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Each One of us is a repository of great gifts. Gifts that often go unseen, unrecognized, unrealized by our very own selves. It is time to acknowledge and step into our power. Whether it is recognized by others or not, is not the issue.  It is for each ONE of us to be fully present in and with and of our power, our gifts. And every action, every emanation of energy from this portal called “me” is fully imbued, fully informed of, with, and in this energy. This wisdom. This power.

Align and be fully present in your gifts, now.  Use this as the meditation to support your process:

Breathe in. Deeply. Bring your awareness to your heart. Smile gently into your heart, and acknowledge the love and gratitude that resides there. (Whether you are feeling the love and gratitude at the moment, or not – know that it is there.)

Breathe in the Light of the Source of All Love – deeply into your heart center. And, gently exhaling slowly, see, feel, imagine: experience the Light of Love expanding from the center of your Heart, into Every Cell of Your Be-Ing.

Inhaling the sparkling, clear, brilliant light into your heart space (relaxing your belly, and F-I-L-L-I-N-G your lungs) experience your Heart Light grow so bright and clear and L-A-R-G-E. Exhaling for twice as long as you inhaled, experience EVERY CELL AND EVERY SPACE BETWEEN filling and glowing and growing brighter, clearer, healthier, happier – more spacious.

Another deep breath in ~ feel the glow, grow. Exhaling, feel the wash of light and love through every aspect of your Be-Ing.

Relax your breathing – let it return to its own pace; Relax your body – let it rest in the deep embrace of Divine Light fully present in this experience.

When you are ready, take one more deep, energizing breath in, hold it for a count of three, and a deep, slow, energizing breath out.

Let every action, every thought, every interaction, be fully supported in your Heart Light as you move through your day.


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