Justifications for Measurements?

The justifications we are attached to for why and how we are obsessed with measurements and how we measure is a developed habit over lifetimes with hopes of scoring big, winning, to be bigger and better than. We have used these measurements trying to forecast and project. Our dependency on the numbers game is founded in lack, blindness and ignorance. We are lacking the awareness and consciousness to feel, care, to produce based on a deepening bond with nature, people, places, things and The Giver as a friends visible to us.

We have been blinded by the mindset and belief systems we have idolized for lifetimes. We have been reluctant to truly see for fear of what we determined to be the so called unknown. Just what do we think we know and how do we know that another way of being is to be feared if we say it is unknown? We have been ignorant for lifetimes as to what we were really built for.

We were made to live and live according to and with great inner comfort. Inner peace is a given, a birthright, an intended default way of life. We are meant live being love realized as our default way of functioning across the board. We have been ignorant to what it means to live and as a result arrogant. You see, especially for a number of people, we have been fooled by the mind to believe we are living and know what it means to live and how.

So, we justify our measurement practices much to or detriments. From our measurements, we came up with what we call Best Practices. As we have experienced, these best practices have not worked well for us. So we go back and try to fix, repair, change and do what we can to make or measurements work. After all, we claim numbers don’t lie. Numbers are used to show what we want them to show when we are ruled by the mind.

To better use numbers and language in context, we must have a neuro-biological shift, an activated heart and other neuro biological rewiring. The old wiring has signals meant to give the mind dominance to interfere in everything. To be fearful, be suspicious, act in deception and deny all of it at any and all cost. The old wiring gives rise to disruptive personalities all fighting for dominance at every turn.

The over active conflicted mind does not rest. It goes on even when the body is at sleep. We never truly get to fully rest as a result. No matter what the studies say, you cannot really rest when the driver and boss of you is EVER active. What then must become of our measurements, studies and findings? It a miracle we have lasted this long on this planet. It is truly The Giver’s interventions that have kept us going and not destroy ourselves anymore than we have. Plus the mind would not have any proxies to carry out its wishes while it could still boss us around if we were left to demolish ourselves.

This gig however is up. The mind is now getting more and more love directed towards it that ever before. This is new for the mind. It is familiar with fight, flight, push, pull and denials. Yet, here we are in 2013 approaching 2014 and many of our leaders and those they lead are not finding the internal boxing ring attractive. Tug-of-war is loosing audience and participants. Over worked muscles for the push pull conflicted affairs are hurting and asking for help to be otherwise utilized with love as their resource for relaxation and strength.

Dependency on the numbers game must go.

With such intense focus on measurements, we placed the individuals, the innate qualities and the intuition as less that secondary in favor of the system of calculations. We left out the internal process that “must” occur for meaningful emergence of leadership that no calculation can define. Since we have now turned inward and to The Giver, there is no dependency on measurements, research, comparisons, or the wanting of any scientific evidence or certification: leaders can now turn the focus inside. As such, they grow, are in the flow and shine. The flow of Awakening plus the other gifts come with Awakening is the way to grow. Leaders must now grow and grow on a new premise.

This growth is an inside job devoid of conventions.

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