Dear Friends,

Namaste! It Gives us immense pleasure to announce the MAHA PUSHPA YAGAM Ritual that is going to be conducted at Satyalok on November 14th. This spectacular event, conducted on very this Special Occasion, is a pleasure to watch, as a variety of flowers – up to a Million – would be offered in front of The Great Compassionate Light forming a colourful mound.

Over tonnes of a wide variety of bright and aromatic flowers are used in the festival. Immense importance is attached to the festival, which according to Scriptures is observed to pray to the Lord to protect the Earth and Living Creatures and shower them with all Prosperity and Happiness.

We take this opportunity to express Gratitude to our Divine for all the Blessings that we have received in our Lives. As we express Gratitude we receive Grace many times over.

You can partake in this spectacular event from your home along with your registered family and receive Immense Grace of the Divine for you and your registered Family.

A Special Sankalpa is going to be taken for you and your registered family for the following intents:

  1. Prosperity
  2. Health
  3. Love in Relationships
  4. Awakening
  5. God-Realization

This event will be live-streamed for registered participants!!

>>>>>>> TO REGISTER: TWO STEPS!!!! <<<<<<<

  1. PAY using the appropriate link:
    1. USD:
    2. EURO:
    1. Fill out the google form at this link:
    2. Contact Mahaal directly via Telegram or email:

For More Information, please contact Mahaal!

TIMING OF EVENT: 6am November 14th IST

USA time: NOVEMBER 13th:
7:30pm Eastern
6:30pm Central
5:30pm Mountain
4:30pm Pacific


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