New Focus

When the focus is turned inward with support, encouragements and help, one can grow, causing the inner conflicts to fall away naturally. Inner stillness can then flourish and flow calm into everything we touch.

Being in the flow is having heart intelligence gracing all of one’s life. This makes our leaders more attractive to connect with the hearts of people everywhere. Happiness becomes the driving force producing results that will astound. Happiness affords and causes inner calm, the flow of mastery intelligence, inner flexibilities and efficiency in adjustments, when shift happens.

With shifts happening, we start to see how we do not know how to have compassion and care for ourselves, and ourselves in each other. With this we naturally ask for this gift. Now more shifts happen. We start to see how we have been dependent outside ourselves due to the unawaken mind. We start to see how we have been forced to be dependent on the mind and desperately try to be independent of The Giver. Now we start to see how, for us to live, we must be given help so we can be The Giver’s qualities realized, and function with compassion. We now are able to see that what we were depending on the mind to do, is so not its job. However, it pretended and did a good job being its conflicted self.

Many run around with all kinds of studies, and hold up bibliographies as a means to legitimize the mind chatter. Some do so knowing, some unknowingly. The scheme of numbers and measurements are trying to take a last stand but there is no footing to be found like they used to. One can use all the latest buzz words and phrases, talk about consciousness, conscious living and such. One can say they are of the heart and about the heart and sound convincing. One can even try to show evidence that they are successful with what they are offering. Many even go as far as outlining what we can experience.

However, here is the thing; if you are not inviting people so they can be declutched from the conflicted mind, without them entering in a new round of fighting and blood sport resistance, what good are our offerings? What good is our measurement? How do we even know how to be discerning and focus solely on our helper, The Giver? If we are still trying to manage stress and conflicts inside out, what use is the guidance we are giving and receiving?

Since our measurements are conflict ridden and conflict supportive, of what help is our present system and guidelines? I am aware that many make a living staying away from the core issue that haunts us all to unspeakable madness. Not withstanding, that cannot be a reason to still stay stuck on the old premise, with conventions, mindsets and belief systems. We must grow. We were made to grow, flourish and be at peace, realized.

The hunger to fight inside out, to try and be sane in any fashion, must go. Our source of pain, war, faulty leadership, numbers that make for fuzzy math must be seen for what they are. The source of help must also be seen, taken and embraced for what it truly is. “Man cannot make it on his own, help must be given to him.” – Sri AmmaBhagavan. To be helpless and surrender is divine. To realize you have used all the matrix, all the studies, done all the gymnastics and that your Ancestors have been down that same road for lifetimes, is to realize you are experiencing a shift of monumental importance.

Not just for your position of leadership and to wow onlookers far and wide, but for your life as a whole. For better health in ALL your relationships. For inner wellness and the outer reflections of profound, indescribable experiences bubbling inside. We must be given the shift from the clutches of the Mind by our competent source, The Giver. The Giver must now be our source and resource to guide us so our creations be useful in fabulous ways yet to be experienced.

For any teaching, guidance and what we hold sacred to be consistently helpful in ways that conventions cannot do- but pretend to be able to – we must be liberated from a false sense of freedom, a false sense of progress and the idea of change. We cannot liberate ourselves. If we could, (and god knows we have tried so we could take the credit) we would be truly free ages ago. If we could do it on our own and revel in the credit, we would already have S/heroes with patents and copyrights. The poor would not have a chance. The middle class? Some, maybe.

Humankind must be helped. Help is here, right in the privacy of your neuro-biology and the heart, which is no private matter. Once you are given the Benediction of liberation by The Giver, you will and must affect life accordingly with a smile. Heart smile. I call it Deeksha smile.

For the hearts of Leaders to smile and permanently show up in leadership no matter what, a permanent shift in how we have been wired must first occur on a massive scale. The process for this shift works for everyone, bar none. If you have a religion or no religion it must work for you. Measurements and findings in studies cannot be practiced for you to have this meaningful shift from the core, sore of the infections that human pain and suffering arises from.

Years ago, I was shown how humans suffering and in pain caused by the mind have no boundaries to class, race or of a selected few. The over active conflicted mind is an equal opportunity distributor of suffering, turmoil, upheavals, and constant interferences to all. It does its job very well to the point where it even has us believe we have had breakthroughs beating its systems of conflicts inside out.

We then go about cuddling with the fallacy of “better than” and for those “other” people, “them”, as “worse” and “less than.” With this we act with the arrogance of seeing the so called others  as less fortunate. Then in order to feel good about our selves, our systems of measurements and pretense tell us we must help the less fortunate that we so enjoy having among us for us to continue to feel fortunate. By helping to keep the so called less fortunate stay visible, and say how much we are concerned for them, we stay visible, “the fortunate ones.”

How about if we ask for help so we focus on Liberation, Leadership Consciousness, healing and setting right our relationships, making our Ancestors proud by the clearing of our long held Ancestral turmoil and pains. How about if we get together and bond with The Giver so we discover the wonders of a shift of perception? What if we were to ask for help to step away from our measurements and start anew, no matter the fears we worry about? What if we were to find out the number that would most help now is, “ONE”-ness? One Love. One Heart. One focus, and be in sync with that which gives the gift of true HAPPINESS is possible. In fact it is happening now and all can be in on it. Our Leaders have a responsible to step away from the attachment to measurements dependency.

To Evolve And Lead is not beholden to measurements, theses, theories, conventions and other fears. It takes facing our fears with the help of The Giver. Contrary to what the mind will tell you, the grass is greener with a shift of Awakening.

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