Leaders Conversing

In the halls of Leadership, there are many ongoing conversations, seemingly new conversations and an emerging new conversation.

It is good that we are talking. It is great that many are still out spoken on some very important issues of great interest to all affected by our leadership in the world as it affects the whole. The ongoing conversations around some of the most grievous, delicate and glaring issues are ok at best though. Yes the conversations keep these issues on the table in front of us, however, what is been accomplished? What is the premise from which we are talking?

Presently, we are having a new conversation emerging. It is emerging on a premise of wholeness realized, made manifest. How are we going about hearing and listening with a keen interest? How are we responding? How are we processing? What is being made manifest from our new conversations? Are we really conversing or, are we still holding onto image conversing? (Click through to see previous blog that addresses images  conversing.)

So we are talking. What are we hearing with? For us to really communicate, hear, listen and beneficially respond in a manner that propels us forward, we need a new consciousness. We need to deeply feel, truly see, be with the what is  and have ongoing interventions of The Giver  made manifest in our lives.

At some point, it becomes urgently important to notice that we have been talking for lifetimes. That point of urgency is here and now.  At a snail’s pace, we have moved somewhat, over lifetimes. We have gotten caught up in the talk over substantial shifts without shifting. We have been talking like our Ancestors did and are claiming how different it is, how different and progressive we are now. Our Ancestors had the same claims.

Our hearts need to be activated, open and continue to expand. As we speak, too many of our Leaders are still speaking from the conflicted mind. When this is happening, we hear, respond and only react. With an activated open heart, we shift how we communicate, how we hear and respond. Many will be quick to claim heart centeredness, as if this is what they have been doing all along. But, look at our state of Leadership and the world. It is always somebody else’s fault for this, that, and the other thing. This is not heart centeredness. For us to take meaningful responsibility, we need a shift in Leadership Consciousness. A shift to see where we are at, acknowledge and accept that without looking outside of ourselves.

The new platform calls for some talking, but mostly processing internally, and feeling deeply what conflicts and ails us. The days of the wars of ideas, fight, control over, winning, and aggression are fast dying, and they must. The days of thinking you are a sissy if you even talk about heart, and follow up and follow through, are fast fading. Now it is a matter of life or conflicted death practices. Are we willing to have the Shift given to us or continue to be a walking dead: suffering, resisting and still have to shift anyway after more agonizing suffering?

Instead of looking for a way out, we can accept a way in. Into the One heart of stillness, calm and rest, so we can communicate, hear and respond, being Kindness integrated, realized and made manifest. This must now be our default way in leadership and life.

To talk is not enough. We have been talking. However, to openly share what you are really feeling while in surrender to The Giver, and being helpless to do anything about it, is tremendously useful. How so? The you that you think you are and claim to be must go. It must vacate your personal space. Helplessness, surrender and openness to and with The Giver must now be our attitude. It causes speedy inner shifts and growth in Leadership Consciousness and living as a whole. It helps our Ancestral Leaders who are depending on us to accomplish what they did not and could not, due to the consciousness then .

Here are some of the teachings from my Teachers. “Mind is not mine.” “ This body is not mine.” “All things are happening automatically.”  There is also the Liberation Sutra that addresses the key shifts in consciousness that must be made now, and so let the healing begin for leadership and life. Here are some of the much needed shifts we must have, based on that which we say we want to make manifest from our long running talks from generation to generation. “Liberation from self.” “Liberation from work (and how we think things should work).”  “Liberation from the mind.”  “Liberation from knowledge.” “Liberation of the senses.”

We will examine these Liberations and teachings in upcoming posts, as we continue to Evolve and Lead.

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