The Miracles of Soma

People around the globe are being helped in their lives in profound ways, simply by receiving Soma. Why not you?

>>>>   There is a Public Soma Deeksha Event coming up in New York City on June 17, 2023. Info/ registration here:>>>>> 

What is Soma?

Soma is a physical miracle manifesting by the Grace of Enlightenment Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan​ (Sri Amma Bhagavan), founders of the Golden Age Movement (GAM). Soma has been called the elixir of the Gods, a mystical infusion. Soma is an energetic download from higher realms. The substance of Soma is a physical byproduct of Grace and comes in many forms – honey, turmeric, kumkum (red powder), vibhuti (sacred ash), and blessed water.

​S​o What?​

Soma will make it possible for you to experience inner calm and peak states during this time of global upheaval. ​People are reporting that it brings healing, resolution of problems, insights into one’s life, and an extraordinary connection with the Divine. These gifts from Sri Amma Bhagavan are portals to the Great Compassionate Light and your personal Divine.

And, There’s More:​

Soma is here to help prepare your consciousness for enlightenment:
  • Silencing the incessant chatter of the mind that causes suffering,
  • Activating causeless joy,
  • Supporting humanity’s transformation from the illusion of separation into the experience of Oneness – an inner Golden Age.
You Can Experience This for Yourself!

​Public Sri Kalki Soma Events​

Can’t make it to NYC for June 17? There are other locations holding a Sri Kalki Soma event that day, and other events will be scheduled.
All information about these events is available here:

Soma Centers throughout US and Canada

There are also places throughout the US and Canada where people are experiencing the manifestation of Soma in their homes, offices, and sacred spaces. You can read more about this phenomenon, and learn those locations, here:


ALSO: Soma Deeksha is regularly available through programs of the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna Group: including, and featuring a monthly Soma Deeksha Process with Sri Amma Bhagavan, on Zoom, exclusively for Group members. For more about this membership, go here:

Soma Center in Maine

​ ​You can see more info, and register for a time to come for a Soma Center process​ with Mahaal and Elz, in Maine, here:​

If you have been feeling stressed, distressed, sick, tired, helpless, or hopeless – please give Soma Deeksha a try.

And if you are experiencing bliss and joy ​and love and peace: come see how Soma Deeksha can deepen and grow this experience!

If you think the world is too messed up a place to even bother: PLEASE give Soma Deeksha a try.

Personal shifts manifest as external shifts, and these shifts – these miracles – when shared, multiply.

This is the way to SHIFT this World. This is the way to experience a Golden Age of peace, love, and joy.


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