Leadership and Measurements

As far back as 1869 (and you can tell that the quantification of leadership were going on long before then), folks have resorted to the distraction-quantification of leadership. Instead of seeing people from a place of an open activated Heart, we resorted to the conflicted mind to show us how to see leadership, leaders and everything else. For us to have taken this from as far back as, and before 1869, it shows how we have been seeing ourselves and each other for lifetimes. It shows how we have gotten caught up in distractions, quantifications, conflicted seeing, conflicted hearing, comparisons caused by inner conflicts.

There is also a dismissiveness caused by the conflicted self and a devaluing of one another to boost self-significance. None of this could have been helped from not happening. When the mind is large and in charge, conflict in every moment rules as a taskmaster, with the deceptive promise of rewards. The mind’s reign is now fast ending with the presence of true liberation, free to “ALL” bar none. We well know that before now, when we hear ALL, it makes us think and question, all as with which group? When we say liberation for all it means just that. “ALL” of humanity. Leaders all over and in every sector should be very happy about this shift. People everywhere can be very glad of the kind of leaders and leadership that will emerge from people liberated and happy as a result of “The Inner Shift.” Celebration anyone?

The poor applications of measurements have run us into an abyss. We have used measurements to ruin people, institutions and countries. Of course, we have recent and present world crises due to the (mis)use of measurements. The Housing crisis mess. The Wall Street meltdown mess.

We acted as if we were not aware of what our leaders were up to and what would become of it all. A Leadership mess. Leaders’ lives turned upside down due to the system of measurements. This has been causing ruin to many Leaders, at all levels, for a very long time. Many have destroyed themselves in so many ways.

Some ran themselves into the ground without the chance of a comeback, because they still hold true to the very system that did them in. Many are ill emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and for some, all of the above. Many families have been torn apart. Many families are in deep pain and suffering, to the point that suppressants and the usual stimulations are useless to them. We could go on and on about what the systems of measurements have done to and for our experiences for lifetimes.

Some still think they can beat the numbers game and they feel they will be the new s/heros. After all, winning is said to be everything. This is so even for the ones who talk trash about how and why they do what they do, and it has nothing to do with the numbers matrix. However, we know what’s going on, and what drives them. We blame the shareholders and stakeholders for their demands.

Shareholders dodge behind a glass door and play puppet master. They blame the people out front for not preforming according to what their numbers say and what they, the shareholders, were promised, no matter what.

The funny thing is, when you look at the system of education, how parents and prospective parents are treated because of the system of measurements and ill perceptions, it make you wonder. What kind of leaders and leadership will emerge? If the measurement systems we worship are all that, then why are there so many failing schools? Why so many are kept away from the right to learn and grow? Why the segregation, separation, smothering of innate brilliance in so many ways? Why are people getting away with treating the halls of learning ever so poorly? Where is the accountability and measurements to help these ills?  Where is the evolution? Where is the leadership?

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