating trying to banish the conflicted self, just be aware of it with the competent help of The Giver. The Giver will take care of the details. Our Leaders must now face the fact that, with all their best and most arduous efforts, the conflicted mind rules. The conflicted mind stops ruling, dominating, and interfering only when we are declutched from it. Then we are able to see it with and in love for what it is at this point, without trying to change it or control it.

We can see the mind for what is truly is, let it be, focus on The Giver, and be about Awakened Leadership, all at the same time. For clarification, it is not the new multi-tasking. It is a Benediction given, realized, and enjoyed as a way of life integrated and made manifest from the inside out. This Benediction causes one to experience whatever one’s Divine is (that which is sacred to them) for their leadership, in a most magnificent manner. The mind is not the source of such experience. The Giver is.  NOTE: you are not required to have or subscribe to any particular deity to enjoy this experience!  With the Giver, everyone who comes face to face with their hurts and asks for help must receive help without conditions attached.

Policies can never set aright any of our relationships. Leadership relationships can only be healed of their woes by the leaders and policymakers been gifted with Awakening/Liberation. We know not how to usefully and constructively use the mind while living the new Awakened life. This Awakened life is not so new, but the way to it, the approach, is new. We have always depended on the very mind that created our conflicts, to solve them. There is no making of the conflicts into happiness. That in itself would still be about conflicts. The new platform is about truly living for the first time since the conflicted mind was created millennia ago. Now is the time to establish new policies that happen naturally with a leadership awakening at work. Leaders must now realize they can live and lead without the conflicted interferences of a conflicted mind. We can live without fear being a prized commodity. We can live without a fear-based commerce. Let The Giver show us how. It knows.

This planet has given much since first created. It supported a healthy lifestyle until our policies came along that have left it reeling from the burns of a scalding conflict soup being poured into it at every turn. The earth is a living being and suffers greatly from our policies, just as all the species it carries and supports. Our Policies then must be in support of that which supports us in every way, every day.

It is time to make Awakened Consciousness Policies. The new platform of leadership is based on Conscious Awareness of all Beings functioning in full support of each other without regard to seeming distance and locations. The truth is, we are more than close neighbors. We are ONE. Every part of our individual and collective policies affect the whole, quite literally. It is like air. You affect the air quality here, you affect someone in Timbuktu, too. Policies matter in every way. From mom and pop business leadership to international business leadership, policy matters. Leadership matters in all its enumerations. Sound leadership must take on a new inside-out demonstration from the deeply happy experience our leaders are experiencing inside.

When causeless happiness matters to our leaders, it makes for happy Policymaking. Happy policy-making makes for the demonstration of happy Leaders leading a happy life across the board. It makes for setting aright ALL of our relationships naturally. The carrying out of those policies made by happy leaders makes for the kind of leadership some of us dreamt of for lifetimes but went off the deep end in pursuit of it from the conflicted mind’s perspective.

Now we are able to move ahead being duly shifted into the flow of fluid leadership. This flow comes from a bubbling fountain of causeless joy that brings forth the inner wisdom and growth needed for leadership in wholeness. Leadership then turns into service to humanity when we have Heart Consciousness and Heart Awakening walking and talking with us as a living experience. Leaders must now affect the world no matter where they are positioned, knowing that their leadership affects the whole in every way, every day. As such, Happiness is essential. Happiness is key. Happiness is profitable. Happiness is an infinite resource. Causeless happiness solves and resolves our deepest reaches affected by conflicted emotions held in as a hostage by the mind for lifetimes. These deeply held conflicted emotions can now be discharged under happy terms with all the previous and present players and supporters. Now we can make our Ancestors happy that the old mold has been broken. We can now make policies from our new experiences inside flowing out, that are new-life supporting. New-Life is a term I use to express the new inner experiences one enjoys in an Awakened life lived. A life where causeless joy is so valued, it is treasured and held sacred.

We talk and value ourselves on being counted as the leaders to go to when the hard decisions are to be made. When things need to get done and done well for our band of stakeholders and shareholders. Therefore, if we prize ourselves that much, be mavericks. Be the cutting edge. Be the unconventional explorers. There is a new world present. Let it be present in you as leaders who matter in a new way. Be the leaders our admired Ancestors could only but dream of, if they were that inclined, and they were. They choose you to be here now to bring about lasting policies that reflect causeless joy as a premise for experiencing life. Life is meant to be another term for causeless joy experienced, expressed, and continuing to build on itself with every moment.

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