2021 Varadeeksha Mala

This is a very beautiful process to experience great benefits in all aspects of your life!

To register your participation in this process, fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBk7t61ohb5NNFWtYW_MJZGwsxx6WT3_FUKH5fF2slfIPP8A/viewform?usp=sf_link

>>>Once registered, we will send you an email with the link to the process and access to the mantra to be used for the 21 days.<<<

More Information:
  • You can wear the Mala and start your prayer on any day from November 14th– December 5th
  • *** Do Not Begin your process after Dec 5th ***
  • Wear the Mala for 21 days, without removing it at all. (Then keep your Mala on until you have done the completion ceremony.)
Viramana-Completion Ceremony Online

You should complete your 21 days ritual between December 5th to December 26th

We will do the ritual online Live to complete the Vera Deeksha Mala – Keep your Mala on till you do the completion ceremony.

The dates for the online ritual from Satyalok (Choose One that falls AFTER your 21 day mark):

Start time for ritual each day is India Standard Time 6am:

  • Wednesday December 8th
  • Wednesday December 15th
  • Sunday December 19th
  • Wednesday December 22nd
  • Sunday December 26th
    • USA/Canada Times:
      • Tuesday December 7th: ET, 7:30pm; CT, 6:30pm; MT, 5:30pm; PT, 4:30pm.
      • Tuesday December 14th: ET, 7:30pm; CT, 6:30pm; MT, 5:30pm; PT, 4:30pm.
      • Saturday December 18th: ET, 7:30pm; CT, 6:30pm; MT, 5:30pm; PT, 4:30pm.
      • Tuesday December 21st: ET, 7:30pm; CT, 6:30pm; MT, 5:30pm; PT, 4:30pm.
      • Saturday December 25th: ET, 7:30pm; CT, 6:30pm; MT, 5:30pm; PT, 4:30pm.

LINK: The Live Ending Ritual will be on YouTube: The Great Compassionate Light Page: https://bit.ly/SriAmmaBhagavan-Global-Live

Varadeeksha Mala Procedure
  • To be followed every day for 21 days consecutively
  • Must be done in early am before 6am your local time
  • You must be bathed and in clean clothes before starting

On the First Day (before putting on the Mala):

  1. Do Aarti (wave light clockwise around Srimurthi or Padukas )
  2. Keep the Mala in front of the Srimurthi
  3. Take an intent for what you are wearing this Mala – what prayer you want to be answered – this will be the same prayer for the entire 21 days.
  4. With that intent, place the Mala around your neck.

Every Day: Morning Pooja

Do pooja (Offering flower petals) to Padukas or AmmaBhagavan Srimurthi chanting Paadukastotram – we will give you the chant play and do Pooja with flowers or sacred yellow rice (Tumeric, White Rice and a drop of Ghee mixed up) {When you register for participating in Varadeeksha Mala, we will send you a link to instructions, and access to the chant.}(Chant is also available on our “Practice” page, here: https://evolveandlead.com/practice/

Note – Every time we chant “Pranamamyaham” – we offer a flower or sacred rice.

*Use new flowers daily and new yellow rice (Flowers can go in the garden after each daily pooja and also the yellow rice can go for the birds)

  • Chant the Moola Mantra for 21 times
  • Be kind and loving to everyone
  • Don’t hurt any creature
  • Take blessings from your parents physically or internally- You may call them daily or see them in person or text them also.
  • Do Ekam prayer – https://youtu.be/AY1COTQaAUw
  • Do Ekam health practice – Ekam Arogya Svasthi is up for 24 hours do it anytime – LINK: https://www.youtube.com/c/pkconsciousness/featured

If you would like to follow any other austerities, you could do so.

More DETAILS for the Vara Deeksha Mala wearing Ceremony (Dharanam):

Starting November 14th through December 5th
*Any of these days you can start the Ritual

This is a ritual done for 21 days for a particular intent you would like following certain austerities which will be given to those who register for the process.

People will wear an Amma Bhagavan, Kalki, or Golden Orb Pendant on a sacred thread (new cord) or a new Tulsi Mala if you do not have a pendant for 21 days while you are following the Rituals and Austerities. Please keep the pendant on 24/7 until you do the ending ritual.

You will remove the thread or Tulsi Mala when the 21 days are completed, only at the Completion Ritual.
You will keep the pendant, however the thread or Tulsi Mala must be placed in a flowing body of water as it is sacred.

You may use the AmmaBhagavan pendant you are currently wearing however you must use a new thread/cord or you may use a new Tulsi Mala without the pendant if you do not have one.

Viramana (removing thread after 21 days)
December 5th to December 26th

*We will do this ceremony online Live on Youtube from Satyaloka for removing of the sacred Mala.

After the 21 days is completed choose one of the days given below to complete the prayer.
(India Time)
Wednesday December 8th
Wednesday December 15th
Sunday December 19th
Wednesday December 22nd
Sunday December 26th
All Dates : 6.00 AM IST


Every year people offer their contribution whatever they feel from their heart depending on their prayer during the removal of Mala (maalaviramana).

LINK for USA: https://rzp.io/l/qrPyigh

LINK for EUR: https://rzp.io/l/kdkwDh4


  1. seit ich bei den 74000 mitmache, habe ich kaum noch Energie + eigentlich ist NICHTS mehr schön oder einfach. Ich habe hier gerade alles gelesen + meine, das kann ich alles nicht befolgen oder einhalten. Also löscht mich wieder, ich nehme nicht teil. Und falls der Leser Kontakt zu AmmaBhagawan haben sollte, so sag ihnen doch bitte, daß ich so gern wieder aktiven Kontakt zu meinem Göttlichen möchte: All meine Freude + Leichtigkeit ist seit Monaten verschwunden, ich hänge nur noch lustlos herum + pflege Drogenkontakte.
    Please help! Peace✌🍒🍒

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