Expanding Possibilities

fibonacci-3210944The Invitation:
Exploring the Expanding Possibilities of the Evolutions of Oneness Consciousness

It is as simple, and as complex, as this: There is only One of “us”, “here”.

The One has created the experience of the ALL of it. There is nothing that is not the One of it, being the All of it. If we accept that there is only One of us here; and we accept that Love is Who We Are (already, always, all ways, and never not)… how then do we choose to conduct our lives?

It is from this premise, this awareness, that we choose to interact, in bringing forth and being the change we seek in the world.

All the classes and sessions we offer at Evolve and Lead are based in this awareness.

We invite you to join us!

Please contact us for more information:

evolveandlead (at) gmail (dot) com

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