How to Pray

Weprayer hands-1033438 open up to such vast miracles in our life, when we PRAY!

How to pray?  Our teachers, Sri AmmaBhagavan, have a very strong process to practice!

Try this – keep a journal, and track your experiences, following this process:

1. CLARITY: be very clear about what you want. Give all the details. Speak it, think it clearly, write it down.

2. FOCUS: keep your vision on the solution, not on the problem. Be positive.

3. BOND with your Divine: you must feel your BOND – have a deep, loving relationship -with your Divine.

4. AUTHENTICITY: You must be AUTHENTIC. “I am asking for this because ______.” (Why am I praying for this – BE HONEST with yourself, BE HONEST with your Divine. “I am praying for this because I want to have power, good image, etc.”

5. VISUALIZE it as if it is happening now: in three dimensions, with color – bright, vivid colors – with as much richness in detail as possible.

6. FEEL the joy of your prayers being answered. Experience how you feel, it being so, NOW.

7. Give THANKS/APPRECIATION to your Divine. See it, say it as being accomplished, now.  “Thank you that this is so, now.” Experience GRATITUDE for the blessings from your Divine.

Be with this process; observe how you, how life, how your Divine responds.



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