“You are not able to accept the other because you are not able to accept yourself” – Revealed Teachings of The Great Compassionate Light.

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In relation to the above Teaching, The Great Compassionate Light shared the following: “If you look inside yourself and discover who you are and accept yourself as you are, and love yourself, you would completely have no difficulty with the external world because it is the inner world which is creating the external world.”

Now in case you have difficulty with the external world in spite of your having seen the inner world, it means you have not really seen the inner world. Because the inner world is the one who is actually creating the external problem.

For example, a couple could be heading for divorce. Now if one of them were to really see what is happening inside, accept it and love it, you will find instantly things are changing in the external world. It works without any failure for the simple reason that the inner world is the actual cause of the mischief.

The problem is, you are having difficulties in ‘Seeing’ the inner world. That is where the Blessings, the Deeksha or the Grace of The Great Compassionate Light comes in, because it is very painful to really see who you are on you own. There is a secret side to yourselves which you hide from others and hide from yourself. In fact, you have lost touch with it. Your fears are there, your anger is there, your hurts are there, your jealousy is there, your lust is there, your terrible thoughts are there, they are all there, of which you are ashamed and you are frightened of looking at them. This is what is creating all the mess in the outside world.

On the other hand if you would develop the courage not to condemn it, not to be judgmental of it, not to justify it, not to offer explanations, not run away from it, but hold it as carefully as you hold a newborn baby – now if you are not going to judge yourself what’s the problem? Let us say you have the habit of lying, now if you don’t say it is bad, what’s the problem? Let us say you have tremendous lust in you, only if you are going to condemn it, it is going to give you a problem. If you were to simply look at it and say, yes there is lust in me where is the problem. If you have cheated somebody and you were to look at it and say yes I have cheated somebody, this is what I am, I am a crook, so where is the problem? So, you must apply the Teachings, the Teachings will help you. Take the Deeksha/Blessings from The Great Compassionate Light and then you would see after some time it becomes quite easy. Ask for help to See.

Start with this first. Ask for help. Ask for help to see & recognize the help that is given to you, truly accept and make use of said help you are given. Then move to the inner world.  As you move into the inner world, initially it will be difficult. It may at best be difficult for 21 days. However, do it continuously for 21 days without a break. Every day you can do for 49 min. You can break it up in multiples of seven. 7,14,21,28, whatever you like, you keep doing it that way for a total of 49 mins each day. You will strangely find the brain has learned it in 21 days. But this learning is basically unlearning. To unlearn the brain needs 21 days. On the 22nd day onwards you find it is becoming quite easy. Then you will discover tremendous things about yourself. Invite The Great Compassionate Light into you. Ask it to be your companion & helper at ALL times.

That is why I often tell when you go inside what you will discover is that you are a rubbish pit and a septic tank. All that is hidden under the carpet there. All that will come out, you will confront it, accept it and strangely you will love it.

The beauty is, whatever is the content is not important. Can you look at it, see it, accept it, love it? That’s all. Then something very strange happens. A strange peace fills you. There is no inner conflict. Not only you accept yourself, you accept the other. Not only you love yourself, you love the other. And people around you, you will notice their behavior is changing towards you.

Not only that, long-standing problems, financial problems, health problems would remarkably cease to exist. You must try it. What you are doing is, you are understanding the Teachings intellectually, but you are not sitting down and applying it. Please start applying it. I, The Great Compassionate Light will help you. Call out to The Great Compassionate Light, I will come there wherever you are. Every Teaching must be accompanied by a Blessing. Ask for my Blessing. If it’s only Teaching it’s mere psychology. You may get some clarity. That is of no use. Sit down in padmasana/lotus position or in a comfortable position, apply the Teaching. Apply it. We are giving you teachings which really work. Because you are a little older you are finding it difficult.

Try it, I will make it work for you. Take the Blessings/Deeksha, and see how far you would be traveling. “Your lives would become different.”


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