Ayushya Homa

  • To Receive Blessings for Long Life
  • For Divine Protection from Life-threatening diseases and situations
  • Special Blessings during Birthdays

Being held at Nemam Temple on 3 May 2023 (this homa is not live streamed)

Two steps to register – 1) Pay, then 2) Register with Mahaal

1) Pay using the appropriate link:

>>Link One: USD: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/homas
>>Link Two: EUR: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/homas-eur

2) Fill out the registration form, at this link (you will need to upload a copy of your payment receipt – please do not fill out this form until after you have paid): https://bit.ly/2023-SpecialHomas

For more information, contact Mahaal at evolveandlead@gmail.com

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