Measuring What? Leading, How?

We are looking at measurements, and noticing that putting measurement systems first is a source of many ills.

Well, now we know only a declutchment from the over active conflicted mind can help in a lasting meaningful way. Let it be noted, this is not where we go argue about this, and anyone tries to win at convincing anybody. I have no such interest. I am reaching out to those forward looking folks who have the interest of life on this planet high on their list, and care not to rely any longer on convention. The ones who are seeing how the mindsets and belief systems have not worked. We will not waste each other’s time by arguing. Each person has to decide on the degree of their pain, discomforts, inner conflicts and what kind of dance one is still willing to put on in denial. It’s your call as always. We all will and must shift now or later, willingly, or kicking and screaming, and will still have to shift, like it or not. The collective will no longer sit around and wait for their leader to use their made up numbers game, hoping for the best from the same old dance, even if it has seemingly different lyrics.

For us to move away from resorting to systems of measurement for all the deceptive reasons we have been using for lifetimes, it takes a shift in perception. A shift in how we respond to the everyday personalities that arise due to stored memories, and the conflicted mind that does its job so well.

For us to move into the intelligence of The Giver, and Leadership Consciousness, we must be willing to give surrender a chance. Fully experience self significance, fear of loosing, fear of becoming a no body, and the fear of not wanting to appear weak. Only when we are given the Benediction of “Seeing” can we see what the driving force behind our stubbornness to hold on to our suffering, parading it as a badge of honor and for sympathy.  It is a miracle that we have managed to still be around, after giving in to measurements so deeply, and  much to our individual and collective hurts. We have had some good karma given to us, helping us out.

The new platform helps us see and use numbers in new ways, with a whole different treatment. Treatments we will use only in context and not as a source of hurt, suffering or distraction. Instead of depending on measurements for all the reasons we have, we will focus on The Giver and be leadership consciousness (See previous postings on Leadership Consciousness) realized and ever expanding.

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