Meditation on Agneya: Vision/ Consciousness

Daily Practice – wonderful upon waking:

Agneya Chakra

Agneya Chakra Dhyana

*Sit in a comfortable posture with your spine erect.

*Rest your hands palm up on your thighs, with the tip of the index finger resting gently on the base joint of the thumb.

*Bring your awareness to the Agneya Chakra at the center of your eyebrows.

*Close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose. As you exhale through your mouth, chant “AUM” in three syllables (“AUUUUU UUUOOOO OOOOOOM”). Inhale to the count of 1: exhale to the count of 2 (the out breath should be twice as long as the in breath).

*Continue this process for 7 minutes.

Move through your day in the beautiful experience of clear seeing~

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