The Success of Women and Effective Leadership

For thousands of years, an epidemic has been allowed to remain in our system, in the fabric of societies the world over. It is karmic and driven by the conflicted mind, where it was created. Funny thing is, we have all been sharing in and of the same mind for just as long.

If women were ruling the world, we would have been in the same predicament the other way around. For every ill women in our societies of the world have suffered, it can be traced back to the conflicted mind for its origin. It takes men suffering from the conflicted mind to oppress and shut out women suffering from the conflicted mind from the halls of so called power.

To heal this epidemic and cause a shift in consciousness for harmonious living, it takes an intervention of The Giver. What “we” have been suffering from is inner conflict, created by the over active conflicted mind made manifest in our world. It has nothing to do with gender. For this very important part of our lives it is going to take a very focused attention and willingness to shine the light on ourselves inside. By doing so, we can see the problem for what it really is: a promotion of conflict between the sexes so the conflicted mind can thrive.  It is the same approach the over active conflicted mind has taken to all of our experiences in this lifetime, just like in all others since the mind was created. Remember, the mind was created for the experience of Separation Consciousness. It is not bad or good. It is doing just what it was made to do. The root of our suffering is the mind. It is fear. Not that it experiences fear: it is fear. What better way to keep us entrenched in divisiveness than to have us buy into keeping the gender  wars going and deny ourselves of women in Leadership with the same perks as men.

It is fear that causes women to be treated in the manner they have been treated. No wonder then, when it comes to Leadership, we behave with impunity against women. This is because we are really treating our selves that way. That long held decision came from unhappiness in the collective. The conflicts in the world today are caused by unhappy humans who have departed from being happy human-beings. Both genders are unhappy which is why the epidemic persisted up until now.

Now, having said the above, let us look at the following. Women have spent lifetimes trying to get men to change. Men have been trying the same for reason appearing with seeming different labels. None of us can change the conflicts we are suffering from, into love/happiness. Conflict is conflict. Love is love. One cannot change to be the other. However, with interventions of The Giver, we can be shifted from conflict into the love that we are built for. All things arise from the one point of The ONE. It is one thing being ALL things and no thing. Yet everything is no-thing and no-thing is everything. So, be a light in the darkness if you need to and curse it not, or, ask for the shift in sight and seeing so that you see as clearly in the dark as in the light. They are one and the same. It is best to notice when you are not seeing in the light just like not seeing in the dark. When we are only seeing in one, it time to ask for help. Helplessness is a very helpful gift in the light and dark. We are afraid of one or the other because we are afraid of both.

We are afraid of each other because we are afraid of ourselves. As such, we do not truly see ourselves and each other. To talk about women and leadership and not look at the above has been on purpose per the conflicted mind. Women can only take their rightful place in Leadership and successfully lead when they, too, are declutched from the conflicted mind. For the time being however, we must take a bold step in having women at the center of power and Leadership with men no more no less. Notice I am not advocating equality. It is not a useful approach. Men are in the same emotional, mental and spiritual bankruptcy and suffering as women. Women must now seize the moment, emerge and lead from the new platform. So no, not equal. What we now have as Leadership must change and, thankfully,  is changing. Women are now called upon to move into Leadership on this new platform of the shift in consciousness whether or not men like it. Men too must make this shift not “to” include women. Women are already a part of all of life. Who are we to think we are including women? It is a shift that makes us see that we have been trying to exclude a part of us, much to our pain, suffering and disadvantage.

Now, Leadership and Women. I call upon women to see how acting like most men in power who have held them at bay, has not helped any. The help is at hand for women to function from a place of Ancient wisdom in which the Giver is the focus, source, and resource. It is here, it is now, no permission from men needed. I invite women and men in Leadership and those making that transition into Leadership to make this shift into Leadership Consciousness for the gift it truly is. Discover how beneficial Leadership Consciousness is across the board. Be the ones our progeny speak about generations from now, being those who were the pioneers that dared, and made a willing shift.

All of us are called upon to make the leap. It is not dependent on any one gender. Talk about transformation all we want where women are treated well for their rightful  place in life and living. If we are not free of the mind the mess just continues with a different twist and label.

Recently I have been asked how will I address the subject and it occurred to me some of us are still hearing  in terms of gender when we talk about the new Leadership in the world, in all walks of life.

Leadership Consciousness is not about a specific gender. It is that idea that has helped to keep us lopsided and limping for centuries. Notice more closely what we have experienced,  the memories that linger and what is still present in the Leadership world. Notice the cellular memories when they arise. Let them run, and see their stories for what they are; feel whatever you are feeling deeply and let it wash through you. Women and men are called to the round table for a new direction, a new experience. This is to let the intelligence of The Giver take over our neuro-biology and wire us anew as only it can. We must have a change in our brain, heart and our entire system for us to have and use a new perception. We must let that which created the ALL of it (creation) give us the shift to lead by inner magnificence. It takes a shift in consciousness for Leadership to be as it was meant to – with Women and Men functioning with wholeness, in oneness, as inseparable parts of the whole and each other as a way of life . It takes Awakening. This Awakening is permanent and will cause the Giver to walk and talk with us in a real way, not in some mystical fashion and then maybe some day be visible. The Giver must be visible to us, helping us in tangible ways. It must be guiding us out of the mired clay of disparities against one another, our tiresome struggles with suffering, out of employing prejudice and exclusionary practices. It must heal our conflicted pain-in-the-ass approach to Leadership and we must be guided aright by the best source and resource: The Giver.

For women to take their rightful place in Leadership and lead as we were meant to and built for, they must have a shift from patterning men and taking cues from the conflicted mind like men did and other women before them did. They must tune in to and respond to the promptings of The Giver.  We have been behaving heartlessly because we have been without the use of an activated open heart.

While we have treated women heartlessly and continue to stifle their part in Leadership, with a few exceptions of course, it is because that is how we have been treating ourselves and all of life. Women have been trying to breakthrough for ages. The mistake has been, trying to use the very conflicted mind used against them. This is so counterproductive to what we want to achieve as a grand breakthrough of worth. We are too used to fighting. We pride ourselves with fighting fire with fire. This is a mindset I have watched  adults around me embrace since my childhood, until I started embracing it too. So, I understand the misguided approach. Neither side knows what it is to be heart centered, but we think we do, and have made a mess pretending long enough. However, a very supra-advanced consciousness is now present and working beautifully for Humankind here and now. It is now our hour to Evolve And Lead.

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