New Class Offering ~ Explore & Grow!

Come let us Explore and Grow: An Invitation to deep explorations for personal and collective growth and higher consciousness as a way of life, in practical ways.

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Mahaal has developed a new program for his clients and others who are interested in the well being of their lives, internally and otherwise.

Class size is limited to five people, and can be arranged for a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or an extended weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of Processing, Consultation, and Meditations.


Programs are designed to include such experiences as:

  • Get help with the everyday issues at hand – Dealing with life’s practicalities while incorporating higher consciousness in your life.
  • Go deep into awareness of your life’s most pressing issues.
  • Press the reset button.
  • Formulate, develop, upgrade, and evolve a life plan.
  • Immerse in very deep processes and meditations.
  • Learn, expand, & upgrade working with Humanity’s Higher Sacred Self. Looking at the highs and lows in the world today.
  • Creating disciplines of moving forward with greater consciousness, consciously. Dealing with your own highs and lows.
  • How to relate to one’s Self, consciously, in the most beneficial manner: in deep friendship. How to see, use and interact with one’s gift(s).
  • Healing, improving relationships & exploring relationship in areas previously neglected. How to deal with the highs and lows of relationships.
  • Partnerships (personal, business, social, and Cosmic).
  • Cosmic Energies – how to beneficially interact with them, explore them, use them, improve our capacity to embody them, and experience them most deeply as we move forward. How to deal with the highs and lows of energy flows.
  • Making all the above fun, comfortable, elegant, practical, relatable, and have continued deepening processes and Advanced group sessions as we go along.

(* Not every topic will be covered in depth in each weekend – classes always evolve in greatest support of the individuals/ group attending!)

If you are interested in hosting one of these classes in your area, or have a group of people you would like to coordinate a weekend for, let us know!

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