Shifting Leadership Universe

There is a shift in the Leadership universe as we speak. Many Leaders now are frustrated by conventions and how things are valued and that which they hold as their values. They are now more concerned about what they have done to their children in the name of values that have blinded them and made them deaf. Internally they are questioning, wanting to know if this is it, after following the script everyone told them they must live by. Emotionally and mentally in turmoil, depressants don’t cut it anymore and they are suffering deeply.

Let us ask to see, truly, where we are, what we are feeling, what we have been using as a value system, the things we say we value and how we treat them and what are we calling “loving our selves.” Then, accept it. This is how you are. Feel deeply how it makes you feel and ask for the gift of surrender. Ask for the gift of deep appreciation, gratitude, seeing the what is, and to focus on Human Valued Consciousness.

Human Valued Consciousness – The ability to see and be free, the ability to lead with full dependency on The Giver as your source and resource, a new consciousness for the new platform of Leadership, life and living in the Golden Age. Now, decisions are made where people experience the benefits without one having to do gymnastics to make believe it benefits them. Experiencing people places and all things for who we truly are without condition, feeling deeply with love made manifest by default in all our decisions and actions, appreciating and depending on universal intelligence, Divine Intelligence with an activated heart made manifest; Love for Humanity made manifest (devoid of condescension); prejudice, convenient politeness or scorn, ability to love one’s true self experientially, so we love others; a consciousness given to you by that which is most sacred to you: The Giver.

Are you willing to unlearn your value system? Are you willing to give up making back room deals with yourself so you can go on pretending this system is truly working? Is the gift of Leadership now of more importance to you, enough for you to commit to leading a life of magnificent discoveries in the inner world, so the outer world reflects the same? Are you not aware of the state of the world and the deficit of attention in our Leaders to Inner Integrity ( see previous blogs), and transcending lifetimes of suffering?

We are responsible for our Leaders and Leadership in the world. Our commitment to unlearn, achieve liberation from the conflicted mind, and expand in consciousness, must all reflect in our Leaders when we are actively experiencing the shift in consciousness, too. We are our Leaders. They reflect us, no matter how we try to distance ourselves. We have given birth to the way we lead and the values we hold as gospel. There is a shift in the universe and it is knocking on your heart. You can open up willingly, or suffering knows just how to break you into harsh pieces.

Let us explore Human Valued Consciousness together, so we get moved into conscious living. This then helps us to shift Leadership trends, and create a new vision and a new value, and on which to place an entirely new platform. New as in brand new. More on the new platform to come.

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