Lamp Lighting Festival 19th November

Tirukarthigai is a festival of lamps.

Lighting lamps dispels darkness. Devotees decorate their houses by lighting lamps. When lamp lighting is done in a Punya Kshetra (Sacred Temple) it is believed to give immense results in the form of Divine blessings.

Register your Deepam (Light) with a Sankalpa (Intention), so that it could be lit on Kartika Deepam falling on 19th November 2021 at Nemam Punya Kshetram.

Sankalpa (Intention) for Individual:
Health, Wealth, Relationship, Success, and Enlightenment

  • USD: $111
  • EUR: €100

For a Country:
100,000 wicks (“lakshathiri”) are used to light a lamp
USD: $750 to light a lamp for the country (use same link as individual, just change amount on payment form)


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